Saturday, August 24, 2019

First Impressions: Fuji X-T1 and 18-55mm Fujinon, Leica lenses

A sparkling new Fuji X-T1 and the rather good 18-55 kit lens has arrived for review. I am no stranger to the Fuji X series, having used the X-Pro 1, X-E1, X100 and X100S, but the X-T1 with its retro SLR styling and a button or dial for everything has the makings of the best version yet. Almost any adjustment you need to make on this camera can be done directly, either from the top dials or the five dedicated function buttons. 

Fuji X100T and graphite silver X-T1 announced

The new Fuji X100T and the improved X-T1 have been announced ahead of Photokina. I gave an overview earlier this week and now we have the full information on the cameras. The X100T will cost £999 and the graphite edition of the X-T1 is priced at £1,199.99.

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Fuji X-T1 joins ranks of favoured street cameras

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Fuji X-E1: Getting a grip on the camera

Is the new Thumbs Up grip a better option for the Fuji X-E1 than Fuji's own rather bulky handgrip?

Fuji X-E1 Impressions: Using with Leica lenses

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