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Klack goes the keyboard, blink go the eyes through the rose-tinted glass


A large part of my working life was dominated by the typewriter. The klack (sic) of the keys dominated all my various offices. I was in my early forties when electronics first intruded on an office life that had changed very little in the previous century. We were still writing in ledgers, typing letters (with carbon paper and a “flimsy” sheet to record for posterity) and keeping records on little filing cards. At the time, I loved my typewriters, just as I now love my computers, my automated systems and, of course, my digital cameras.

The Ten Most-Read Articles of the Quarter: Gear news gets the views

Product image shows Leica M6 cameras from 1994 and 2023.
Aside from all hypes and influencers, the M6, if old or new, is a wonderful a camera and an extremely reliable tool in the hands of any serious film photographer.

Macfilos’s readership continues to grow, as new enthusiasts discover the site and its distinctive perspective on photography. So, what types of articles attract the most interest from our readers, both long-standing and brand-new? Here’s another quarterly snapshot of the ten most-read articles. Although Macfilos covers many photography-related themes, one stands out as the clear favourite.

Firmware updates for Leica M, Q and SL2 families


Keeping camera firmware up to date is important, and it is surprising how many Leica users never update, despite investing many thousands in their equipment. If you own any of the three major lines, here is a checklist of the latest versions that you should download and instal as soon as possible. Not only do firmware updates bring new and useful features, they cure problems which, in some cases, can result in the loss of your valuable images.

Wishing all our readers a happy Christmas season and a photo-filled New Year


Our editorial team, Jörg-Peter Rau, Keith James and I, join in wishing all our readers a wonderful Christmas break and joyful celebration of your own holy days, leading up to a photo-filled New Year.

Everyone enjoys a beautiful sunset. Is this the result of evolution?


A love of sunsets seems to be a universal human trait. This is remarkable. It’s hard to imagine that the entire population of the planet, regardless of race, creed or colour, could agree about something. Nevertheless, we all agree that sunsets are beautiful. Why is this? Could it be the result of evolution? Let’s explore the subject of sunset photography and see what we can learn.

The M Files (22): Which is the perfect bag for a rangefinder kit?


To get one thing out of the way:  I, personally, know far more bag collectors among male photographers than among ladies. For rangefinder fans, Leica has so far offered quite a few bags, one was launched only recently. But let’s keep up the M Files spirit and look at alternatives: it there something as a perfect bag for a rangefinder kit?

Peak Design Cuff: The nifty system strap for Leica M, Q and SL


The Peak Design Cuff is something different in the world of camera wrist straps. It isn’t just any old loop with a split ring, the Cuff is part of a unified system of wrist straps and neck straps that can be installed or removed in seconds. What’s more, you need only one cuff or one strap, such as the Peak Design Leash, to serve all your cameras.

All GAS and Gaiters: A reflection on a distressing condition affecting some photographers


Laughing GAS

My father, “The Reverend” happened to find the TV comedy “All Gas and Gaiters” hilariously funny as it mocked his chosen profession. While the TV series dates from the late 60s, the expression has been used to mean “a satisfactory state of affairs” or sometimes “nonsense”. For us at Macfilos, we know it refers to “Gear Acquisition Syndrome”, an affliction from which many of us suffer that can be both satisfying and nonsensical.

Oberwerth Tag Case: Ding dong, you’ve left your Leica Q3 in Starbucks


The Oberwerth Tag Case for the Leica Q3 is, by half-case standards, a technical masterpiece. Cases aren’t generally intelligent, but this one will tell you if you’ve left your camera in Starbucks. Or, it can even help track the thief who has made off with your pride and joy. Of course, none of this would work without Apple’s nifty little Air Tag.

The Leica Q2 Goes to Brunch: La búsqueda de los huevos benedictinos definitivos continúa


I have it on good authority that global consumption of Eggs Benedict has increased over the last several quarters. I attribute this to an article I posted several months ago, highlighting the origins and delectability of this magnificent dish. My personal contribution to this surge has been modest. However, over the intervening months I have discovered several sensational new Eggs Benedict versions. I felt duty bound to document them photographically and bring them to your attention. So, cutlery at the ready, here we go again.

Brand Loyalty: A love affair with the Ricoh GR and its 28mm field of view


Brand loyalty has always been important to me, especially when it comes to photography. Apart from my Leica CL, back in film days, I used Yashica/Contax cameras for some 20 years before turning to Leica and Ricoh GR cameras only. I had a couple of experiences with Sony and Panasonic that were rather short-lived, and neither more than half a year. But how come I went for Ricoh rather than any other camera brand? 

The Weight of Time: An exhibition of photographs by Darcy Padilla


I am pleased to report that on a recent visit to the Leica Store in San Francisco, my wallet remained firmly secured in my pocket. While resisting the temptation to part with my hard-earned cash on more Leica gear, I spent some time enjoying its Leica Gallery. A new exhibition had opened the day before, The Weight of Time, by a Bay Area-based artist, Darcy Padilla. Here is what I saw.

A Photographic Road Trip Across the Western United States: The final leg


As described in an earlier article, our photographic journey from Denver to San Diego, had reached Page, Arizona. We had survived hair-raising mountain descents, epic thunderstorms, and photo-bombing by rowdy strangers. Our journey had brought us within striking distance of the Grand Canyon. Here is what happened on the final leg of an eventful photography road trip.

Sigma fp L: First impressions and a few unusual tweaks


Leica cameras have been part of my life since the advent of the M8. Then came the M9, the M240, the Q and finally the CL — followed by the realisation that my eyesight is no longer up to the task of focusing accurately. Except for the Q and the CL (since sold) these cameras would no longer work for me. It was time to find a new interchangeable lens cameraa Sigma fp L.

Leica M6 price drops under 2022 level – thanks to a trade-in offer in Germany

Image shows an old Canon SLR camera being exchanged for a brand new Leica M6.
Trade in any old analogue camera – and the Leica M6 price drops by€500 in Germany.

This comes as a surprise: Leica has started a campaign to stimulate sales of the new/old M6 analogue rangefinder camera. Up to 31 December 2023, German Leica stores will trade in any old analogue camera for €500 at least. The Leica M6 price thus effectively drops to under €5,000.