Monday, February 24, 2020

Leica’s M-mount is 70 years old this month

The M3 arrived in 1954, but the M-mount was patented this month in 1954, so it celebrates its platimum anniversary early, ahead of the celebrations due in 2024.

Billingham Hadley Small Pro brings requested new features


The Billingham Hadley Small was always our favourite small-outfit camera bag. But it lacked a handle, a rear pocket and a luggage-trolley strap. Now the Hadley Small Pro brings all these features and also adds a quickly detachable feature to the shoulder strap.

Mr Jones, Josef Stalin and a “Leica” screw-mount

A favourite actor, an educational theme and a Leica. What's not to like about Mr Jones?

A plague on all your ads: Google Adsense goes incontinent

While I was in Germany this week I noticed random panel advertising appearing on Macfilos. In some cases, advertisements were placed in...

Leica Q2 firmware update brings added functionality

Leica has issued the first major firmware update for the Q2. I'll be reporting on this in more detail later but, in the meantime, it is disappointing to see that two expected changes have not been made.

Leica launches three special-edition lenses

Two new limited-edition olive-green Safari M-mount lenses join the Leica lineup alongside a silver-anodised version of the popular 75mm Apo-Summicron.

Sigma 45mm f/2.8 DG DN lens for L-Mount: First impressions

Sigma's relatively inexpensive 45mm f/2.8 Contemporary lens is a fine addition to any Leica SL or Panasonic S1/R camera. It comes closer to Leica quality than the modest price tag would suggest.

Leica firmware updates for SL and CL

Hot on the heels of the major firmware update for the Q2, slightly less details upgrades are announced for the CL and SL 601 (original model). These are largely related to improving compatibiliyt with L-Mount lenses from Sigma and Panasonic.

Apocalypse Now: Bushfires and a lesson for us all

The breakdown of all infrastructure in the Australian bushfires serves to illustate just how much we now rely on technology for our day to day survival. After a generation of increasing reliance, are we losing the abillity to survive without these aids?

Electric Cars: Ready for the mainstream?

All change at Macfilos as the editor jumps from a smelly old diesel car to the latest technology in the shape of Jaguar's rather stunning I-Pace. Will he be disappointed. Let's find out....