Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Sony RX10 and A7r side by side: Surprise

This week I got my mitts on Sony's new RX10 super-zoom bridge camera for the first time. Up to this week...

Sony A7: First image comparisons

Impressive results for the Sony A7 (and especially the A7R) in comparison with results from the competition, including Canon, Nikon, Fuji and Sony's own...

Magical mystery tour of villages, byways and Bugattis

I didn't know where I was going. i'd forgotten. So I input the postcode and set out on a magical mystery tour of the south-west Midlands. Along the way I met a Bugatti or two....

Sony A7: More adapters, no cameras

I was mightily impressed with the quality and finish of the Metabones Leica R adapter I bought in anticipation of the...

Slaughter of the lambs: Greek Easter finale

Easter here in Greece is over at last. None will be more relieved than the few lambs still on their four legs. Easter in...

Sony a7II: The camera that makes an ideal home for third-party manual lenses


When the Sony a7 Mark II arrived three months ago there was an immediate spark of interest among owners of manual lenses, in particular among Leica fans who fancied a second body to supplement their M9 or M. Many had tried the previous year's a7r and found it wanting in terms of noise and stability: The loud shutter also caused body vibration and added to the problems of shooting with longer manual primes. Now, the a7II, with its five-axis stabilisation, more substantial built and larger grip, promises to answer those criticisms and, at last, offer something unique for the manual lens owner.

Sony A7 II: Could this be the perfect mount for Leica glass?

Just a year ago I was salivating at the prospect of trying the Sony A7r with its full-frame sensor in a tiny...

Sony to follow RX1 with full-frame system camera

Last year Sony shocked the photographic world when it launched a full-frame pro compact, the RX1. It remains the world’s only...

Sony loses FF mirrorless market share

Once top of the tree, Sony is predictably losing market share to its new Japanese rivals.

Apple-Sony parallel dismantled

Here is a brilliant dismantling of the Apple-Sony parallel by Jean-Louis Gassée. Last week Forrester CEO George Colony joined the Apple doomsayers when he...