Monday, June 17, 2019

Sigma announces Art L-Mount prices in USA

Sigma's fast Art prime lenses have an enviable reputation. At relatively low prices, they will compete directly with Leica's own expensive SL glass

Leica M3 and street photography

We a look at Leica film photography and the optimum time to do your daily blog post

Close encounter with a fat llama

Keith rented his Canon gear through Fat Lama and the renter did a runner. But all was not lost as Mike finds out.

Panasonic Lumix S1 at the Photography Show

The new S1 Panasonics are here. We had a look at both bodies and the three lenses at the Birmingham Photography Show this week

Leica Q2 order lists grow

Demand for the Leica Q2 is outstripping supplies and half of new cameras are being sold to newcomers. Half have been ordered by upgraders.

Sigma’s L-mount Foveon delay to 2020

Sigma's new L-mount mirrorless camera is delayed to 2020, but advance details are whetting the appetite of full-frame fans

Macfilos website teething problems

We've had our teething troubles since transferring the site from Squarespace to WordPress. But gradually the issues are being addressed. Here's an update on progress.

Leica Q2 is here: 47.3MP sensor, OLED VF, weather protection

The Leica Q2 is here with incremental improvements across the board — including a 47MP sensor and weather protection

Mailing list signup: Check your spam

Your Macfilos mail subscription could be going to spam. Please check.

Top 18 cameras for street photography

Here are 18 cameras, new and old, that will do the street photographer proud