Friday, September 25, 2020

Olympus cameras might drop Olympus name

Following news of the sale of Olympus cameras to Japan Industrial Partners, it now seems likely that the Olympus brand will be dropped in favour of OMD, PEN and Zuiko. Let's hope that's nothing but a rumour...

Countdown to a Leica M event

Here's a chance to sit looking at a blank screen for the next seven days. Next Thursday a Leica video will come to life at 3 pm. What on earth could it be about?

Photographic retailers getting back to normal

Photo retailers in the UK see business returning to pre-Covid levels. Many saw a post-lockdown rush which is now levelling down to normal.

Will there be a Pixii at the bottom of your garden?

The Pixii rangefinder with M-mount is launched today. It's an APS-C compack with no screen, no external storage and a reliance on smartphone connectivity. M users will be intrigued but will find the lack of removable storage worrying.

The fall of Olympus or a bright new start?

What does the sale of the Olympus camera division tell us about the state of the industry and the future for micro four-thirds?

Sigma announces major firmware update for the fp

The Sigma fp cine shooter enjoys a raft of new features in the latest firmware update. Not much to chew on, though, for stills photographers

Leica SL2 firmware update introduces multi-shot mode with 187MP resolution

The new version 2.0 of Leica's firmware for the SL2 brings high-resolution mode, bug fixes and some general updates....

Stolen Leicas: Be on your guard for dodgy merchandise

Dear LHSA members and friends, As you may have heard, three Leica Stores in Los Angeles, San Francisco and...

Sigma announces three Contemporary fast APS-C primes for L-Mount

Sigma has just introduced three fast APS-C primes when the only compatible cameras are Leica's CL and TL2. What's happening here?

Photo industry emerges from lockdown: Business almost as usual

As retailing emerges from lockdown, photographic stores are in a good position to make a quick recovery. Mike visits Wex in Milton Keynes and a small independent store in West London to see how things are going....