Sony loses FF mirrorless market share

Once top of the tree, Sony is predictably losing market share to its new Japanese rivals.

Sony A7III First Impressions: A full-frame camera for M-mount lenses

A Sony A7III body has arrived for review, sans lens by design. We intent to review as a home for manual M-mount lenses. Can it offer all that the SL provides but in a smaller, lighter package?

Sony RX100 VI versus Panasonic TZ200 (Leica C-Lux)

Choosing between the Sony RX100 VI and the Leica C-Lux doesn’t get any easier. But these videos by Chris Niccolls and Jordan Drake go a long way to helping you make up your mind.

Sony A7: Bargain-basement quality zoom from Leica

A Sony A7r has been in my camera stable for over half a year and it has proved to be a capable...

Sony A7 Mark 2: Leica lenses and stabilisation

Last year I spent some months with the Sony A7r, the world's first full-frame mirrorless camera other than the Leica M (which isn't really mirrorless in the sense we now regard it). Sony did a fantastic job of squeezing a full-frame sensor into a relatively small body. And for owners of Leica lenses it was a magnet for experimentation. I liked the A7r immensely, even for a first stab at a new genre. My only serious consideration was the noisy and vibratory shutter which was obtrusive in street photography and also caused camera shake.

Sony A7: Goodbye, it was almost nice knowing you

John has had a long relationship with the Sony A7 — mainly because he couldn't find anyone to buy it off him.....

Fuji X and Sony A7 with Leica lenses

Since early last year there has been burgeoning interest in using Leica lenses, old and new, M or R, with some...

Pimp your Sony RX100 with retro skin

Yesterday I bumped into a Sony RX100 owner who had...

Biking in the sun with the Leica M10 and Sony a7III

Manual focus lenses, electronic viewfinders: How does the Leica M10’s Visoflex stack up against a modern in-camera EVF such as that in the Sony A7III? Not very well, as Mike finds out.

Sony RX100 VI zooms to 200mm, stays lean and slim

The excellent Sony RX100 series has one problem — the maximum 70mm zoom. All that changes with the new RX100 VI which zooms to 200mm albeit at the expense of a slightly slower shutter. But a four-stop IBS system helps compensate. The only snag? The £1,150 price tag.