Friday, September 25, 2020

The Winona Leica M3: Spot the difference

Whever I see an old Leica used as a prop I have to investigate. This promotional video Squarespace uses an M3. But which M3? And why doesn't it look like Mike's 1954 double-stroke example?

Leica M9 sensor replacement ends. Upgrade to a newer model is now the only...

Leica announces the end of the sensor-replacement scheme for those M9 models, and derivatives, suffering from the well-documented corrosion problem. Owners of problem cameras can now upgrade to a variety of later cameras.

Fagan Zooms in on Old Leicas

Macfilos author William Fagan will give a Zoom presentation on old Leica cameras and equipment on August 19. LHSA members should register now to be sure of a place.

Sigma announces new 85mm f/1.4 for L Mount

Sigma's new 85mm f/1.4 is designed specifically for mirrorless cameras and is available in L-Mount and E-Mount. It is 45% lighter than its predessor and offers high performance in a compact body.

Dave Seargeant helps investigate a 143-year-old murder

Regular Macfilos author and Leica owner, Dave Seargeant, gives comfort to the grandson of Louis Staunton who was convicted of murder committed in south London in April, 1877. Find our more here...

Leica M10 and M10-D discontinued, 24-megapixel M10-P continues

According to the Red Dot Forum, Leica has officially disctontinued the M10 and M10-D. The M10-P continues as the sole 24MP camera in the range.

Brooklands emerges from lockdown lighter and better for it

After four months of lockdown, museums throughout Britain are again opening their doors. Mike paid a visit to his favourite haunt, Brooklands, Leica SL2 in hand.

Leica Update: A lot can still happen in 24 megapixels

There could be unexpected life left in Leica's 24MP sensors. And, just possibly, we could even see a new addition to the range.

Breakfast at Leica’s: M10-R goes virtual but a Fortum’s hamper provides hearty morning fare

A juicy breakfast hamper from Fortnum and Mason got the press in the right mood for this morning's virtual launch of Leica's finest, the M10-R.

R for Resolution: Leica’s 40MP M10-R hits the streets

The 40.89MP higher-resolution sensor of Leica's new M10-R brings improved performance at low light, extended dymanic range, improved sharpness with the latest aspherical and apochromatic M lenses and more opportunity for effective cropping.