Sunday, May 31, 2020

King Cnut: £1 a day to see his news site


Enjoying a coffee at a motoway service centre the other day, I found myself staring at a nearby WH Smith news-stand. I got to reflecting on how much I've saved since I started getting my news free from the Internet. If I take into account all the Mac and other technical monthlies I used to load into the cart, I reckon I am a good £1,000 a year better off. 

Enter Rupert Murdoch. As from June he wants to charge me £1 a day to access The Times and The Sunday Times web sites: a sum not unadjacent to the cost of buying the newspaper.

I have a free message for Times International: Goodbye! Even if all the major newspapers start charging for web access there will still be hundreds if not thousands of free sites out there. 

This all reminds me of the ancient King Cnut who sat on his throne on an English beach and commanded the tide not to advance and wet his feet. When his feet did get wet he is reported to have leapt backwards and said "Let all men know how empty and worthless is the power of kings". He was a wise man.

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Tweet anyone?


I may be an ancient Macfanboy but I'm not backward in adopting new technology. Not for me the ancient G4 and a copy of Apple Works. Give me the latest OS and the rammiest computer money can buy. I just like new things. But I have to say that I feel deprived because I cannot get used to Twitter. Everyone, especially the podcasters, rave about Twitter. Tour_1

Tweeting is the new publishing and anyone who doesn't tweet every minute of the day is somehow a Luddite. Well I've tweeted and twotterd and can't see the point of it. During the over-hyped mini riots of last week's G20 meeting in the City, I thought I'd monitor events on Twitter. Well, I have to say most of the comments were illiterate and difficult to read ("BG @twitbox:  pleze relay video of assault on innocient rioter") and I couldn't really see the point of it. I've tried, I really have, 'onest officer. 

I twittered MacOldie but was profoundly embarrassed to record I was eating a bacon sandwich in Fouberts' caff. Who on earth, except my digestive system, is interested in this? Maybe I am too old/out of step/slow of learning but I do wonder sometimes.

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New Leica Summarit lenses


Leica Camera AG, Wetzlar, presents a new generation of Leica Summarit-M-Lenses. In comparison with the previous models, these new lenses with a maximum aperture of f/2.4 offer improved performance characteristics and new lens design.

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Leica T Firmware: Update brings performance improvements, better manual focus aid


Leica has announced version 1.3 firmware for the T series cameras. Improvements include fixes for two of the problems I mentioned when I reviewed the camera in August: Startup time, which  was sluggish, has been speeded and there is a redesign to the annoying implementation of the focus aid function. Instead of requiring a screen touch to move between x3 and x6 magnification, the new firmware enables all settings to be performed directly by means of the left soft dial. 

Bubble-free screen protector goodness at an Apple Store near you


Which would you sooner do: Go to the dentist or fit a screen protector on your iPhone or camera? I’ll take the hygienist any day.