Friday, July 10, 2020

Leica M-D: Screenless wonder, M7 digital, £4,650


Leica today announces the long-anticipated screenless digital based on the M60 Edition which made its debut at Photokina 2014.

Fuji X takes time for a day at the agricultural fair


Can there be anyone still reading who doesn’t want to hurry off right now to their local agricultural fair?  Well, I hope you will at least give one a try? The doughnuts are delicious!

Leica Dilemma: Monochrom or M10

We have been waiting so long for the announcement of...

Leica tests and reviews on Macfilos — roundup


A roundup of Leica tests and reviews appearing on Macfilos over the past five years.....

UV Filters: Should you be putting another bit of glass in front of your...


Fitting a UV filter to the front of your lens offers the protection of a lens cap without the need to keep clipping and unclipping. But is this extra pane of glass harming the quality of your images?

Sony’s 12,700 stolen credit cards will be warning to all retailers

Sony Online Entertainment’s problems mount as they reveal that the personal information of 24.6 million customer accounts was compromised and 12,700 credit card numbers...

Leica M10-D announced: Quiet shutter, folding “thumb-rest”


Leica M10-D announced. It has the new quiet shutter of the M10-P and a dummy pull-out advance lever which acts as a thumb rest. It costs £6,500, including tax, exactly the same as the M10-P.

Panasonic FZ1000, Leica V-Lux: Fandango of indecision


John bought a cheap used Panasonic FZ1000 (aka Leica V-Lux) in order to sample the long reach combined with a small one-inch sensor. But will he keep it?

Remarkable survival of the Leica X1 and X2

Wayne's suggests the popular old granddads, the Leica X1 and X2 could be used exclusively for monochrome. Let's take a look...

Leica M60 Edition Review: Gorgeous steel-grey retro pushes all the right buttons


Leica's M60 Edition is an object of desire. This celebration of the golden jubilee of the the M3, the first Leica with a combined viewfinder and rangefinder in one window, comes in the form of the all-steel but very oddball version of the M Type 240. I've had the good fortune to borrow one for review from my friends at Red Dot Cameras in London.