Aperture, the flawed genius. And why Lightroom won battle and war

Just what happened to Aperture and why did it die a sudden death. Stephen Hackett traces the history of Apple’s much-loved post processor over at Macstories….

Signal to Noise: An often misunderstood relationship

Wayne wonders whether a bit of grain or noise isn’t a good thing after all…..

Kodak and Polaroid: How have the mighty fallen

At IFA in Berlin Vlad Savov found some rather uninspiring Windows laptops with a sparse spec bearing the brand name of Polaroid. It’s evidence of a depressing trend for a once mighty brand name…

Porsches and Leicas: Spot the difference

John explores the similarities between classic Porsches and classic Leicas…….

From Alpha to Zeta: The world of mirrorless cameras

Tomorrow is likely to be a big day in the mirrorless world — the arrival of two new cameras from Nikon to rival the Sony a7 range. Will they steal Sony’s lunch?

Hong Kong: Thump, bump, a rude awakening mid-air

Mike was looking forward to a bit of pampering on his flight to Hong Kong. But he got more than he bargained for — a visit from on high.

Smartphone photography is not photography. Or is it?

Is smartphone photography a good thing, or is it the death of photography as an art form. Or is the iPhone the camera industry’s saviour.

Wim Wenders

WIM WENDERS / BIOGRAPHYWim Wenders (born 1945) came to international prominence as one of the pioneers of the New German Cinema during the 1970’s...

Internet: Just how much do we all rely on our broadband

It’s a complete broadband blackout at Macfilos and work has been suspended. We managed to get a last post out over the cellular network.....

Mac Anti-Virus: I give in after 13 years

For years Mac users have not felt the need for anti-virus protection. But things are changing and Mike has finally given in and installed an unobtrusive but effective package.