Saturday, July 4, 2020
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PIXII: APS-C mechanical M-mount rangefinder camera with no rear screen


Back in 2018 at Photokina, we got our first tantalising hints of a new French-made M-mount rangefinder, the PIXII. According to David Barth of Pixii, at the time, the new snapper was named after the French instrument maker, Hippolyte Pixii.

Perilous times on the road from Tibet to Kathmandu


A road trip in foreign parts? Not possible now, but maybe some time in the future. The recent Macfilos articles on Kathmandu by Jean Perenet and editor Mike’s road trip out of Covid isolation prompted me to go back into the archives to remember a one-day journey just a year ago. It also took place in Nepal as a small group of travellers departed China Tibet and travelled to Kathmandu by road.

5 classic Leica digitals to buy and keep

The third iteration of the T, the TL2, is the one to go for if you can afford it. But any T is a great photographic tool and works extremely well with manual-focus M lenses. Both silver, as here, and anodized black bodies are available. I prefer the black.

One of the curious facts about digital Leicas is that they seem to retain their allure when the products of most other brands have fallen off the perch. How else could you explain the 11-year-old and now outclassed Leica X1 still being in demand and still fetching upwards of £500 on the used market? You can get a lot of modern camera for that, but then it wouldn’t be an old Leica and you’d probably lose your money in no time.

Leica’s D-Lux 7 goes all black on us


When the D-Lux 7 was launched in November 2018, Leica broke with tradition in not offering an all-black version. The new camera came in just one flavour – a rather stunning silver-and-black finish. In contrast, the Leica’s sibling, the Panasonic LX100 II, presented at launch in the traditional all-black.

Whatever happened to the Light L16?


Computational photography is the future. Or so we are led to believe. Smartphones computer techniques to knit together images to mimic results from larger sensors; the iPhone’s portrait mode makes a good fist of simulating a wide aperture and there is no doubt that the results can be pleasing.

Leica Galerie Konstanz: The first year and into the future


Four exhibitions that explore a wide spectrum of photography and great public interest in the previews or guided tours: This is where the Leica Galerie Konstanz stands exactly one year after its opening. It has managed to become an acknowledged space for photography, and the upcoming exhibitions might well foster this position.

Camera stores looted and burned down in US protests


Over the past 72 hours, at least two well-known camera stores have been put out of business during the protests in the USA. The Leica Store in New York’s South of Houston district was raided and most of the stock was stolen.

Striding out of lockdown, Aussie rules


Some weeks ago a number of Macfilos readers let us know how they were coping with lockdowns and social isolation. Well, it’s now ten weeks further on and, perhaps, it’s time to have a look as different parts of the world begin to relax their lockdown requirements. Just think, at the beginning of March few of us had heard the term “social distancing” and now it has become a fixture in dictionaries for all time.

6 iconic cameras to start your Leica collection

Leica M5. It didn't please Leica fans at the time but it's a great camera if you can find one in good working condition (photo Wiki Commons)

Fancy a dabble into the world of collecting old Leica cameras? You don’t need a fortune and you can make your first investments for well under £500, according to Paul-Henry van Hasbroeck, the well-known collector and author.

Besser a Bessa: Looking for a Voigtländer Bessa R4A or R4M

Getting down to the research: Jörg-Peter gets to grips with the Zeiss Ikon.

Macfilos author Jörg-Peter Rau in Germany is researching an article on “not-quite-Leicas”. One of the subjects is the Voigländer Bessa R4A or R4M and Jörg-Peter would be prepared to buy one at an acceptable price.