Back to Austerity: The 1940s Revival at Brooklands Museum

Why are the 1940s such a popular era for retro events? Mike Evans and Ken Fung go to the Brooklands 1940s Revival event to find out.

Fuji X-Pro and X-T at the Dublin Zoo: It’s the humans who are being...

William pays a visit to Dublin Zoo. But he discovers it's the humans who are in the zoo; the animals just like watching us....

George James, 1942-2018

My friend George is dead. He had known for many months that he had little time left after his seven-year battle with cancer. But he set his heart on one last Christmas Day which he enjoyed with his family around him. Having achieved his goal, he died peacefully in his own bed on Saturday morning. 

London Shopfronts: A suitable case for snapping

London shopfronts are something else. Every back street and alley provides another gem such as this enticing all-black early Victorian creation...

Walsall Concerto: Queen’s bags and Billingham cheek by jowl

Bags, bags and bags. The Queen's favourite Launer and our favourite Billingham are made within spitting distance of each other. But the Billingham isn't for HM, despite her rumoured love for the Leica M3. Mike rolls out the spit and polish.....

Leica M10-D: Handling and Fotos

Getting to grips with Leica's new screenless M10-D and using the Fotos app

John Brockliss: Three acclaimed images from an outstanding collection

John Brockliss is a Leica photographer I have long admired. His exhibitions and his published works speak for themselves.

Dublin Zoo: Just William, a brace of Fujis and an orangutan or two

William took his Fujis and a bunch of lenses to say hello to the animals at Dublin Zoo.....

Advent declutter underway, thanks to Jorrit and Nicky

Inspired by the Good Life with Nicky and Jorrit in Cumbria, Bill throws away a thing or two….

Ducati: Object of a young man’s desire

When Mike was young and impressionable he met a Ducati Elite and fell in love. At the time, though, he didn't know that he could have had a matching rangefinder camera....