Sunday, May 31, 2020

Leica Q and SL firmware updates expected this week


Leica Q and Leica SL could be getting new firmware versions this week.

Fuji announce long-awaited 24MP X-T2 mirrorless camera


Fuji has announced the long-awaited X-T2 to join the X-Pro2 as joint flagships of the range.

Leica SL: Novoflex adapter lineup now includes Canon EF lenses


Novoflex has added an electronic adapter to allow some Canon EF lenses to be used with the Leica SL. It joins a long list of dumb adapters for the T/SL mount which permits lenses from most major manufacturers to be mounted on the SL, most of them restricted to manual, non-electronic lenses.

Leica T: More leaks and a look at the competition

Next week Leica will launch a new product, if not a complete product range. Rumour has it that we will see...

Adding dated photos to a Day One journal

New in Day One for Mac is the ability to drag in a digital photo and have it filed away against the day on...

Portable drive with auto SD card import is brilliant idea for photographers


Often, when travelling, I feel obliged to take my MacBook Air simply to make sure I can back up files from the camera's SD cards. This last weekend, for instance, I rattled off over 500 shots and the MacBook was the only viable backup medium.

Photography Show March 21-24: Grab a free Leica M test drive which normally costs...

Visitors to the Photography Show in Birmingham (March 21-24) can grab £80-worth of free Leica M test drive at participating dealers throughout the country....

Winston Churchill: Funeral of a great man, fifty years on


I remember exactly where I was fifty years ago today. I was on Ludgate Hill, just below St. Paul's cathedral, watching the funeral cortege of a great man pass by. Even then, at such a young age, I realised I was witnessing history. I had similar feelings a quarter of a century later when I was present at another unforgettable event, the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Leica 28mm f/5.6 Summaron resurrection now available to order


Mike has been looking forward to the recreation of the classic 28mm f/5.6 Summaron all summer. Now it is here or, at least, on the end of a waiting list after paying 10% upfront.

Digital Downloads: Who owns what, who can resell or lend?


Interesting article today in Fortune ( by Seth Greenstein on the subject of digital rights. In the past, before downloads because so popular, you bought a book, a CD or a book and you could then give it, lend it or sell it to whomever you chose. These says you can't do that. You buy something, such as a Kindle book, and it's yours. But it can never be lent, sold or passed on to someone else. It turns what most people consider to be common sense on its head. In future, as digital downloads gradually ease out the sale of physical media, there can be no second-hand markets, car-boot sales or, even, giving to Oxfam. It's an interesting legal conundrum and, so far, no one has even got near a solution.