Saturday, January 23, 2021

Macfilos is just a hobby? Not this week, thanks to the Swiss Roll

Mystery photographs from 70 years ago: Left in a camera, undeveloped. Thanks to the BBC and an army of volunteers throughout Europe, we are homing in on the identity of the Munich couple and their dog...

Three new compact Sigma primes for L-Mount

Since the formation of the L-Mount Alliance in 2018, there has been demand for lighter and smaller system lenses, particularly to suit cameras such as the Sigma fp and Panasonic S5. Now Sigma has added to it's Contemporary range with three keenly priced primes...

The John Robert Young Leicas: A regretted decision to sell

Famous photo-journalist John Robert Young did something we have all done: He sold a cherished object and then regretted bitterly. Can we possibly find John's Leica M6 Classic and his M6TTL, both engraved with his name on the top-plate?

Leica UK stops sending cameras to Europe for repair from next week because of...

Uncertainty over Brexit trading arrangements with the EU leads Leica UK to suspend some camera repairs from December 3

Photokina cancelled “for the time being”. Is this the end?

After several rearrangements of the deckchairs on the banks of the Rhine, Photokina has packed its bags... at least "for the time being"

iPhone 12 Max: A big smartphone with a state-of-the-art camera

This autumn has brought a bumper set of choices for Apple smartphone users. Should we go for the pocket marvel, the Mini, or max out on the tablet-sized iPhone 12 Pro Max?

Leica Q2 Monochrom: Lust again rears its ugly head

Mike is entering a period of supreme temptation. It's a get-thee-behind-me-Satan moment as Leica's latest monochrome compact arrives for review. Can he resist?

Leica Q2 Monochrom: Full-frame compact with integral 28 mm lens to tempt B&W fans

It's here at last: The much-leaked Leica Q2 Monochrom is finally shaken off the press embargo...

Panasonic’s Lumix S5 kit: The Lightweight L-Mount alternative

Better late than never. For some reason, the Panasonic S5 kit I ordered in September has just arrived at Macfilos Towers, at least a...

Leica’s new Q2 firmware update comes like a blast of compressed air…

The Q2 now has a new suit of firmware clothes. Updating is a breeze as Mike found out. A quick blast from the aerosol banished an annoying gremlin prior to installation...