1816: The world’s first electric telegraph

While researching the article on the Doves Press I discovered...

Rangefinder Photography: A beginner goes rogue with a two-body kit

Leica M-lenses are superb, but expensive. Using them on a Leica APS-C camera, with an M-to-L adapter, gives them a second identity and additional value by switching their effective focal length.

Grubb lenses helped prove the Theory of Relativity

One hundred years ago a machine constructed in Dublin, using Grubb lenses, was used during the solar eclipse to help prove Einstein's Theory of Relativity.

Three thousand therapeutic kilometres in Elf the Mini Cooper S

John embarks on a 3,000-km road trip in his Mini Cooper, a car quite unsuited to some of the more remote parts of New South Wales. But it came through with flying colours...

Japan: A Very Different Culture

Richard and family get away from the madding crowds in Japan, a visit recorded on any early Leica M8

Armistice in war on Peace


An odd thing happened last week. A little application that would suppress unwanted advertising in iPhone applications was launched on the same day as the arrival of the new iOS9 operating system. No more would we be assailed by intrusive ads. For years I’ve been running similar software—my favourite is Adblock—on the Mac and it does its job well.

Apocalypse Now: Bushfires and a lesson for us all

The breakdown of all infrastructure in the Australian bushfires serves to illustate just how much we now rely on technology for our day to day survival. After a generation of increasing reliance, are we losing the abillity to survive without these aids?

Gardens of English stately homes: changing styles through the ages

The architecture of English stately homes has evolved over time, reflecting the prevailing fashion during the period in which they were built. The same is true of their gardens. Chris Rodgers takes us on a journey through time, with spectacular photographs of beautiful examples of both homes and gardens.

Joys of well-engineered mechanical devices: From the slide rule to Sinn

We live in a digital world, but the attractions of "analogue" mechanical devices is still strong. Keith explores his love affair with fine mechanical tools, from the slide-rule to the Porsche Boxster...

Gaeta: The village on the Tyrrhenian Sea packed with history

Andrea explores the hidden attractions of the ancient port of Gaeta, just a few kilometres from Rome itself.

The Doors: rainbow colours under a cloudless sky

Choice of front door color allows homeowners to personalize their home and express something about themselves. But, how many take full advantage of the full spectrum of colors available to them? Our photographic explorer went to find out.

What’s the weight of that there sheep, m’dear?


Can you guess the weight of a sheep? Nor could Richard......

An Interview with Claire Thomas: Award-winning photojournalist and fine art photographer

Without the sacrifice of photojournalists willing to cover the world’s more remote regions and conflict zones, our understanding of human society would be sadly...

Digital distancing at the sofa pub and locks down in Middle England

Meet Tom's sofa pub where he can meet all his best friends while observing strict digital distancing. And there's really no excuse for all those wayward heads when locks down comes to Middle England...

The Ultra Secret: Priceless Value

The intelligence...has been of priceless value. It has saved thousands of British and American lives — General Eisenhower in 1945. Chris Rodgers takes explains the mysteries of Bletchley Park...