Quirky road to teaching photography

In teaching photography, David looks for the quirky shot

Panasonic LX100 or Fuji X100T: Which is the better all-round travel camera?

Back in January I compared the Fuji X100T with the X-T1 as a tool for the street photographer. At the time I couldn't make up my mind which I preferred. Since then I've had more experience with both cameras and it is the X100T that has had to go. The X-T1 is also a great street photographer tool and performs flawlessly. I'm willing to give up the complexities of the optical/electronic viewfinder system for the greater versatility of the interchangeable-lens X-T1.

Panasonic Lumix TZ200: A new take on the ultra-compact travel camera

Panasonic's new Lumix TZ200 is a pocket camera just a tax larger than the Sony RX100 but with a zoom range from 24-360mm. Could this extended reach from a slower lens prove more attractive for travellers  than the Sony's faster f/1.8-2.8 lens but with a much tighter 23-70mm zoom?

Top 18 cameras for street photography

Here are 18 cameras, new and old, that will do the street photographer proud

Panasonic reduced LX100 price by £100 even before camera arrives at dealers

Panasonic's press office has just told me that the highly-anticipated LX100 compact which was announced last month at Photokina has been reduced in price to £699.

Leica CL versus Panasonic Lumix GX8: A direct comparison

For the contrarian view, let's compare an APS-C Leica CL with the micro four-thirds Panasonic Lumix GX8. Despite the arrival of the GX9 and the larger G9, the GX8 remains one of my firm favourites and, in many respects, it has a similar feel to the CL.....

Macfilos: Deciding which market sectors to cover

The mainstreaming of mirrorless cameras brings a dilemma for a blog such as Macfilos. What to continue to cover? Up to now, our main focus has always been Leica — something of an oasis of calm among all these new developments — and compacts from Panasonic. But does the net noq have to be cast wider?

Panasonic GX7: Superseded but not superannuated

Last week I met a photographer friend for lunch and a mooch around the West End in search of likely street shots. Not much doing on that front, but Steven happened to mention a bargain price on the recently discontinued Panasonic GX7. Now I coveted this particular camera, the one with the swivelling viewfinder, when it first came out back in 2013. I read many ecstatic reviews and I was sore tempted. Recently, quite by coincidence, several photographer mates have told me how much they enjoy this little camera. 

Panasonic TZ200 to be the new Leica C-Lux

A new one-inch sensor pocket camera with a massive zoom is tipped for launch by Leica this month. It is likely to be based on the 24-360mm Panasonic Lumix TZ200.

Leica SL-CL firmware update for full LMA compatability​

Firmware updates are available for the Leica CL and SL to bring full compatibility with LMA lenses from Leica, Panasonic and Sigma