Monday, February 24, 2020

Apple opens new Regent Street Store


Trees and people as Apple's London flagship gets a makeover.  Spot the staff....

New Leica M with no screen, stripped down racing model


The rumours, unlikely as they sounded, were spot on with this new stripped-down M. I know many friends who are attracted by the idea of what is, in effect, a Leica film camera with a sensor replacing the film.

EU to legislate for a Europe-wide digital market without petty restrictions


I am not an unqualified admirer of the European Union but I do applaud the efforts made to create a level playing field in the digital world. Successive limits on cellular roaming charges, leading eventually to a complete future ban, have already made cross-border communications less of a hassle. Already I have abandoned my old practice of maintaining a wallet full of SIM cards for countries I frequently visit. Now, with capped charges (currently £3 a day at Vodafone, for instance), is is now feasible to use your home SIM in any European country and enjoy voice, text and data at local rates.

Robert White: Collector of Leicas, motorcycles and a philanthropist


From small beginnings as a camera dealer in the south of England, Robert White went on to become a leading collector, particularly of Leica and Brough-Superior. After his death last November it became clear that he was also a major philanthropist who will be remembered by the thousands who benefit from his millions.

Photographica 2019: Seduced by a couple of blasts from the past

Photographica 2019: A good opportunity to meet friends, browse the tables and, if you are unwary, to be seduced by a couple of blasts from the past.

Rain offers bushfire respite but it isn’t enough. First rain in 10 years for...

In some parts of Australia, last week's rains were the first in ten years. While the deluge has offered some respite from the bushfires, it comes as just a sip — much more is needed.

Speed Graphic: A convincing 1940s press photographer acts the part


Out an about with the Leica T, Mike met a convincing pair of 1940s press actors with their Speed Graphic camera....

Photography Show March 21-24: Grab a free Leica M test drive which normally costs...

Visitors to the Photography Show in Birmingham (March 21-24) can grab £80-worth of free Leica M test drive at participating dealers throughout the country....

Leica: Who needs buttons anyway?

The Leica T, much to everyone's surprise, is a ground-breaking camera, not just for Leica but for the entire photographic industry....

Support for Leica D-Lux 7 in latest ON1 Photo RAW release

Now you can get the best of Lightroom and Photoshop in one alternative product.