Saturday, January 23, 2021

Photokina 2014: It’s a fine old Messe in Cologne

Cologne is always full to the brim at Messe time, and there is no bigger Messe than Photokina, the world's largest...

Scotland Decides: But what’s all the fuss about?


On Thursday, Scotland decides whether to become an independent nation or remain part of Britain. As an Englishman I have no say in the matter. The Scots have had a great deal to say. No one thought to ask me. If they had they would probably have been extremely surprised by the response.


Panasonic FZ1000: This could be the new Leica V-Lux


According to Leica Rumors, the new V-Lux to be announced at Photokina next week is "most likely" based on the FZ1000. If so, this is a logical move for Leica and will turn the V-Lux into a truly desirable tool for serious photography.

Panasonic LX100: Is this the replacement for the LX7?


Hints are that the new LX7 will be called the LX100 (get it.... RX100, LX100) which is more evidence that the Sony is in Panasonic's sights.

Fuji to launch X100T and new-skinned X-T1 at Photokina

Details of updates to the Fuji X100S and X-T1 have been leaked by Japanese site Digital Camera Info. The new X100T will...

Screenless stripped-down Leica M tipped as surprise newcomer at Photokina


Rumours of a simple, screenless M camera get new credence today at Leica Rumors. The site believes that this camera will be a special edition, complete with lens, to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the launch of the M3 in 1954.

Portable drive with auto SD card import is brilliant idea for photographers


Often, when travelling, I feel obliged to take my MacBook Air simply to make sure I can back up files from the camera's SD cards. This last weekend, for instance, I rattled off over 500 shots and the MacBook was the only viable backup medium.

Red Poppy Cameras: Called to the Tower


A month ago I was out snapping the compelling display of poppies at the Tower of London. It seemed then that everyone with a half reasonable camera (or an iPhone) has been to this amazing photo opportunity. Few, though, have made it from the heights to the depths of the Tower moat where the ceramic poppies, one for every soldier killed in World War I, are being painstakingly planted.

Leica T or Leica X Vario: An interesting choice


Since publishing my review of the Leica T last week I have been asked how the T compares with the X Vario. Several readers are wondering whether or not to sell the XV and buy a T.

Leica M or Leica M-P: The choice is easy


In the market for a Leica M as autumn approaches? Should it be the two-year-old M or the new stealthy M-P at a £550 premium? It's a tough choice but, for the moment, my advice would be to get the M-P if you can. This is despite the discounts currently being offered on the M.