Monday, June 17, 2019

95% of humans over 15 own a cellphone. True or false?

Can you believe that 5 billion out of 5.3 bill over-15s on this planet own a phone? I didn't but let's give it a whirl...

Grubb lenses helped prove the Theory of Relativity

One hundred years ago a machine constructed in Dublin, using Grubb lenses, was used during the solar eclipse to help prove Einstein's Theory of Relativity.

Leica Monochrom joins the discount club

More discounts on Leica rangefinders. Whatever next?

Kravitz Drifter: One for the rock n’ roll nomads

Here's one for the bank vault: The Kravitz Drifer Monochrome with wall to wall non-python snakeskin. £20,500 only.

Photographica 2019: Seduced by a couple of blasts from the past

Photographica 2019: A good opportunity to meet friends, browse the tables and, if you are unwary, to be seduced by a couple of blasts from the past.

Game of Phones: What next for Leica’s Chinese partnership?

Will Huawei's fall from grace spoil the party for Leica's partnership?

Leica à la carte off the menu

Leica's à la carte service is for the chop. So get your orders in before the end of May if you want your very own customised rangefinder.

Leica CL Bauhaus: One good looking special edition

Despite being a fan of Leica's special editions, I really like the Bauhaus version of the Lecia CL. But it's going to be a rare old beast....

Scala Cinema: Triumph at the Royal Society of Arts

How a crowdfunded tome on London's old Scala Cinema won the prestigous Kraszna-Kreusz Award at the Royal Society of Arts...

Photographica Fair in London, Sunday May 19

This Sunday camera fans will be homing in on Vincent Square in London's Victoria for a feast of vintage and modern cameras, lenses and accessories. Get there early for the bargains, though.