Monday, June 17, 2019


The world’s best camera, the camera of the year, is surely the one you have just purchased. If you didn’t think so you wouldn’t have chosen it. So why does my choice of the Leica M10-D as COTY send readers POTTY?

Leica lenses on the new Panasonic Lumix S1

Thinking of buying the Panasonic Lumix S1 to replace your Leica SL, or perhaps as a vehicle for your M or SL/TL lenses. Initial results are encouraging.

10 Best Camera Lists (click bait)

Generally speaking, I have a love-hate relationship with these lists — you know the sort, the ten-best corkscrews ever invented, the 20 best nail clippers to let loose on your toes. But sometimes I do click to see what’s up……

Leica M10-D First Impressions: Back to basics and all the better for it

We now have our hands on the new screen-less Leica M10-D and will be reviewing it in detail later. In the meantime, first impressions are extremely positive. If you want the simple life, read on….

Panasonic GX7: Superseded but not superannuated

Last week I met a photographer friend for lunch and a mooch around the West End in search of likely street shots. Not much doing on that front, but Steven happened to mention a bargain price on the recently discontinued Panasonic GX7. Now I coveted this particular camera, the one with the swivelling viewfinder, when it first came out back in 2013. I read many ecstatic reviews and I was sore tempted. Recently, quite by coincidence, several photographer mates have told me how much they enjoy this little camera. 

Sigma’s L-mount Foveon delay to 2020

Sigma's new L-mount mirrorless camera is delayed to 2020, but advance details are whetting the appetite of full-frame fans

Leica Q2: Digital versus optical zoom

Digital zoom, bad. Optical zoom, good. But are we beginning to see wider acceptance of digital zoom when superior lens technology is complementing today's huge sensors?

Macfilos and the Future: A letter from a reader

Our article on the future direction of Macfilos has created more interest than any post in recent years. The article moved one reader to write a very touching letter of support and It offers an outstanding overview of the world of Leica in 2018.

Photokina 2016: Could the new Panasonic FZ2000 be the next Leica V-Lux?

Panasonic's new FZ2000 brings improved features, particularly an improved zoom range and better video ability for serious filmers. But will it be the basis for a Leica V-Lux upgrade?

Panasonic announces FZ1000 Mk2

Panasonic today launched two new bridge cameras, the small-sensor TZ90 and the FZ1000 Mark II which replaces the camera on which the...