Olympic Cauldron on permanent display at Museum of London

This morning at 8.30 I was at the Museum of London to witness the unveiling of the permanent Olympic Cauldron exhibition. Designed by Haterwick Studios, the Cauldron creates a stunning impression and the display is a sure-fire winner for the museum.

Leica Camera at Photomonth, East London Photography Festival

Brick Lane, also known as Bangla Town, is one of London's foremost magnets for street photographers. It's fitting, then, that Photomonth, the East London Photography Festival, is focused on this meandering lane of multiculture. Leica is taking full advantage of the festival by launching a pop-up store, to be called Photography Unplugged, in the old Truman's Brewery which sits right at the heart of Brick Lane. 

Krka National Park, Croatia

The beautiful countryside of Croatia's Krka National Park caption on my Leica X Vario

Sony A7: Goodbye, it was almost nice knowing you

John has had a long relationship with the Sony A7 — mainly because he couldn't find anyone to buy it off him.....

Has digital camera technology reached a plateau of excellence?

Digital image quality has now reached a point where it is tempting to say that it cannot be improved. It’s not true, of course. Everything can be improved. But do we need it? Have we reached a plateau in development?

Leica launches Apo-Summicron-SL 35mm f/2 ASPH

The new 35mm Apo-Summicron-SL is said to be one of the finest lenses ever produced in Wetzlar

Pimp your Sony RX100 with retro skin

Yesterday I bumped into a Sony RX100 owner who had...

Leica Beware: Ollie and his Frankencamera could beat you to it

Leica's screen-less M60 has been surprisingly well received, even though it is restricted as a special edition. Many photographers, I know, would like to see a production model. Well, perhaps they could get one for a lot less than Leica will charge. They could support Oliver Baker and his Frankencamera: An M3 converted with a digital back.

Leica M: Quick initial impressions

Today I had my first opportionity to lay hands on the new Leica M (Typ 240). The all-black camera was the first display model...

Macfilos and the Leica Q set off for Hong Kong

Hong Kong has always been a magnet for photographers but it’s a long time since I paid a visit. So today I am off for a couple of weeks exploring the sights of the city and, I hope, taking the opportunity to get in some street photography.