Sunday, May 31, 2020

Flight ban: Will we soon have to check in our expensive camera gear?


Would be happy to check in your expensive camera gear instead of carrying it on board as you do at the moment? Times are changing and not for the better.....

Michael Agel and his everyday Leica M60 Edition


When the Leica M60 edition camera was launched at Photokina last Tuesday I immediately noticed German star photographer Michael Agel carrying one over his shoulder as an everyday camera. It appeared to be his camera of choice for his days at the exhibition and he appeared to have no qualms about the possibility of a scratch or two.

Camara Attacks: My pictures aren’t worth a ransom, so there

Pay up or you'll lose your pictures: Hacking and ransomware comes to a camera near you....

Leica’s M-mount is 70 years old this month

The M3 arrived in 1954, but the M-mount was patented this month in 1954, so it celebrates its platimum anniversary early, ahead of the celebrations due in 2024.

KaiMan Wong sets up shop on home territory


After seven years with DigitalRev TV in Hong Kong, Kai Man Wong has set himself up back in Blighty. Mike wishes him well. 

Full-frame frenzy as Photokina opens its doors


Rumours, rumours, rumours — and we are about to find out tomorrow if there is any substance in all this talk about a Panasonic full-frame system. Yet even if there is no announcement, a future cooperation on full frame between Leica and Panasonic, including sharing the L-Mount, is a strong possibility. Mike looks at the potential.

Review: Apple Magic Keyboard


Apple’s new Magic Keyboard has had a mixed reception and I don’t understand why. I bought it with a degree of trepidation and was prepared to return it to the Apple Store later the same day, based on reviews I had read. It’s too flat and shallow, the arrow key layout is impossible to get used to, the keys are too close together and they have too little travel: These were the negative vibes I’d been getting from a number of reviews so I had to try for myself.

Leica M-D: Spartan warrior unboxed, first camera in Britain


The first M-D to arrive in Britain came my way this afternoon, several days earlier than expected. It is one of only two received by Leica's Mayfair store, the other has gone on display. While I don't normally go for unboxing features, I'm making an exception for this unusual and rather divisive camera. Judging by some of the comments to yesterday's announcement, the M-P is going to polarise opinion and will be the butt of Leica haters' jibes for quite some time. Whatever your views, I already love this camera. So there. 

Alan Turing: Wartime notes saved for the nation


Alan Turing's
wartime notes have been saved for the nation following a public fund-raising campaign and a last-minute cash injection of £200,000 from the National Heritage Memorial Fund. Turing was one of the founding fathers of modern computing and was instrumental in breaking the German Enigma code.


His finest hours came at Bletchley Park, Buckinghamshire, where he helped create the Bombe machine which deciphered Germany's Enigma messages. I have a soft spot for Bletchley Park, which is open to the public and provides a fascinating day out. For anyone interested in computers it's a must.

Poor Turing. His work, which was kept secret from the British public until the late 1980s, was crucial to the war effort. It can be argued that he did more for his country than thousands of others involved fighting the war. Yet, because he was gay he was hounded by the bigots of the day and eventually committed suicide in 1954.

Two years ago thousands submitted a petition to No.10 Downing Street calling for a public apology to Turing. Gordon Brown, the prime minister at the time, could only say he was "sorry for the 'appalling' way Turing was treated".


Source: Daily Telegraph

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Leica factory reopens after lockdown closure

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