New iPad Pro: Is it a good choice for photographers?

I have always preferred processing and handling asset management on my Mac. I’ve never really bonded with the iPad as a primary productivity tool. But things change, iPads get better. Could the new 12.9in iPad Pro be the tipping point?

Leica’s model numbering system returns to logic with the D-Lux 7

The next D-Lux will the called the D-Lux 7, the current model is just D-Lux, its predecessor was the D-Lux 6. So is the current D-Lux the D-Lux 6.5? Die Modellnummerabfolgeerfindungskontrollabteilung is back on the right track…..

Leica M10-D: A pain in the eye or what?

Much forum time has been spent on the Leica M10-D’s new faux advance lever and it has attracted some adverse comment, largely because it is seen as trying to be something it isn’t. But think of it as a thumb rest and it becomes a perfect design, folding out of the way when not needed and leaving the hot shoe available for the EVF

Wayne’s Gospel: Just what is the allure of the Leica

Why on earth Leica does Leica have such a strong following? Wayne investigates and come up with a theory……

Leica Q-P: First hands on

Just another pretty outfit: A -P version of the Leica Q that brings no technical advancement yet costs some 10% more. Mike finds there is more to the story…..

The Kit Zoom: Not so boring after all

So-called standard kit zooms often have a bad rap. But there are good ‘uns and not-so-good ‘uns. The Leica 18-56mm Vario-Elmar-TL is one of the best options if you value high image quality in a lightweight, tiny package. It about as far away from a “kit” zoom as you can get, but it is the first lens you should buy for your CL or TL.

Is micro four-thirds dead?

Micro four-thirds is definitely not dead, but is it dying? Will the flood of new full-frame cameras crop the opposition from smaller sensors?

Johnson: The remarkable persistence of 24 x 36

An essay on the persistence of the original Barnack film format sets Mike thinking about the confusion which reigns in the way we describe digital sensor sizes.  

Chip off the old block: Ricoh GR brings new tech in grandpa’s coat

The new Ricoh GR III is (almost) here. New tech, new lens, 24MP sensor all housed in grandpa’s cast-off

Nikon Df: After a year of indecision, the choice is made

Dave has been searching over a year for his perfect camera. He’s tried everything, including the impossibly expensive Leica M10. But favour has fallen on a most unusual camera, Nikon’s retro DSLR, the Df.