Monday, February 17, 2020

Quirky road to teaching photography

In teaching photography, David looks for the quirky shot

Porsches and Leicas: Spot the difference


John explores the similarities between classic Porsches and classic Leicas…….

Charging Points in Focus: What about the roadside parker?


It's all very well owning an electric car when you have a drive or a garage. Plugging in is no problem. But what if you have to park on the street? It's an infrastructure nightmare that will have to be faced in the next decade by towns and cites across the world.....

Pay to View: A wall of death for Times Online


TechCrunch has waded into the controversy over News International’s decision to stop free viewing of The Times and The Sunday Times news sites. My article (King Cnut: £1 a day to see his news site) offered the right advice on March 26 when the announcement was made: Goodbye, Rupert. Now TechCrunch says that “moving its content behind a pay-wall be the death of The Times; one of the world’s most respected newspapers and a British national treasure. Even with a relatively modest subscription cost of £1 a day or £2 for the whole week, it has been shown time and time again that the hassle factor of making even a small payment to access a website will result in a haemorrhaging of readers.”

Read Paul Carr’s story in full here.

iPhone 11 Pro: Is it worth upgrading just for a better camera?

Smartphone manufacturers seem obsessed with photography, almost to the exclusion of many more useful features of the devices. Is this the end for the traditional camera industry or an opportunity to be grasped?

Leica Store Wigan and the M246 Monochrom Pier Edition

Sadly both the Leica Store Wigan and the M246 Monochrom Pier edition are figments of my febrile imagination. Please do not visit...

Making a cup of tea is far from a Greek strongpoint


Tea drinking is part of British culture, even though we are rank amateurs compared with the Chinese where the art of tea (and the cost of the art of tea) rivals the western obsession with viniculture. But we do know a thing or two about making a cuppa, especially the strong black variety known as builders' tea. Sadly, the simple process of making a passable cup of tea is largely lost on our neighbours other parts of Europe (with the honourable exception of Ireland, of course).

Happy Independence Day to our American readers

Here's wishing all our many American readers a happy Independence Day. For some mysterious reason, Macfilos is more popular in the US...

Website design: The curse of white on black


Regular readers will have noticed the radical new look of Macfilos. Many of you will not like it — we have already had two complaints-so I can tell you that work is in progress. I need to provide a little background. Two weeks ago we changed to a "new" Squarespace template which we preferred to the one we have been using for the past couple of years. There were no complaints and we were reasonably happy, bar a note to have a look at the typography in the cool of a convenient evening.

Photo competitions: Make the most of your pictures

Entering competitions can be a rewarding and even lucrative pastime. Here's how to make more of your photography