Monday, June 17, 2019

Leica Store and Gallery Konstanz: A new venue for photographers

Constance, in southern German is now on the Leica map: A new Leica Store which opened last weekend and a Leica Gallery will welcome visirtors from May 17.

APS-C Fixed Lens Duo: Ricoh GR v Leica X2

Two fixed-lens APS-C cameras, one from Germany, one from Japan. Both have an enviable reputation as travel companions.

Leica SL price plummets

Leica's trade-in scheme knocks £1,300 off the price of the SL body. It's a discount in all but name......

The camera that dare not speak its name

A well-known German camera manufacturer has upset a well known and very large country. Can the brand survive?

Leica Q2 snaps Extinction Rebellion

Today I took the Q2 on assignment to the London climate change protests, organised by an outfit called Extinction Rebellion.

London and Paris photo fairs this Spring

Two big photo fairs, one in Paris and one in London, will take place during the next two months. They will draw an international attendance

Birds peck mirrors and foul car doors

Why do birds defecate under car mirrors? Macfilos takes a peck at discovering the truth.

Leica Societies and Boat Races

Two races — one for the new SL2 and one by a couple of universities up the Thames

Leica SL-CL firmware update for full LMA compatability​

Firmware updates are available for the Leica CL and SL to bring full compatibility with LMA lenses from Leica, Panasonic and Sigma

Sharp enters MFT market with 8K camera

Sharp is joining Panasonic and Olympus in the micro four-thirds system