Saturday, July 4, 2020

Panasonic Lumix G9: To G or not to G


Jason dithers over the purchase of a new Panasonic G9. Was it to be or was it not to be?

Capturing Old Winston’s funeral and Young Winston’s election


Don Morley was on hand to record the funeral of Winston Churchill and the electioneering of Young Winston....

Lambs to the Slaughter: Bag theft, Apple iPhone and Find My Phone


When Mike's bag was stolen in Athens there were two surprising twists — the efficiency of Apple's Find My Phone and the even more surprising efficiency of the Greek police.

Darkest Hour: A half-frame camera and a historic record


John experiences the darkest hour and rummages around for some topical photographs.....

At the sign of the rubber gloves: Fridges mended here


Q: What do rubber gloves on sticks mean in Zambia. A: Advertisements for plumbers among others. Richard spotted this exciting "billboard".

The super blue blood moon from Melbourne, courtesy of the Panasonic G9

The "super blue blood moon" has been creating a stir, particularly in Asia and Austalasia. Not much to see in London, even...

A little light reading for the keen photographer


Click, click, click. It’s easy peasy these days to take that photograph. But the process is a lot more complicated than we imagine. David undertakes a light-hearted food-for-thought experiment and we may end up just a little wiser…..

An encounter at the Dennis Severs house


Inspired by the Macfilos article on the Dennis Severs house in London's ancient Spitalfields, Richard took a pot shot at the Water Poet.....

Fuji X: Two years after moving from the world of DSLR


Two years ago David sold all his Canon DSLR gear and plunged into the all-new Fuji X world. How has he fared after two years of mirrorless photography?

Electrifying Marrakesh and climate-friendly Formula E racing


Bob paid a visit to Marrakesh with his Canon point-and-shoot on one of the most electrifying weekends of the year.....