Saturday, August 15, 2020

Sony or Leica: Entry of the 1in-sensor, ultra-zoom compacts


Both the Sony RX100 VI and the Leica C-Lux are now in our hands. Which is going to be the best small-sensor compact with the maxi zoom?

Tunes War: Sony to pull out of iTunes? (rumour)


Hot on the heels of news that Apple has rejected Sony's ereader application comes a rumour that Sony are planning to pull out of iTunes. Could this be war? Who will be the loser? See this interesting item from tomorrow morning's Sydney Morning Herald.

In-camera charging: Leica misses out on an essential feature

Are you a fan of in-camera battery charging? I believe it is now a must-have feature for all cameras. Have your say....

Biking in the sun with the Leica M10 and Sony a7III


Manual focus lenses, electronic viewfinders: How does the Leica M10’s Visoflex stack up against a modern in-camera EVF such as that in the Sony A7III? Not very well, as Mike finds out.

Sony A7r and Leica glass on the prowl in London

The Sony A7r has been in my hands for a couple of weeks and I am loving it so far. With a 200g weight...

Leica SL: An upgrade for Sony A7 fans?


We hear a lot about the benefits of the Sony A7-series in relation to bulky full-frame DSLRs but there is now a very serious mirrorless competitor in the buxom shape of the Leica SL. Sure, it costs more, but is it a big improvement on the Sony? 

Sony A7r v Leica Monochrom resolution contest at the Photo Fundamentalist

Thomas Stanworth, the Photo Fundamentalist blogger, has some intriguing insights into the relative resolution of the current M9-based Leica Monochrom and...

Leica Q at Five: The camera they got right

Five years on, Mike takes a look at the impact made by the Leica Q in 2015 and explains why this has been Leica's most successful digital camera to date.

Valgaudemar: A brief summer affair with the Sony A7 and Zeiss 35mm f/2.8

The "French Himalayan valley", Valgaudemar, is a delight and far from the madding crowd. Jean takes his Sony A7 on a tour.

Mykonos in monochrome with Sony’s A7II, Leica’s 50mm Summilux and Ricoh’s little GR


Just returned to Athens after quiet early-season foray to the beautiful Aegean island of Mykonos. I met some new photographer friends, Vlassis and Kostas, and found the first Leica M8 I've ever seen in the wild on this tiny island.