P-911 and P-G9: A good couple of fat rumps

The Panasonic G9 has been called the Porsche 911 of cameras. But, as John argues, this comparison lies mainly in the burgeoning weight and bulk as once-small devices grow like Topsy…..

Panasonic Lumix L-mount cameras arriving in March

At last we have an estimated launch date of the end of March for Panasonic’s new L-mount full-frame cameras. 2019 is going to be an exciting time for the new Leica-designed mount

More acronyms and the OCOLOY challenge. What about the Lumix G9?

Mike Johnson of OCOLOY fame is considering restricting himself in 2019 to the Panasonic Lumix G9. Is it a sensible choice, we wonder…..


The world’s best camera, the camera of the year, is surely the one you have just purchased. If you didn’t think so you wouldn’t have chosen it. So why does my choice of the Leica M10-D as COTY send readers POTTY?

Lightroom adds support for Leica M10-P, M10-D and D-Lux 7

Lightroom now supports Leica’s new D-Lux 7, M10-P and M10-D cameras

Photokina 2019 cancelled, but is an annual show sustainable?

Moving Photokina to an annual Spring slot meant there would be two shows within seven months. However, the 2019 event has now bitten the dust and the next gathering will be in May 2020. But what of the future?

Cheap Shot: The long-lens itch is scratched for a few dollars

Our Leica X1 ambassador has nurtured a secret lust for a long zoom. It’s an itch he has scratched for just a few dollars, with Fuji as the surprise newcomer to the Shingleton stable.

Leica D-Lux 7: Problems processing RWL files – monochrome output

It looks like Lightroom currently doesn’t like the new Leica D-Lux 7, despite its Panasonic sibling having been on the market for several months. RWL files are currently processing in monochrome, so beware.

Leica M3: Film photography and a plate of Kaiserschmarrn

Film photography has now cult status among young whipper-snappers. Mike found a 60-year-old M3 outfit in 20-something hands while enjoying a plate of Kaiserschmarrn at the Gendarmenmarkt Christmas market

Leica Store Melbourne: Australia’s second site proves tempting

The second Leica Store in Australia has opened in Melbourne. Our on-the-spot correspondent, Jason Hannigan, went along to see if he could be tempted….