Fuji X System: Current and future macro solutions

The news that Fuji is bringing out two macro extension...

Fuji X-Series firmware updates, including electronic shutter for X-T1

Today, as scheduled, Fuji has released the firmware updates for X-Series interchangeable-lens cameras. In the case of the X-E2 and X-T1 the improvements are...

Leica Q: What’s next for Leica’s biggest success story?

The decision to discontinue the Titanium Gray Leica Q must mean something, but we're not sure what. Perhaps there is an updated model on the way?

14oz Travel Kit: Featherweight camera, a standard zoom and a Leica Summilux

What is the smallest interchangeable-lens camera kit you can find? Mike thinks he has it in the bag — a camera body, zoom lens and Leica Summilux which in total tips the scales at 14oz.

Senior citizen sit-down protest in Hong Kong

If your local bus company forgets to provide something to sit on while you wait there is always a bit of lateral thinking. All over Hong Kong suburbs I noticed that locals had brought out their surplus dining chairs and placed them invitingly at bus stops. It's a charming mini protest that seems typical of Hong Kong.

Oops, the fluke shot that surprised

We've all done it: Keckhanding the camera and the shutter gets prodded by mistake. Usually the result is an out-of-focus image of the floor or a blank wall. Even a modern autofocus lens can be caught out so the shot is usually blurry. A manual lens doesn't stand much chance.

Fuji drops the starter X Series cameras

Bill believes Fuji has cracked the high-end APS-C market and no longer needs to offer a cut-down starter camera. 

Leica M-D: Enter the Classic Case for the new screenless M

Despite many rumours, the sudden arrival of the Leica M-D in April was a surprise, especially for accessory manufacturers. Now we have an example of a British-made hand-crafted leather case specially tailored for the new camera.

Leica buyers now get a free copy of Adobe’s new version of Lightroom

Leica has announced that all new cameras will now come with Lightroom 6, the latest version which has superseded the previously supplied Lightroom 5....

Leica M-P Review: This time it makes sense to upgrade your old M

A couple of years after the introduction of a new M camera you can be pretty certain it will be joined by a P (for Professional) version that adds some cosmetic changes and, usually, a tougher rear screen in return for a few hundred pounds on to the already sizeable tag.