Leica Q2 coming soon?

Macfilos off on holidays: Be right back…..

Regular readers will know that we have had some intermittent problems with the Macfilos website over the past few months. After ten years it...

Olympus OM-D E-M1X: What a whopper!

Olympus is about to take the crown for the fattest backside in micro four-thirdsdom. The OM-D E-M1X has a built-in battery grip. No add-ons for the new Oly, it’s the complete package and this could be the start of a new trend, turning small-sensor cameras into DSLR lookalikes.

Laurel and Hardy on location: Surprise

Spotting locations used on television or cinema is a pleasure. But sometimes you have to think hard. Do I know that place?

Apple Watch: Fall Detection gets an unexpected trial run

A fast car, a tight bend and a demonstration of Apple’s fall detection system…..

No Parking: Leica’s Fotopark will close on February 28

Leia Fotopark users are advised to download their pictures before the service closes at the end of next month.

Leica UK to open new flagship store near Oxford Street

On February 4 Leica will open a flagship store in the heart of London’s shopping area. It is a good move which will ensure much greater exposure for the marque…..

Panasonic Lumix L-mount cameras arriving in March

At last we have an estimated launch date of the end of March for Panasonic’s new L-mount full-frame cameras. 2019 is going to be an exciting time for the new Leica-designed mount

Macfilos Christmas/Season/Holiday/Solstice Greetings 2018

Image John Shingleton For those of us living in the northern bits of the northern hemisphere, Christmas has specific connotations. After all, conveniently and...

Leica fan Andrew Kim joins Apple’s design team

Designers admire Leica products. That’s for sure, and Andrew Kim, who has just moved from Tesla to Apple, is no exception…..

Lightroom adds support for Leica M10-P, M10-D and D-Lux 7

Lightroom now supports Leica’s new D-Lux 7, M10-P and M10-D cameras