It’s freezing: Capturing a fleeting moment in time

Keith takes his camera out in Southern California to freeze some action around the beaches

The Golden Fields of Ziro Valley

Baro and I were now on the road to Ziro in Arunachal Pradesh...

Leica V Lux 114: A fish out of water

Leica's V Lux has always been known as a sort of Swiss Army knife of cameras. With its 360 mm reach, it is extremely versatile. But is it a fish out of water at the Australian MotoGP?

Architecture meets sculpture in black and white

Through Instagram, as well as via articles in Macfilos, I can see extraordinary continued interest in black and white photography, and that certain subjects lend themselves beautifully to this monochromatic medium....

Panasonic’s new block on the block is one L of a camera

The latest Lumix camera, the BS1H, doesn’t even take photographs. It’s one of the new breed of dedicated video cameras that is becoming increasingly popular.

L-mount Alliance: Three candles and a bewildering array of lenses

It's hard to believe that the L-mount Alliance is only three years old. It has opened up the market for all three participants, Leica, Panasonic and Sigma and brought in new converts along the way

Entering the L-Mount world – without breaking the bank or your back

So big, so heavy, so expensive: This was the mainstream criticism when Leica released the SL back in 2015. Six years later, L-Mount stands for an alliance with the partners Panasonic and Sigma, and it offers a portfolio of eight camera bodies as well as more than two dozen lenses at all price points. Jörg-Peter looks at an L-mount starter kit featuring Panasonic's S5 camera...

Independence Day Coronado style

Street photography can be a challenge these days, but being the official photographer-at-large at a major July 4 celebration provides a cast-iron ticket to shoot. Keith took his Panasonic and Sigma gear to see what's doing at the Coronado Independence Day bash...

The Blue Mountains of Mizoram

Farhiz takes us into the Blue Mountains of Mizoram and meets the world's largest family and their monster cupboard full of cups...

People, Leica and me

What is it about taking photographs of people? Kathy considers whether or not it's an invasive thing to do...

Is there a difference between the Leica and Sigma 24-70mm zooms?

In the market for an L-mount medium-range zoom? If so, either of the two new 24-70 mm f/2.8s from Sigma or Leica could fit the bill. But is the Leica worth over twice as much as the very similar Sigma?

Panasonic Lumix announces compact 50mm f/1.8 to complement the existing 85mm lens

Panasonic Lumix introduces a 50mm F1.8 L-mount lens to complement the existing 85mm and the forthcoming 24mm and 35mm primes. Small size, light weight and excellent performance brings a new dimension to the L-mount arsenal...

Sigma announces all-new 35mm f/1.4 Art lens for L Mount

Sigma's popular 35mm Art lens has been completely redesigned for mirrorless cameras. It is available in L and E mount and represents an outstanding fast prime at a realistic price.

Tawang—in the land chosen by a horse

Farhiz continues his exploration of Tawang, the land chosen by a horse...

Sigma launches tiny 61MP L-Mount camera with hybrid AF and an unusual side-mount accessory...

Sigma's new fp L has a 61MP sensor, hybrid autofocus and an unusual side-mounted tilting viewfinder...