Friday, March 5, 2021

Macfilos camera reviews, Leica, Fuji, Sony

Follow these links to Macfilos reviews: Leica Monochrom Leica X Vario Leica C Leica T Fuji X-E1 with Leica lenses Fuji X and Sony A7 with Leica lenses Voigtländer VM-E Close-Focus...

Review: Leica T—a diligently polished performer


Leica's new interchangeable camera, the T, is a tour de force in camera design. The Apple influence has been much commented on: Hewn from a solid block of aluminium, minimalist, unimpeachable quality, polished by diligent Portuguese to within an second of boredom.

Leica T: Image samples using the 18-56mm Vario-Elmar-T


These sample images are intended to accompany the full Leica T review which is linked at the end of this gallery. There is a separate gallery for pictures taken with the T and a selection of M lenses, also linked at the end. 

Leica M: Are we ready for the stripped-down M7d?


A new Leica M with no screen, no adjustments other than aperture, shutter speed and ISO. Wahnsinn! But maybe not so mad on second or even third thought. Such a beast, a sort of M7 with a sensor instead of a film, is not as daft as it sounds.

Selfies: Monkey’s portrait deemed to be public domain


I feel truly sorry for British photographer David Slater. He gets his camera stolen by a monkey. Said simian goes on to take a succession of selfies, not all of them in focus it has to be admitted. But, to its credit, the animal eventually got the hang of the camera. Then, to discover that this photograph is not Slater's copyright is soul destroying.

Leica M: Is a Photokina upgrade due?


This week's pre-Photokina announcement of the Leica M-P has raised the possibility of a minor upgrade to the two-year-old M (type 240) at next month's exhibition. In the past the -P version of the M cameras (as with the M9 and M9-P) has been differentiated solely by a tougher screen and the suppression of front branding.

Leica M-P the buffer slayer


The interesting thing about the new and certainly predictable Leica M-P is not the sapphire screen, nor the ultra-discreet appearance. No, it is the additional features that address two of the known criticisms of the M since it was introduced in 2012. The buffer was too small, at 1GB, and even in normal operations there was sometimes a significant delay while files were written to disk. M connoisseurs will see this as a major improvement.

Leica launches new M-P with additional features


Following previous practice, Leica today announces a discreet, logo-free version of the M (type 240) to be known as the M-P (not to be confused with the film Leica MP). It retains all the styling cues of the M, including the electronic bright line viewfinder, but adds a larger buffer memory, a sapphire crystal monitor screen and a frame selection lever.

Leica M part-exchange programme; UK service for compacts


Leica UK has today announced a new part-exchange programme for M owners. For the first time owners of previous M cameras will be able to get an instant quotation top swap for the latest M, type 240.

Canon EOS M: Race to the bottom in price


 I suspect the EOS M is on its way out and the price could fall even further before stocks eventually evaporate. But at this price you are getting a lot of competence for your money and, as I said in June, it is perhaps time to put your toe in the water before the little Canon is sold into oblivion.