Saturday, August 24, 2019

Max Berek Innovation Lab seals Leica and Hauwei cooperation

Leica strengthens its ties with Hauwei and will open a joint development laboratory in Wetzlar.

Leica M-D: Review and first impressions from Mike Evans

Tired of pressing buttons by mistake? Fed up scrolling through endless lists of jpeg settings you are never going to use? Discouraged by digital bloat? Always feeling your camera is out of date, with a new bobby dazzler just arrived at the local dealer?

Eric Kim’s London workshop next weekend

A week today and I will be taking part in one of Eric Kim's street photography workshops in London's West End. The globe-trotting Kim...

Leica Store Royal Exchange opens for business

Last night I was invited to join Leica at party to celebrate the opening of the new store at the Royal Exchange in London. It turned out to be a gathering of the great and the good, liberally lubricated and effectively fed on rather substantial canapés.

Leica’s Andreas Kaufmann shoots at night with something new and secret

Out and about in his home town of Salzburg, Leica's Dr. Andreas Kaufmann is trying to tell us something. The above...

Inspirational Thames on a crisp November morning

Here’s the inspiration for MacFilos—the river Thames at Chiswick, looking towards Chiswick Eyot isand and Hammersmith on a crisp November morning at low tide....

Back to basics with the Classic Slim from Rock ‘n Roll Straps

After the fashion for braided and climbing-rope camera straps, the new Classic Slim range from Rock n' Roll straps comes as a breath of fresh air, They bring a classic image with superb workmanship at a reasonable price....

Leica launches Project Z

Leica launches Project Z: Seven up-and-coming photographers will take their choice of Leica camera around the world

Brassed Off: Steven gets tired of waiting and gets out the sandpaper

We all love a brassy M. But some of us can't wait. Steven waited six years but eventually did a bit of sleepwalking with a sheet of emery paper in hand.

Macfilos: Tip on viewing images

There's a quick way to enlarge and scroll through images in a Macfilos photo feature...