Monday, February 17, 2020

Focus stacking on Panasonic cameras


Focus stacking is made easier with new software now available for Panasonic cameras. This little guide could help....

L-Mount Alliance: What it means for you as a Leica owner


The licensing of the Leica L-Mount to Sigma and Panasonic has huge implications for Leica owners. It can only be for the good and will put new life into sales of existing APS-C and full-frame Leica cameras.

L-Mount Alliance: The gloves are off


Yesterday was monster day for photographic news and none more important for the future of the industry than the announcement of the L-Mount Alliance backed by Leica, Panasonic and Sigma. Mike feels the tectonic plates a’twitching…..

Leica D-Lux, Panasonic LX100: Mystery of the 4/3 sensor that isn’t quite

The new Leica D-Lux has a 4/3 sensor and a 10.9-34mm zoom lens. Since a 4/3 sensor has a crop factor of 2, this...
MGB Classic car

MG classics and the versatile Panasonic FZ1000

"Get a shot of every car in the event" was my brief. And what better tool than the verstatile Panasonic FX1000 with that competent one-inch sensor.....

A taste of Cuba: September/October 2015


My wife and I had often talked about going to Cuba before it changed and this year we decided to take the plunge. The first impression was of having gone back in time. There were very few cars and people were either walking or waiting for buses or hitching lifts. There were very few shops and no sign whatsoever of any advertising. Now that the country is opening to outside influence, this remarkable taste of history cannot be long in the changing.

Panasonic Lumix G9: New mirrorless camera targets still photographers


With its class-leading electronic viewfinder, LCD status panel and super-fast focus, the G9 targets the still photographer but is likely to win converts from the world of the DSLR.

EISA Awards 2019: No Leica gongs but kudos for L-mount Alliance

Panasonic S1R is the best advanced full frame camera of 2019 and Sigma pulls off two major zoom lens accolades in EISA Awards

Travelling with Leica CL and Lumix GX8

A compact outfit for lightweight travel: Jaap Vleeskruijer

Rock n’ Roll: Choosing a strap that makes your camera lighter

What's the best strap to use with a large mirrorless or digital SLR? Mike has the answer.....