Saturday, August 24, 2019

Sony RX100 VII brings Alpha 9 speed

Sony's new RX100 Mark VII takes a big step up in speed, with AF said to be the fastest ever seen on a one-inch sensor camera.

Leica Q2 RAW import issues: Firmware fix on way

There's a reported problem with the import of certain RAW files from the Leica Q2. But the good news is that a fix is on the way.

Leica CL firmware 3.1 update. Another missed opportunity

We now have new firmware update for the Leica CL. Despite a slew of minor changes, there is still no ability to lock a central focus point. Disappointment.

Finding of Mallory’s body. But where is the Kodak VP camera?

Will George Mallory's Kodak Vest Pocket camera, lost on Everest in 1924, ever be found?

Brendan Barry’s shipping container camera

Brendan Barry has moved up from his caravan cam to produce the world's largest, slowest and most impracitcal all-in-one camera, the shipping container camera.

Back to happiness: Just one camera, one lens

Would you be happier if you sold all your gear and went back to just one simple Leica rangefinder and one lens? Discuss......

Mark Cohen exhibition at Leica Gallery London

Since Leica Gallery London opened in February, the new destination has hosted inspiring exhibitions of iconic Leica photographers. The next exhibition follows...

New Sony a7R Mark IV with 61MP backlit sensor

Sony a7R IV pushes the limits with the first 61MP full-frame backlit sensor and a stunning 5.76 million-dot OLED viewinder.

Sigma 45mm f/2.8 DG DN lens for L-Mount

Third of today's new Sigma lenses for the L-Mount is a very light (215g) 45mm f/2.8 which promises to be a popular every-day optic for Leica and Panasonic owners. It perfectly complements the new Sigma fp camera

Sigma 35mm f/1.2 DG DN lens for L-Mount

The L-mount world takes a bold step forward with the fastest wide-angle 35mm lens for Leica, Panasonic and Sigma cameras