Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Leica Q2 firmware update brings added functionality

Leica has issued the first major firmware update for the Q2. I'll be reporting on this in more detail later but, in the meantime, it is disappointing to see that two expected changes have not been made.

Bathurst: Hot time at the 12-hours, Fuji in hand

Almost too hot for man, but the cars at the Bathurst 12-hour race did well. John took along a simple and light Fuji kit to grab some photos.

Rain offers bushfire respite but it isn’t enough. First rain in 10 years for...

In some parts of Australia, last week's rains were the first in ten years. While the deluge has offered some respite from the bushfires, it comes as just a sip — much more is needed.

Electric Cars: Ready for the mainstream?

All change at Macfilos as the editor jumps from a smelly old diesel car to the latest technology in the shape of Jaguar's rather stunning I-Pace. Will he be disappointed. Let's find out....

Leica M10 Monochrom: 41MP, 100000 ISO and super-stealthy look

Leica's much-antipatged M10 Monochrom is here. With a near-41MP sensor, the largest ever for an M rangefinder, this light monster sports high resolution and a 160-100000 ISO range with up to 15 stops of dynamic range.

Apocalypse Now: Bushfires and a lesson for us all

The breakdown of all infrastructure in the Australian bushfires serves to illustate just how much we now rely on technology for our day to day survival. After a generation of increasing reliance, are we losing the abillity to survive without these aids?

Red Dot Cameras’ Australian bushfire appeal

London Leica dealer Red Dot Cameras is offering a D-Lux 7 as the price in a draw to support the relief efforts for the Australian bushfires. A donation of just £10 puts you in the running.

A pocketful of Rye and a proper dose of optimism for 2020

Will the smugglers take over England before George Washington takes America? A visit to the ancient town of Rye, one of the historic Cinque Ports, sets the scene for the naughty Twenties, complete with a proper naughty fish-finger sandwich.

Leica M10-P: The Wilkie Collins special edition

It’s a white Christmas for Leica. Just in time for the turkey and Christmas pudding, Leica has launched yet another special addition — the Woman in White.

LockCircle MetalJacket 2 cage for the Leica SL2

For the SL2 owners who have everything, including everything they didn't know they wanted. The MetalJacket 2 is a serious bit of kit for the cinemetographer. But could it gain fans who fancy a more aggressive approach to street photography?