Gateways to Heaven or at least to a new (rangefinder) world

There are questions you would rather avoid. And there are those you are only too eager to answer. In connection with the M-Files, I was asked such a welcome question quite a few times: "Now the time has come, I also want to buy a Leica like this, which can take pictures like in the past. But what should I choose?" Here is my answer.

Brilliant Quality: Zeiss Ikon rangefinder camera with 25/2.8 and 35/2.8 and 50/2 ZM lenses

I have to admit, our The M Files series feels a bit like a sad walk through the camera museum so far. You read...

The M Files Encore: five particularly recommendable M-Mount lenses

One of the major attractions of Leica's venerable M system is the astonishingly wide range of lenses, not just from Leica but from some of the best-known names in the history of lens technology...

Retro Style: Rollei 35 RF with Sonnar 40/2.8

The M Files, Part 4: Jörg-Peter's journey into the past continues with the Rollei RF, another non-Leica camera which featured the Leica M Mount.

The M Files: Not quite Leica M… But really interesting

The hype seems never-ending: used Leica M film cameras continue to post new price records on the second-hand market. A good copy of the...

The Leica alternative: The Leica CL analogue rangefinder with its 40/2 and 90/4

Jörd-Peter expands The M Files with a discussion on the Leica CL and its lenses.

Wide perspectives: Bessa R4M with Voigtländer 21/4 and 35/1.4

Jörg-Peter Rau continues his journey into the world of film cameras which use the Leica M-Mount but which are not Leicas...

Rangefinder Oddity: Bessa T with Voigtländer 35/2.5 and 15/4.5

I can find no better word: This one is a definite oddity among the not-quite-Leica-M cameras. The Voigtländer Bessa T has a rangefinder, but...

Modern features: Konica Hexar RF with Konica 50/2

Jörg-Peter Rau continues his exploration of film cameras with the M-mount that are not quite Leicas. The M Files turns to the remarkable Konica Hexar RF rangefinder...

Rolleiflex: 120 film = more megapixels?


William has been out and about with his latest acquisition, a Rolleiflex. Just what is it about 120 film he asks?

Experimenting with my 1958 Yashica 635 twin-lens reflex

Quite by chance, Lisa started collecting film cameras after a chance encounter in a flea market. Here she recounts her adventures with her favourite exhibit, the Yashica 635 twin-lens reflex from 1958...

Finding of Mallory’s body. But where is the Kodak VP camera?

Will George Mallory's Kodak Vest Pocket camera, lost on Everest in 1924, ever be found?

Leica R3 vs Minolta XE Comparison

Here's an introduction to Analog Insights, a YouTube channel devoted to the use of film cameras in the digital age. Let's start with a comparison between the Leica R3 and the Milolta XE

Decent Exposure Part 2: Hand-held light meters and what they are good for

The second part of our lightmeter review focuses on hand-held models, starting with the iconic Gossen Lunasix F and ending with Sekonic’s high-tech wonders…

Leica M System: In praise of simplicity and longevity

Judging by the rapid-fire arrival of M-mount lenses, you'd think Leica's cameras were the best-sellers. But no, the secret of the success of the M system lies in simplicity, mechanical excellence and the resulting longevity.