The refuelling of remote communities

Phil Coomes, a keen Leica enthusiast and curator of The Leica Society’s Circle D monthly photographic competition, has just completed a magnificent photo essay on rural fuel stations for the BBC website.

My first photo, my first camera and a five-hour trek to Goodwood

Most of us can remember our first damera. But how many can think of the first photograph taken with that camera. John takes us back to 1960 and his first outing with the Halina 35X…..

Paklenica National Park, Croatia: Part Two

Kevin continues his exploration of the Paklenica National Park in Croatia

Agfa Silette comes back to life after 50 years

Mike remembers his first proper camera — after a series of hand-me-down Box Brownies and Kodak folders — and how much it cost him....

Cheap Shot: The long-lens itch is scratched for a few dollars

Our Leica X1 ambassador has nurtured a secret lust for a long zoom. It’s an itch he has scratched for just a few dollars, with Fuji as the surprise newcomer to the Shingleton stable.

Hamish’s guide to the rangefinder camera

Hamish Gill’s excellent guide to the rangefinder is well worth reading…..

Leica M10-D meets M3, Minox, Yashica Y35 and Epson R-D1

A digital camera with no screen but with a dummy wind-on lever? David introduces the M10-D to some curiosities from the past — plus one of the most iconic cameras ever made....

North and South: The Leica X2 in Provence and Brittany

After a long relationship with his minimalistic Ricoh GR, Jean is growing closer to his second-hand Leica X2. This summer he took it as his sole camera on a tour of France, from south to north

Leica D-Lux 7: Problems processing RWL files – monochrome output

It looks like Lightroom currently doesn’t like the new Leica D-Lux 7, despite its Panasonic sibling having been on the market for several months. RWL files are currently processing in monochrome, so beware.

Leica M3: Film photography and a plate of Kaiserschmarrn

Film photography has now cult status among young whipper-snappers. Mike found a 60-year-old M3 outfit in 20-something hands while enjoying a plate of Kaiserschmarrn at the Gendarmenmarkt Christmas market