Leica Q at Five: The camera they got right

Five years on, Mike takes a look at the impact made by the Leica Q in 2015 and explains why this has been Leica's most successful digital camera to date.

The quest for a high-quality compact camera: Sony’s RX1Rii still rules them all

What is the ideal travel camera, the pefect compromise between quality and size? Erin takes us on his quest to find the ideal carry-anywhere quality compact...

Where does the camera industry go from here?

Narain Jashanmal takes a look at the current state of the photographic industry and wonders just where we go from here...

A hard break-up: Life without Leica

Is there life after Leica? Erwin Hartenberg rationalises his move from Leica back to Nikon and wonder whether, at some point, he will move back to the Leicasphere...

Now the CL is pensioned off, where to go for a lighter alternative to...

Since the first indications of the end for the Leica CL, Macfilos columns have been full of lament. How could Leica simply abandon APS-C...

Sony RX100 VI v Panasonic TZ200 v Leica C-Lux: The verdict


The verdict is in. Mike tells you which of these cameras he bought, but he wouldn’t criticise you for making a different selection. It’s a very close call.

Ricoh’s GR beckons again: But the choice just became more complicated

Last week's announcement of the Ricoh GR IIIx indicates that there is still a future for this unpretentious but eminently capable fixed-lens compact. But now you have to decide between 28mm and 40mm...

Mykonos, Easter week 2013 and a Sony RX1

This year, as usual, I am having two Easters, one on the Gregorian calendar and one here, in Greece, on the...

EISA Awards 2019: No Leica gongs but kudos for L-mount Alliance

Panasonic S1R is the best advanced full frame camera of 2019 and Sigma pulls off two major zoom lens accolades in EISA Awards

Locks Ajar: A trip to two favourite spots with old Hektor in tow

The locks are off and the prison door is slightly ajar. Time for a first trip in the Jaguar I-Page to two favourite locations and with a strange lens in the bag...

The Leica X Vario: A retrospective of a camera that had a bad start...

Our second look this week at the maligned but popular Leica X Vario. It's a classic in the making and enthusiastic owner, John Shingleton, takes a trip down memory lane...

Photographic archaeology on a rainy day

The heavens have opened over Sydney. Confined to barracks. So what better to do with the time that start an archaeological dig in the camera cupboard?

East Anglia: An area of outstanding beauty and a magnet for photographers

East Anglia, one of the most picturesque areas of England, is not on the direct route to anywhere and is often overlooked as a visitor destination. Chris Rogers takes a look at some of the highlights of the country of the North Folk and the South Folk....

Xiaomi 12S Ultra Concept Phone: Is this the new entry-level Leica?

Leica fans are looking for a lighter entry-level camera following the untimely death of the Leica CL and the APS-C line. So could this new Xiaomi concept fill the gap. Mike has reservations...

Cameras at Everest, a century apart

A Kodak Vest-Pocket camera was lost on Everest 95 years ago. If it is ever found it could prove that the mountain was conquered some 30 years earlier than the history books say.