Sunday, January 17, 2021

Pentax S1a: Getting into film the cheap way


Film is enjoying new-found popularity, perhaps as an antidote to digital excess. But you don't need to shell out £500 on a Leica M3. Why not buy a solid and very capable Pentax or Olympus? The camera and lens could cost less than processing your first roll of film. And these old SLRs carry a lot of street cred....

Darkest Hour: A half-frame camera and a historic record


John experiences the darkest hour and rummages around for some topical photographs.....

Long-term review: The new Leica M10-R

Leica's high-resolution M10-R has been in the hands of Jonathan Slack for nearly a year. In that time he has come love the camera and is planning to buy one for keeps.

In search of the Roman countryside along the Appian Way

In search of history along the ancient Appian Way, the Queen of Roads

Fuji X-T2: Of herons, eels and humans


The wildlife photographer’s lot is waiting for the decisive moment. David set out to the River Dee with hope and was not disappointed when he met a compliant heron….

The painful progress from film to digital photography

After a lifetime of professional photography, Don Morley was thrust into the digital deep end back in 2002. He survived and has found new enthusiasm.

Bièvres: Europe’s largest open-air photo fair is a magnet for enthusiasts


Now in its 54th year, the massive Bièvres photo fair brings traders from all over Europe and visitors from around the world. If you are into old cameras, this is a weekend to savour.....

Kai Wong meets Martin Parr


Another entertaining video from Kai Man Wong, newly settled back in England. He's interviewed Martin Parr this time, worth a looksee.

Cambodia, a country just made for colour

Cambodia is a country just ready for colour photography, as John found out a decade ago.

Strange birds in Melbourne take a sip


The bath was for the birds, but the bees got in first....