Nikon Df: After a year of indecision, the choice is made

Dave has been searching over a year for his perfect camera. He’s tried everything, including the impossibly expensive Leica M10. But favour has fallen on a most unusual camera, Nikon’s retro DSLR, the Df.

Leica M10-D: My camera of the year

When it comes to choosing the best new camera of the year, I admit I live in a little Leica bubble. I’ve paid due attention to the Sony a7III and to the new full-framers from Nikon and Canon. All wonderful cameras. But nothing has enthused me more than one oddball Leica, the M10-D.

P-911 and P-G9: A good couple of fat rumps

The Panasonic G9 has been called the Porsche 911 of cameras. But, as John argues, this comparison lies mainly in the burgeoning weight and bulk as once-small devices grow like Topsy…..

Leica CL after one year: A personal view

The Leica CL — one year on. Has Leica got it right? What would you like to see in the next CL?

More acronyms and the OCOLOY challenge. What about the Lumix G9?

Mike Johnson of OCOLOY fame is considering restricting himself in 2019 to the Panasonic Lumix G9. Is it a sensible choice, we wonder…..

Sony A7: Goodbye, it was almost nice knowing you

John has had a long relationship with the Sony A7 — mainly because he couldn't find anyone to buy it off him.....

Is micro four-thirds dead?

Micro four-thirds is definitely not dead, but is it dying? Will the flood of new full-frame cameras crop the opposition from smaller sensors?

George James, 1942-2018

My friend George is dead. He had known for many months that he had little time left after his seven-year battle with cancer. But he set his heart on one last Christmas Day which he enjoyed with his family around him. Having achieved his goal, he died peacefully in his own bed on Saturday morning. 

Workflow: The humble typewriter through rose-coloured glasses

Notebooks, typewriters, fountain pens: All should by rights be dead, foully killed off by the computer. But they live on.....


The world’s best camera, the camera of the year, is surely the one you have just purchased. If you didn’t think so you wouldn’t have chosen it. So why does my choice of the Leica M10-D as COTY send readers POTTY?