Living Museums: A journey back in time to the grimy, gritty life in the...

Living museums have become increasingly popular, nowhere more so than in the UK where “attractions” are seemingly around every bend in the road. I’ve enjoyed a number of these celebrations of, mostly, early 20th century life including Beamish in Northumberland and the sadly now defunct Wigan Pier museum. This last weekend I ticked another rather enticing museums off my wishlist, this time the Black Country Living Museum at Dudley in the heart of the Black Country. The area was at the forefront of the industrial revolution and gained its name from the pollution and generally dreary landscape that resulted from the mining and other works.

Orient Express from Istanbul to the Swiss Alps, a photographic journey

The recent Macfilos story on the Swiss alpine railways bought back memories for me of a quite remarkable railway journey I made in October 1982. It was in an Orient Express reenactment from Istanbul to Interlaken in Switzerland. We travelled in a train using the original Orient Express rolling stock and pulled for much of the journey by steam locomotives. As I recollect, at that time the carriages were owned by a Swiss railway enthusiast who also ran a travel company.

Getting to grips with photo processing and data storage

For months I have been fretting about which application to use for my photo files. Because of the indecision I have...

Eric Kim’s one photo a day challenge. Fall at first hurdle

Propped up in bed with my iPad this morning, I was impressed by Eric Kim's very plausible case for taking a photograph every day. He is surely right that the routine of always having a camera in the bag and remembering to take one photograph every day is the key to improvement. Strangely, after being inspired before breakfast, I went out for the day and managed NOT to take a photograph today.

The super blue blood moon from Melbourne, courtesy of the Panasonic G9

The "super blue blood moon" has been creating a stir, particularly in Asia and Austalasia. Not much to see in London, even...

Tom Grill compares the Sony A7r with Fuji’s X-T1

Tom Grill is conducting a fascinating comparison between the Sony A7r and the Fuji X-T1. In many respects these cameras are like two peas in a pod

Fuji X-T2 and the Gannets of Muriwai Beach

David took his Fuji X-T2 and 50-140mm f/2.8 Fujinon to shoot some gannets in New Zealand.....

Leica CL meets a northern Japanese winter

Macfilos Weekender from Yoshinori FukuiLast week my new CL had an exciting time, going from 30 degrees to zero in a matter...

Resort Abandoned: The decline of a popular resort from the 1960s to today

A resort of choice in the 1960s has become a derelict reminder of what once was. These photographs show what 50 years of neglect can achieve...

Apple Watch: Fall Detection gets an unexpected trial run

A fast car, a tight bend and a demonstration of Apple’s fall detection system…..