Sunday, May 31, 2020

Leica Q2 snaps Extinction Rebellion

Today I took the Q2 on assignment to the London climate change protests, organised by an outfit called Extinction Rebellion.

Leica CL firmware 3.1 update. Another missed opportunity

We now have new firmware update for the Leica CL. Despite a slew of minor changes, there is still no ability to lock a central focus point. Disappointment.

Leica M-E concept gets more support

Looks like there is an appetite for a cheaper entry-level M rangefinder. Should Leica follow Apple in offering a range of new vereisons of older cameras?

APS-C Fixed Lens Duo: Ricoh GR v Leica X2

Two fixed-lens APS-C cameras, one from Germany, one from Japan. Both have an enviable reputation as travel companions.

Fuji X-Pro 3: The new camera that is one sandwich short of a picnic

The new X-Pro 3 takes inspiration from Leica's screenless wonder, the M10-D. It has winning ways, but many photographers will definitely think it is one sandwich short of a picnic. Mike disagrees. He loves cameras with no rear screen.

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Leica M3 and street photography

We a look at Leica film photography and the optimum time to do your daily blog post

Back to happiness: Just one camera, one lens

Would you be happier if you sold all your gear and went back to just one simple Leica rangefinder and one lens? Discuss......

Sigma L-Mount lenses bring a new dimension for owners of Leica’s SL cameras

The advent of the L-Mount Alliance has been particularly exciting for Leica users and the resulting expansion in the range of lenses adds a whole new dimension to owning, say, the SL2. Mike paid a visit to Sigma Imaging UK to check out the latest developments

Laurel and Hardy on location: Surprise


Spotting locations used on television or cinema is a pleasure. But sometimes you have to think hard. Do I know that place?