Flog the athlete’s foot, jackass, and don’t spare the flatulence

Pakistan bans almost everything. Still and all, I’m glad to see the censors included the word STUPID because that just about sums up the entire futile, feeble exercise. I imagine religion is at the bottom (oh no, mustn’t use that word, it’s on the list) of things.

Yashica Y35 digiFilm: A pointless exercise in retroism

The Yashica Y35 Kickstarter project has been a monster success. But is it just a pointless exercise that has caught the imagination for no good reason?

Leica M: Is a Photokina upgrade due?

This week's pre-Photokina announcement of the Leica M-P has raised the possibility of a minor upgrade to the two-year-old M (type 240) at next month's exhibition. In the past the -P version of the M cameras (as with the M9 and M9-P) has been differentiated solely by a tougher screen and the suppression of front branding.

iPad Pro and keyboard versus Apple’s 12in MacBook

A new 12in iPad, an Apple keyboard and even a pencil: My first reaction is why would I want one of these combinations. Since I got the 12in MacBook the iPad Air 2 has been gathering dust. For me, the advantages of OS X, with its multi-tasking capabilities, in such a compact and light package far outweigh any attractions of the iPad. 

Panasonic LX100: Is this the replacement for the LX7?

Hints are that the new LX7 will be called the LX100 (get it.... RX100, LX100) which is more evidence that the Sony is in Panasonic's sights.

Adblockers and Paywalls: Publishers fight back in war they already lost

I am an unashamed freeloader. Years ago I stopped buying newspapers and now get all my information from the internet (note the new lower-case i, even the internet has been demoted). I don’t bother worrying about newspapers or magazines that sit behind a firewall, I just go somewhere else.

Kindle Self-Publishing: Bill Palmer takes the plunge with F8 And Been There

Bill tries his hand at Kindle self-publishing and learns the hard way. But his new photographic guide to city breaks is now up and running.

Pressing the button with Film’s Not Dead

Film's Not Dead, for sure. Tomorrow, Mike is making for London's Brick Lane market to check out the You Press the Button, We Do the Rest workshop and display..... It's open until Sunday, 15 April 2018.

Macfilos camera reviews, Leica, Fuji, Sony

Follow these links to Macfilos reviews: Leica Monochrom Leica X Vario Leica C Leica T Fuji X-E1 with Leica lenses Fuji X and Sony A7 with Leica lenses Voigtländer VM-E Close-Focus...

Leica’s new APS-C System camera launches on April 24

According to Leica Rumors, the anticipated Leica T will launch on April 24. It is an APS-C system camera which, at...