Saturday, December 14, 2019
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Lenny rides again with a bottle of champers and a pop-up bar

Dom Perignon and a pop-up bar next up....

Lenny Kravitz, flushed with the success of his Leica special edition, is now lending his name to Dom Pérignon. This special edition features a box that turns into a champagne bar. I’m grateful to John Shingleton for this clipping from the Australian Financial Review.

Thomas the burgundy Billingham: An alternative to the dedicated camera lugger


Camera bags, bags in general: I can’t get enough of them. Did I mention before that I have a thing about bags? A whole room of Macfilos Towers is stuffed with bags and suitcases. We call it the box room, but in reality, it is the bag room and it contains more than I could ever use.

Fuji X-Pro 3: The new camera that is one sandwich short of a picnic


Received wisdom in the photographic world is that anyone who prefers a digital camera with no screen is, at best, one sandwich short of a picnic. Well, I freely admit that I am one of those free spirits which rather likes a camera lacking the odd cucumber sarnie. But with good reason.

Stardust in Boston: A visit to the International Leica Society’s annual meet


Last month I attended the AGM of the LHSA — the International Leica Society — in Boston, Mass. I’d enjoyed last year’s outing at Wetzlar and made many new friends in the world-wide Leica scene, so I didn’t need much persuasion to make my plans to fly to the USA this time around.

Slovenia with the Ricoh GR IV – Part two, the Alps


Last July we spent a week in the Triglav national park, in what is called the Julian Alps. It was created in 1961 in Tito’s time when Yugoslavia still existed. The park borders the Italian and Austrian Alps and may be considered, together with the Kamnik Alps, as the end of the alpine mountain range. The name Triglav comes from the highest summit (2864 metres) and means “three heads”.

Bushfires: Putting things into perspective


Two weeks ago I was planning a drive to inland New South Wales for the following day and was frustrated that the NSW Government Roads App showed that the road I had planned to take was closed due to bushfires.

Nine hours

I would have to take a diversion which would add an extra hour and a half to my journey. I was sounding off when my eyes alighted on the following notice in the corner of the map.  A nine-hour diversion! That certainly put my little inconvenience into perspective.

Imagine trying to explain that to your wife:

“Where on earth have you been I was expecting you home for dinner?”

“Well, dear, there was this nine hour diversion.”

“And you expect me to believe that?”

Sigma fp is already a best seller in Japan

Some mount! Sigma couldn't have made this camera any taller because it is already barely larger than the mount. And overall, it is a hand-sized mirrorless wonder

Sigma’s quirky new fp, said to be the world’s smallest full-frame digital camera, seems to be taking the Japanese home market by storm. Despite arriving on the shelves only on October 25, it outsold all other cameras in October and is powering ahead in November.

Leica’s New Milestone: My first experiences with the SL2


The headline of my little review, in which I use Leica’s own wording to announce the new SL2, is the start of the enthusiasm that I feel for the youngest scion of the House of the Red Dot.

Lisbon: A favourite city is now becoming swamped by visitors

Alfama, old quarter Lisbon in 2016. I suspect this scene has now disappeared.

My first Lisbon visit was back in 2016. The Portuguese capital was a latecomer to my list of “must visit” cities.

The White Shirt Project


Sorting through my photographs recently, I noticed a theme emerging. It seemed that I was drawn to the photos of people in white shirts, Both men and women. Both could look handsome, sexy, masculine, feminine, innocent, determined — all in this one garment that could be formal or informal. All genders and ages have worn a white button-down shirt. It is a universal garment in many ways.