Sunday, May 31, 2020

Leica Q at Five: The camera they got right

Five years on, Mike takes a look at the impact made by the Leica Q in 2015 and explains why this has been Leica's most successful digital camera to date.

Happy St George’s Day to all our readers

Happy St. George's Day! England's national day isn't celebrated in the same way that Scotland, Wales and Ireland remember their patrons. It's perhaps something we should pay more attention to.

Crisis Bellwether Stock: The 75 mm f/1.4 Leica Bummilux

Why is it that the humble toilet roll becomes the object of panic buying at the slightest hint of trouble ahead? Even ten years ago, Mike was fretting that the advent of digital news would make loo rolls worth their weight in gold. Perhaps the Leica Bummilux is the answer?

Shop-from-home becomes the new norm

I’ve been impressed by the ways in which photographic retailers and manufacturers have responded to the challenge of closed retail outlets and...

Tomorrow: Join Leica’s free portfolio webinar

Here's your chance to join award-winning photographer Arteh Odjidja in his one-hour Leica Akademie webinar. It takes place between 11 am and noon (London time) on Thursday, 16 April 2020. Register now if you'd like to take part. It's free.

What are the prospects for a lighter L-Mount full-frame camera?

Panasonic is still working on a "more affordable" L-Mount full-frame camera. If "affordable" means lighter and smaller, we're already signed up.

Vale Stirling Moss: A personal tribute

John Shingleton pays his own very special tribute to the life of Sir Stirling Moss who died in London yesterday at the age of ninety.

Life inside Melbourne’s COVID lockdown

Lockdown is in force throughout much of the world — and every area imposes different restrictions. In Melboure, Jason is fortunate in that he can carry on working, but life in general has changed profoundly.

Farewell to the Summarits: Good and faithful servants but sadly misunderstood

After 13 years the modern range of Summarit lenses has come to the end. Since 2007 the Summarits have offered great performance at an attractive price. They were vastly underestimated and under-appreciated. It's a sad day to see them go.

L-Mount Deals: Time for a bit of contrarian gear buying?

With everyone and everything in lockdown, thoughts of buying new cameras and lenses have been pushed to the back of our minds. But could now be the time to do a bit of contrarian buying?