Thursday, February 25, 2021

Cameras at Everest, a century apart

A Kodak Vest-Pocket camera was lost on Everest 95 years ago. If it is ever found it could prove that the mountain was conquered some 30 years earlier than the history books say.

Darkest Hour: A half-frame camera and a historic record


John experiences the darkest hour and rummages around for some topical photographs.....

Lost Bugatti meets the 24-litre Napier-Railton at Brooklands

Last weekend I was fortunate to see the massive "Lost Bugatti" on display for a short time at Brooklands Museum alongside the equally impressive 24-litre Napier-Railton — a permanent exhibit at the famous race track and museum.

On the road to Kirtipur and Patan with my trusty Ricoh GR

Kirtipur, “the city of glory”, was one of the defensive outposts of the Mella capital city of Latipur, known today as Patan. The Mella and Shah dynasties ruled Nepal from 1200 to 1846...

Stabilisation is now a box-tickers’ essential

DPReview has said that in future the absence of in-body stabilisation in a camera system will be regarded as a definite con. No longer is it seen as an option, it's definitely a necessity. Macfilos investigates....

Ricoh GR: A camera that has become a cult object


For Mike, the Ricoh is a little camera he throws in the bag without thinking. Whatever equipment he chooses, the Ricoh is there as well. Just what is it that has turned this unpretentious little camera into a cult object?

William Hannah’s notebook and the Dumas Dad Montblanc


I have a soft spot for notebooks and writing implements. So what better gift to receive than one of William Hannah’s finely crafted British notebooks and a Montblanc collectors’ item to use with it?

London Shopfronts: A suitable case for snapping

London shopfronts are something else. Every back street and alley provides another gem such as this enticing all-black early Victorian creation...

Leica Q strip-down: Now put it all back together again

If you have half a day to spare, get out your magnetic screwdriver and dismantle your £4,000 Leica Q into a pile of spare parts and tiny screws. It's therapeutic.

Miss Silverstone meets Signorina Monza, disappointment


John made an unscheduled visit to Monza in 1981 and encountered some interesting seating arrangements on the plane and in the stadium....