Friday, September 25, 2020

iPhone 8 Plus: Is it the best camera you can own?


The latest smartphone cameras, in particular that in the new iPhone 8 Plus, are so easy to use effectively and definitely flatter the user. It's a good thing and it creating tens of thousands of new camera addicts. But is the iPhone 8 Plus the only camera you would want to use? Is it taking over?

Tradreaders and ereaders: A personal odyssey


For the past the battle between physical books and ebooks has been raging. There are still two distinct camps, both equally convinced they are right. While the physical book is an unconscionable time a-dying, electronic reading is ever more popular. Now comes the Amazon Oasis, one for the bath....

Why Apple should buy Sony (but probably won’t)


What would be the benefits of Apple hoovering up Sony? In some ways the two companies are now a perfect match....

Charging Points in Focus: What about the roadside parker?


It's all very well owning an electric car when you have a drive or a garage. Plugging in is no problem. But what if you have to park on the street? It's an infrastructure nightmare that will have to be faced in the next decade by towns and cites across the world.....

Laptop and camera air ban stops people travelling, harms economy


The partial ban on carrying laptops, cameras and some other electronics in aircraft cabins is having unforeseen consequences.....

Twelve Years with Apple: But are the pips beginning to squeak?


Mike has had a twelve-year love affair with Apple. But the competition is gathering and Apple is showing worrying signs of ignoring the opinion leaders in favour of a dumbed-down mass market. It does so at its peril.....

Senior Moments: When you no longer wish to schlepp the big system


Is your photographic gear weighing you down? Are you in the mood (again, perhaps) to downsize to a lighter system? Read on....

Leica Store Wigan and the M246 Monochrom Pier Edition

Sadly both the Leica Store Wigan and the M246 Monochrom Pier edition are figments of my febrile imagination. Please do not visit...

Sony A7: Goodbye, it was almost nice knowing you


John has had a long relationship with the Sony A7 — mainly because he couldn't find anyone to buy it off him.....

Nokia 3310: Thinking the unthinkable. Are smartphones really necessary?


Do today's smartphones attempt to do too much? Could Nokia's new no-nonsense retro-phone replace my iPhone and leave me free to do most of my work on an iPad mini?