Saturday, July 4, 2020

Overexposed: Bill Palmer’s new Brexit spy thriller hits the shelves


Bill Palmer, Fuji guru and regular contributor to Macfilos, has reinvented himself as a novelist. Read more about his new Brexit thriller with a photo theme, Overexposed.....

London 1927 side-by-side with London 2013

London in 1927 & 2013 from Simon Smith on Vimeo. Wonderful stuff from Simon Smith. He took the pioneering colour film of Claude...

The Sigma fp will arrive in the UK early in December at £1,999

The UK price of he Sigma fp and the kit (wth the 45mm f/2.8 prime) have now been announced. Stocks should reach dealers early in December.

Fuji X-Pro 3 with hidden back screen

What do you think of Fuji's new XPro 3 with its novel rear info screen? I think it will appeal to Fuji buyers who tend to be more conservative and traditional. It's almost as interesting as the Leica M10-D!

Leica Apo-Vario-Elmarit-SL 90-280mm launches at £4,650


The second native lens for the new Leica SL will be with dealers in Britain on March 24. It's the 90-280mm f/2.8-f/4 with a name and a price to match its considerable length.

Leica Q2 order lists grow

Demand for the Leica Q2 is outstripping supplies and half of new cameras are being sold to newcomers. Half have been ordered by upgraders.

Leica Beware: Ollie and his Frankencamera could beat you to it


Leica's screen-less M60 has been surprisingly well received, even though it is restricted as a special edition. Many photographers, I know, would like to see a production model. Well, perhaps they could get one for a lot less than Leica will charge. They could support Oliver Baker and his Frankencamera: An M3 converted with a digital back.

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Panasonic Lumix introduce new 24-720mm compact


The new Lumix TZ90 offers a 24-720mm zoom range, a Leica lens and slips in your pocket. So where's the snag?

Leica Geisha opens in traditional Kyoto townhouse

Skott Chun reports for DesignerYearBook:German camera maker Leica opened its newest flagship store in Kyoto that operates in Gion, a traditional geisha...