Le Mans 24, an X-T1 and a brace of Fujinon zooms

Let's be honest, for a certain type of bloke it is a bucket-list thing. The glory days of Jaguar, racing through the night, the romance, the glamour, Steve McQueen and all that. When a good friend of mine, who has a place in France, suggested a long weekend including a day at the Le Mans 24 Hour race I jumped at the chance. I suppose I am what might be called a Passive Petrolhead; I am less interested than I used to be - the last time I went to a Grand Prix Mansel was still racing - but there is something about the demented howl of a V8 that sets the blood a-pumping.

Fuji X takes time for a day at the agricultural fair

Can there be anyone still reading who doesn’t want to hurry off right now to their local agricultural fair?  Well, I hope you will at least give one a try? The doughnuts are delicious!

Fuji X System: Current and future macro solutions

Handling macro with the Fuji X-Series and a look at the new extension tubes announced this week by Fuji. My Santa stocking is already...

Fuji X-T1 firmware update in June brings new AF, Eye Detect AF, Auto Macro...

Fuji today announces a major firmware upgrate for the successful X-T1 DSLR-lookalike X-T1 mirrorless camera. It includes a new autofocus sysem with zone and wide/tracing modes for moving subjects, improved AF accuracy, an eye-detection systems which tracks the focus of the eye, an auto macro model and AF improvements in the movie mode.

Fuji and the practice of continuous improvement

There’s nothing worse than buying a new camera and finding out, just a few months down the line, that it is out of date. It’s hard luck as far as most manufacturers are concerned. They’ve moved on, all you have to do is take a loss and buy the latest model. Not so with Fuji. 

Fuji X-E1: Getting a grip on the camera

Is the new Thumbs Up grip a better option for the Fuji X-E1 than Fuji's own rather bulky handgrip?

A taste of Cuba: September/October 2015

My wife and I had often talked about going to Cuba before it changed and this year we decided to take the plunge. The first impression was of having gone back in time. There were very few cars and people were either walking or waiting for buses or hitching lifts. There were very few shops and no sign whatsoever of any advertising. Now that the country is opening to outside influence, this remarkable taste of history cannot be long in the changing.

FujiFilm X20: The unique retro travel camera still impresses

Jason discovered an old flame lurking in a second-hand camera shot. And the unique X20 still impresses…..

Fuji X20: Blast from the past takes on Kyoto in the rain

We arrived in historic heritage Kyoto in drizzling rain, and the weather stayed that way while we were there. So, what to do? The little backup Fuji X20 came to the rescue.....

Review: Fujinon XF35 f/2.0 WR lens and a glance back at the XF27

As anyone who has read my scribbles for any length of time knows, I come from a long background of using Leica M cameras and lenses and, rightly or wrongly, they remain to this day my yardstick when evaluating new equipment, particularly the Fuji X line. In Leica terms, therefore, if the original and now slightly venerable Fujinon XF35mm f/1.4 R plays in Summilux territory, in aperture terms at least, then with the new f/2.0 Fuji is planting its flag firmly on the Summicron's doorstep.