Saturday, August 24, 2019

Leica announces new V-Lux 5 super zoom

Leica returns to model numbering as the V-Lux turns into the V-Lux 5 with faster focus and improved screen and viewfinder

Is it worth upgrading to the Ricoh GR III?

The new Ricoh GR III is selling well, according to camera dealers we've spoken to. It brings a fresh approach while retaining the appearance and fearures that have made this discreet camera something of a cult among discerning photographers.

Happy Independence Day to our American readers

Here's wishing all our many American readers a happy Independence Day. For some mysterious reason, Macfilos is more popular in the US...

Leica M-E concept gets more support

Looks like there is an appetite for a cheaper entry-level M rangefinder. Should Leica follow Apple in offering a range of new vereisons of older cameras?

Leica launches limited-run M240 M-E at £3,500 including tax

Leica launches an M-E version of the M240 which was discontinued in early 2017. Only 750 examples will be made and the camera will cost £3,500 in the UK.

Leica CL Urban Jungle by Jean Pigozzi special edition been and gone

Hang this new special-edition CL around your neck on its grey rope strap and you will be all but invisible on the streets of any major city. Unfortunately, it's already sold out.

Cheaper Hasselblad X1D II arrives

Hasselblad today announced the X1D Mark II medium-format camera which will cost less than its predecessor. The camera will arrive in July and will be priced at £5,400, including tax.

Leica launches Project Z

Leica launches Project Z: Seven up-and-coming photographers will take their choice of Leica camera around the world

Leica job losses as company faces the second digital revolution

The camera market continues to shrink but Leica remains optimistic as it tackles the second digital revolution. This is despite recent setbacks.

Watch this space: A wrist on high

A wrist-watch shot? Shades of Ming Thein..... But where in the world is Sherpa Gerlach?