Monday, June 17, 2019

Rolleiflex: 120 film = more megapixels?

William has been out and about with his latest acquisition, a Rolleiflex. Just what is it about 120 film he asks?

Leica’s Kaufmann: We’re not a museum, we will move with the times

Leica still produces two film cameras, the MP and the M-A and they sell in sufficient quantities to justify their existance. But, as this article points out, Leica isn't a museum and has to move with the times.

Romania: Travels in Transylvania

At the start of the new millennium I visited Translyvania on three occasions. Working with a local translator/fixer, I documented life in the Szekely region that had changed very little in hundreds of years.

Pentax S1a: Getting into film the cheap way

Film is enjoying new-found popularity, perhaps as an antidote to digital excess. But you don't need to shell out £500 on a Leica M3. Why not buy a solid and very capable Pentax or Olympus? The camera and lens could cost less than processing your first roll of film. And these old SLRs carry a lot of street cred....

Kostas Balafas and his Greece: Philosophy and inspiration

Dragan Novakovic's evocative images from Northern England published two days ago reminded me of this article by Spiros Skaidopoulos which first appeared on Macfilos just two years ago. Since then our readership has grown significantly and there must be many who have not seen the wonderful work of Kostas Balafas.....

The revenge of analogue: Going back to things that matter

Analogue lust is alive and well, from film cameras to writing with good old-fashioned fountain pens in good old fashioned notebooks. But would we really be happy without our new digital toys?

Hassle with my Hasselblad: Is film dead (again)?

Five years ago John had a final fling with film. He bought himself a long-coveted Hasselblad outfit. But it was one experiment too far and he's now back with digital. For good.....

Brooklands 1973 and the last of the Bentley Boys

Back in 1974 Don was sent to Brooklands to photograph the famous designer Barnes Wallis. It led to an invitation to an exclusive reunion of pre-war car racing drivers on the circuit the same weekend.....

Capturing Old Winston’s funeral and Young Winston’s election

Don Morley was on hand to record the funeral of Winston Churchill and the electioneering of Young Winston....

Kostas Balafas and his Greece: Seventy years of photography

Kostas Balafas has been a leading name in Greek and world photographic circles for over 70 years. His artistic work is universally admired and much has already been written on this subject. Yet it is also interesting to learn a little more about the man himself. By understanding something of his personal philosophy, as he lived, as he drew his own inspiration, we are better able to view his work with new insight and within the context of a tumultuous century in the history of the Greek nation.