Monday, June 17, 2019

Billingham Hadley Small Pro brings requested new features

The Billingham Hadley Small was always our favourite small-outfit camera bag. But it lacked a handle, a rear pocket and a luggage-trolley strap. Now the Hadley Small Pro brings all these features and also adds a quickly detachable feature to the shoulder strap.

Leica à la carte off the menu

Leica's à la carte service is for the chop. So get your orders in before the end of May if you want your very own customised rangefinder.

Leica SL price plummets

Leica's trade-in scheme knocks £1,300 off the price of the SL body. It's a discount in all but name......

Kravitz Drifter: One for the rock n’ roll nomads

Here's one for the bank vault: The Kravitz Drifer Monochrome with wall to wall non-python snakeskin. £20,500 only.

Review: Leica X Vario, a misunderstood gem

Leica's X Vario has been misunderstood. Overhyped and launched in a confusion of conflicting rumours, it got off to a rocky...

The Leicas of Police Street

Image Mike Evans, Leica Q2 Whatever you do, don't overtake a Leica. This unmistakable Disco was found parked...

Recently on Macfilos: Stories you might have missed

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Leica Monochrom joins the discount club

More discounts on Leica rangefinders. Whatever next?

Photo Fairs: Dates coming up, London and Bièvres

It's photo fair time again and we have three events to look forward to in the next month--two here in the south of England and the big daddy of the all, Bièvres near Paris. Here's more information for your diary.

Winston Churchill: Funeral of a great man, fifty years on

I remember exactly where I was fifty years ago today. I was on Ludgate Hill, just below St. Paul's cathedral, watching the funeral cortege of a great man pass by. Even then, at such a young age, I realised I was witnessing history. I had similar feelings a quarter of a century later when I was present at another unforgettable event, the fall of the Berlin Wall.