Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Linda Lens meets Kid Click: A rare glimpse of the superheroes of photography

Linda Lens, Woman Photographer joins Kid Click, the teenage snapper in this edition of Camera Comics.

April Fools’ Day cancelled due to Coronavirus

Has April 1 been cancelled? There have been some half-hearted attempts but, in general, it's a non-event. At least we can celebrate Apple's birth.

Life inside Melbourne’s COVID lockdown

Lockdown is in force throughout much of the world — and every area imposes different restrictions. In Melboure, Jason is fortunate in that he can carry on working, but life in general has changed profoundly.

Britons supporting the National Health Service in any way they can

People throughout the world are coming together to help fight the virus and to take pressure off the shoulders of the professional health carers. In Britain, after a hearty clap for carers, over half a million volunteers are about to start supporting the vulnerable.

Billingham Hadley Small Pro brings requested new features


The Billingham Hadley Small was always our favourite small-outfit camera bag. But it lacked a handle, a rear pocket and a luggage-trolley strap. Now the Hadley Small Pro brings all these features and also adds a quickly detachable feature to the shoulder strap.

Life in Lockdown: Macfilosofers report from around the world

What are Macfilosiphers up to in these days of lockdown and abundant spare time? Mike scoops up a few differing views from around the world.

Konstanz: A bustling city is dying out

The Covid-19 emergency is changing lives throughout Europe and the world. Macfilos contributor Jörg-Peter Rau takes a look at the city of Constance in Germany, right on the border with neighbouring Switzerland.

Sony A7s: Unprecedented dynamic range from 12MP sensor

 Sony is on a roll. No sooner do I notch up a thousand clicks on my A7r than a new and better beast arrives,...

Canon ups FF competition with downsize RP

The three bears competing for the camera industry's porridge: Daddy 5D, Mummy EOS-R and baby Ursus Minimus, the RP

Apocalypse Now: Bushfires and a lesson for us all

The breakdown of all infrastructure in the Australian bushfires serves to illustate just how much we now rely on technology for our day to day survival. After a generation of increasing reliance, are we losing the abillity to survive without these aids?