Sunday, April 5, 2020

Will there ever be another Leica X?


The Leica X cameras continue to gather fans as they languish in the Old Camera Home. Just what is it about these compacts and will be ever see the like again? Will they become just curiosities like Concorde, the Brough Superior motorcycle or the London horse bus?

28mm Focal Length: Far too wide or good all rounder?


The Leica Q had been a huge success despite some initial concerns that the fixed 28mm focal length was too wide for all-round use. David Askham explains why the Q glories in its wide-angle Summilux…..

In India’s North-East with the Leica X Vario: Teer for a 20-rupee loss

An excursion to India's north-east with the Leica X Vario - and an encounter with a novel sport, Teer

Myanmar: A sad picture at Ngwe Saung Beach


Sadness is reflected in this picture taken on a beach in Myanmar…..

Four good reasons and one barely adequate justification to shoot with a rangefinder

Why does the rangefinder, as a design, persist into the modern era? There are actually five reasons.....

Yellowstone in January: Why? Why? Why?

A business trip in the middle of winter, stopovers in Washington, Idaho, Wyoming and Montana, and the winter kit of Leica M9s and a TT Artisans 35mm f/1.4

The refuelling of remote communities


Phil Coomes, a keen Leica enthusiast and curator of The Leica Society’s Circle D monthly photographic competition, has just completed a magnificent photo essay on rural fuel stations for the BBC website.

Britain’s motor industry and the plug-in future: A visit to Gaydon

How practical is an electric car? I'm on a strong learning curve as I get to grips with the new Jaguar I-Pace. But its excellence is tarnished by the dreadful EV charging infrastructure in Britain. Only Tesla is doing it right. The rest, including Jaguar, are fast gurgling down the plughole. A new approach is needed if we are to meet the new 2035 targets.

Strange birds in Melbourne take a sip


The bath was for the birds, but the bees got in first....

Fuji X-Pro 2: Development of an unhealthy fondness


Pimping up your favourite camera can become a bit of a passion. And the Fujifilm X-Pro 2 is as good a canvas for painting your dream camera as any.....