Saturday, July 4, 2020

The camera in the sky: From London to Yosemite National Park

Thanks to his job, Tom Lane has access to aspects of aerial photography denied to most of us. And he takes full advantage. At last we've persuaded Tom to pen an article for Macfilos and show us some of his magnificent from-the-air images

New England, Australia: Over the hills and far away

New England in Australia. John gets away from it all and manages to dodge the bushfires.

Borough Market to the Thames Barrier: A photographic excursion


On Saturday my friend George James made one of this regular trips to London and suggested we meet in Borough Market to get a few shots with our matching Leica M-Ps and 50mm Apo-Summicrons. It was a good idea but the market was far two crowded.  So, after a few scuffles and near misses, we adopted Plan B: A visit to the Thames Barrier, way out beyond Greenwich in the east. 

Sifting the mullock heap for the odd gold nugget

Photographic libraries are often a dish best served cold. Go back over rejected shots after a few years and you could discover a few gold nuggets. This is what John did and it a paid dividend.

Cheap Shot: The long-lens itch is scratched for a few dollars


Our Leica X1 ambassador has nurtured a secret lust for a long zoom. It’s an itch he has scratched for just a few dollars, with Fuji as the surprise newcomer to the Shingleton stable.

Leica lenses on the new Panasonic Lumix S1

Thinking of buying the Panasonic Lumix S1 to replace your Leica SL, or perhaps as a vehicle for your M or SL/TL lenses. Initial results are encouraging.

In India’s North-East with the Leica X Vario: Teer for a 20-rupee loss

An excursion to India's north-east with the Leica X Vario - and an encounter with a novel sport, Teer

Yosemite from the comfort of ground level

After photographing Yosemite National Park from the air, Tom returned to earth — but with a soft landing on snow. The Leica SL proved to be more reliable than the snowchains, however.

Keeping over-exposure under control

Does film cope better with highlights? Does digital bring more recovery potential from underesposed areas. It's a complex issue but we reached a conclusion

No Camera Again: iPhone X steps into the breach


When you don't carry a camera, today's smartphones — especially the new iPhone X - step valiantly into the breach.....