Sunday, October 25, 2020

Leica M System: In praise of simplicity and longevity

Judging by the rapid-fire arrival of M-mount lenses, you'd think Leica's cameras were the best-sellers. But no, the secret of the success of the M system lies in simplicity, mechanical excellence and the resulting longevity.

Sigma’s 45mm f/2.8 and compact full-frame L-mount systems

First outing at the Brooklands American Day with the compact Sigma f/2.8 45mm and the Panasonic S1

Paklenica National Park, Croatia: Part Two


Kevin continues his exploration of the Paklenica National Park in Croatia


Quirky road to teaching photography

In teaching photography, David looks for the quirky shot

The Cinder Track: Where will it take you?


Dave and Liz pay another return visit to the Cinder Track in North Yorkshire…..

Baby bear camera to go with your Hasselblad outfit


What do you do when you work for Hasselblad, have the run of the candy store and yet want a really lightweight and versatile camera to throw in an overnight bag. Ming Thein has faced the problem head on and comes up with an interesting conclusion. But it's not the camera you would think of.....

Hot-rod Girls: Never say never

Unaccustomed as I am to photographic bling, my outrageously processed shot of the hot-rod girls has proved a hit with competition judges. I probably won't do it again, but never say never

Photo competitions: Make the most of your pictures

Entering competitions can be a rewarding and even lucrative pastime. Here's how to make more of your photography

Dublin Zoo: Just William, a brace of Fujis and an orangutan or two


William took his Fujis and a bunch of lenses to say hello to the animals at Dublin Zoo.....

Nagaland: Traditions and a close encounter with a retired headhunter

Farhiz records some of the more remote areas of India's Nagaland – and manages to avoid the head hunters...