Friday, September 25, 2020

Panasonic Lumix G9: First impressions, deskbound


The G9 has landed on Mike's desk. What are his initial impressions before even taking it out of the door? This is the quintessential deskbound test.....

David English on the quality of light

A very thoughtful article by David English at the Leica Camera BlogWe like to talk about the specs for cameras and...

Leica M: On its way at last, in next few days

Fans have been waiting six months for the prematurely announced Leica M, the first M rangefinder body to feature live view...

The Leica prototype that could fetch two million

Auction prices for early Leica cameras can sometimes astound. Will this rare O-Series prototype from 1921 sell for over €2m? Anything is possible, says William Fagan.

Snow, snow and a bright yellow umbrella


The yellow umbrella....

Micro Four-Thirds Lenses in Focus: The makings of a lightweight travel kit


Mike is putting his toes in the m4/3 pool and rather likes the experience. Here he looks particularly at the impressive range of Panasonic Leica DG prime lenses.

Leica Q enters dangerous waters and upsets the M


The Leica Q entered my life back in late 2015. One day I set her down impatiently on the desk and fired up the iMac to glimpse the latest pictures from the new wonder. Then my eyes fell on the M240 who had been parked unceremoniously on the sideboard. I cringed with guilt. She looked at me disapprovingly through her narrowest aperture. Her glance told me I was toast.

Leica’s little C in a land of many big cameras and not a few...

Preparing for trekking in Tibet needs careful planning - and a lightweight camera is appreciated at such high altitudes. Wayne took his tiny Leica C almost to the top of the world.....

Speed Graphic: A convincing 1940s press photographer acts the part


Out an about with the Leica T, Mike met a convincing pair of 1940s press actors with their Speed Graphic camera....

Leica prices increased from April 1


Leica prices are rising around the world. In the UK, new prices came into effect this week. USA prices rise on May 1. Here is a brief overview of the new UK prices....