Friday, September 25, 2020

Leica cameras of the 20th Century: A video presentation from noted expert, William Fagan

William Fagan's presentation to LHSA members on old Leicas from the mid-1920s to the end of the century has been a great success. Macfilos readers now have the chance to watch the video. We also include a special membership offer and the opportunity to take part in a competition to win a Leica M10-R body.

Can you ever have enough cameras?

Hello - I’m Andrew. I’ve just published my first article on Macfilos - you can read it here - and I thought...

Dorothea Lange digital archive goes live

Dorothea Lange was one of the foremost photographers of the 20th century, recording American life during the first half of the century in astounding detail. You can now take a personal on-line tour of Lange's digital archive...

Panasonic’s rumoured S5 full-frame camera smaller than the micro four-thirds G9?

With the full specification of the forthcoming Panasonic S5 now leaked, the announcement can be expected soon. It appears that the new camera will be smaller than the micro four-thirds G9 and will compet with the Sony A7III and Nikon Z5 on weight.

Personality Type: Does it influence the cameras and lenses we choose to work with?

Does your personality influence the type of camera and lens you prefer to work with? Wayne takes a lighthearted look at the introvert and the extrovert when it comes to photographic style.

Leica M: Where next for the digital rangefinder?

The Leica digital rangefinder exists in a parallel universe to other cameras on the market. It appeals to a traditional user base and opportunities for radical changes are limited. What's next? When will we see the M11? Mike takes a guess

Leica M10-R: Knowing the value of everything

In the UK, the price for a Leica M body is now firmly established at £7,000-plus. Is this now acting as a disincentive, as a reminder to try something more competent at a third of the price?

Olympus cameras might drop Olympus name

Following news of the sale of Olympus cameras to Japan Industrial Partners, it now seems likely that the Olympus brand will be dropped in favour of OMD, PEN and Zuiko. Let's hope that's nothing but a rumour...

I shot a lion in Zimbabwe but she just faded away

The wall-mounted trophy lion faded away in the direct sunlight. So John cast around for a suitable replacement. He found the three little human lionesses were a more suitable exhibit for a coastal home...

Hand-held macro the easy way, no fuss, simple tools

Successful macro photograph can involve lots of care and special facilities. But Ivor took the remarkable Sigma 70mm f/2.8 Macro Art lens into his garden for some hand-held surprises.