Monday, February 17, 2020

Sony A7: Bargain-basement quality zoom from Leica

A Sony A7r has been in my camera stable for over half a year and it has proved to be a capable...

Sony and the strange case of the handsome pussycat

For a good six months I have been attempting to follow a tortuous thread at the Leica Forum on the subject of using Leica...

Sony, Leica and Zeiss in the Mykonos sun

This Easter I packed light. Instead of a bagful...

Small Sensor = Think Differently

Big sensor, small sensor, big camera, small camera: The decision process becomes acute when you have to carry all your gear at ultra-high altitudes. Wayne made the choice in the early days of digital photography.

Tom Grill compares the Sony A7r with Fuji’s X-T1


Tom Grill is conducting a fascinating comparison between the Sony A7r and the Fuji X-T1. In many respects these cameras are like two peas in a pod

Sony RX100 VI: AP compact camera of the year

AP magazine has chosen the Sony RX100 Mark VI as its compact camera of the year. And with good reason, as we found out....

Leica R lenses on the new Sony A7

Hmmm... So Leica have still not delivered on their one-year-old promise to supply an R lens adapter for the M mount. I'm fed up...

First came the A7 and A7r, then the A7s and A7II, now the A9


They say a week is a long time in politics. A year, however, is definitely not a long time in the development of Sony cameras. This time last year the hot properties were the freshly baked A7 and A7r, the world's first mirrorless full-frame cameras (excepting the Leica M which, of course, is not strictly a mirrorless). Then, before the ink had dried on your purchase invoice, along came the A7s to tempt you into divorce. Perhaps, though, you would have been wise to resist because the A7II with five-axis stabilisation slunk into view, licking its chops in anticipation of imminent surrender. Get thee behind me, Sony.

Sony A7R DxO Mark matches Nikon D800E

As more details of the Sony A7s emerge I am becoming more and more impressed. Today the DxO Mark results were published. The 36MP...

Magical mystery tour of villages, byways and Bugattis

I didn't know where I was going. i'd forgotten. So I input the postcode and set out on a magical mystery tour of the south-west Midlands. Along the way I met a Bugatti or two....