Sunday, May 31, 2020

Inspirational Thames on a crisp November morning

Here’s the inspiration for MacFilos—the river Thames at Chiswick, looking towards Chiswick Eyot isand and Hammersmith on a crisp November morning at low tide....

Bastille Day launch for revolutionary Airs and Lion

It now looks certain that Apple is preparing stores for a July 14 launch of something interesting. Staff are readying themselves for an all-nighter...

A kidney, a kidney, a kidney for my phone

Experience of life does have some some advantages. The sad story of the young man in China who sold a kidney to pay for...

Segway: Persecuted in UK, positively flourishing in Greece

  The poor Segway has been prosecuted out of sight in the UK: Not allowed on the pavements, it isn’t even street legal. So I’d...

The next MacBook Air: The 12in newbie could arrive this evening


Amid all the fuss over the Apple Watch it is easy to forget the rest of the company's products. High on the list of expectations for today's announcement is a new MacBook Air. We are hoping that instead of a revamp of the current 11in and 13in models, there will be an all-new 12in Air, preferably with a retina screen. This is something high on my wishlist.

Apple’s alchemists make 18k gold that uses less pure metal but is far stronger...

Much has been talked about the gold version of the new Watch, with some experts estimating that it could cost up to $10,000 (£6,250). That is...

Hackgate: The Movie

The trials of the Murdoch empire and the demise of the dear old News of the World aren’t particularly relevant to this tech blog....

Adding dated photos to a Day One journal

New in Day One for Mac is the ability to drag in a digital photo and have it filed away against the day on...

Duster Death: Wonders of modern science scuppered by duster


You know how geeks, even ancient geeks, love to show off their technology. So it was last weekend in Rome when I decided to demonstrate to admiring friends how I could watch British television on my iPad. Thanks to my Slingbox, I cried, I can tune in to any programme and, even, set up recordings and watch pre-recorded material from my recorder. How? Simple, call up Sling Player on the iPad (sadly only in iPhone format as yet) and press connect. Success: Within seconds I was the master of the home-based technology, reading to surf the channels and bring up Coronation Street. Sadly, when I pressed the virtual power button to switch on the home video recorder I was met with no reaction. Try again. Fail again.

Not daunted, I checked the settings and verified that I was indeed connected to home base. But why no action. The answer was simple and extremely low tech. My cleaner had been doing her thing the day before I left home. She's extremely thorough and dusts everything to death. It was no surprise to find, then, that she had dusted to one side the two infra-red transmitters that Slingbox uses to communicate with the recorder. These sit on little protruding plastic paddles that stick (not too successfully) to the top of the unit.

This all goes to prove that technology is pretty reliable, but the old arts of housework and tidyness can have unwelcome results. Actually, I was a bit disappointed to find the fault to be so low-tech.

iPhone 6: Is it the best point and shoot ever made?

In the end, it’s a kind of alchemy that produces the best imagery and in many cases, Apple’s image magic...