Sunday, March 7, 2021

Sony: Full-frame NEX to arrive this month

Rumours of the expected full-frame E-mount NEX camera from Sony are coming thick and fast. There are said to be two...

Olympus OM-D v Sony A7r

Two cameras have caught the imagination this autumn. From Olympus comes the updated OM-D, considered by reviewers to be the best Micro Four Thirds...

Tom Grill compares the Sony A7r with Fuji’s X-T1


Tom Grill is conducting a fascinating comparison between the Sony A7r and the Fuji X-T1. In many respects these cameras are like two peas in a pod

Getting your mind around the Sony A7 menus

It's fashionable in every review of Sony cameras to complain about the complexity of the menus. My current exposure is to the RX100 VI...

Sony ZV-1: It’s a pretty little vlogger

Now, if I ran a Macfilos vlog I'd be first in like for this cute little number with the RX100 looks and its raft of new features to ease the life of the YouTuber....

Leica SL: An upgrade for Sony A7 fans?


We hear a lot about the benefits of the Sony A7-series in relation to bulky full-frame DSLRs but there is now a very serious mirrorless competitor in the buxom shape of the Leica SL. Sure, it costs more, but is it a big improvement on the Sony? 

Sony A7II Stabilisation: Does it work with third-party manual-focus lenses?


Until today it had never crossed my mind that the Sony's in-body stabilisation might not work with manual lenses. The idea seems far fetched, but it has gained some credence on the forums.

Sony RX100 VI zooms to 200mm, stays lean and slim


The excellent Sony RX100 series has one problem — the maximum 70mm zoom. All that changes with the new RX100 VI which zooms to 200mm albeit at the expense of a slightly slower shutter. But a four-stop IBS system helps compensate. The only snag? The £1,150 price tag.

Sony’s 12,700 stolen credit cards will be warning to all retailers

Sony Online Entertainment’s problems mount as they reveal that the personal information of 24.6 million customer accounts was compromised and 12,700 credit card numbers...

Sony and the strange case of the handsome pussycat

For a good six months I have been attempting to follow a tortuous thread at the Leica Forum on the subject of using Leica...