Tuesday, December 6, 2022

John Shingleton gets accolade in Australian/NZ Monochrome Awards competition

Congratulations to Macfilos's Australian contributor, John Shingleton for his success in the Australian/NZ Monochrome Awards Competition

What’s happening at Leica’s posh spot in Moscow

What's happening with Leica in Russia, one of the poshest spots for selling the new L watch? Mike pays a visit to the company's Russian site and it looks like they haven't updated the prices since last week...

Land of my fathers lands in the Vickers Vimy hangar at Brooklands

You stumble over a Welsh Choir in the oddest of places. Mike explains how the world-famous Treorchy Male Choir came to be singing Land of My Fathers in a blustery old aircraft hangar in Weybridge, Surrey...

Twelve pictures chronicle a year of misery and recovery

It was probably the worst year of John's life. But twelve photographs chronicle his progression through despair to renewed optimism and a zest for life...

How the smartphone became the best camera

The smartphone has revolutionised the world of photography. It helps enthuse millions of would-be photographers every year. As a feeder for higher-end cameras, the smartphone plays an invaluable role. It instills aspiration from the first click...

How the iPod changed the world

The iPod is 20 years old this month. It revolutionised portable music consumption and set the scene for the iPhone and Apple's transititon to the world's first trillion-dollar company.

Mea Culpatino as Apple brings back the ports on the new MacBook Pros

Mea Culpatino: Who would have thought it? First to delete superfluous ports from its products, Apple has now eaten humble pie and brought back a trio of dodos from MagSafe to the SD card slot and the humble headphone jack.

Back to basics with the MacBook Air

Mike break's a long-standing aversion to buying the basic computer. Instead of ticking all the upgrade boxes, he's chosen the cheapest, the most basic MacBook Air. Will it prove sensible or will he regret that 256GB disk in particular...

10 Years Ago: iResign, Steve’s departure well managed by Apple

Ten years ago Steve Jobs resigned from Apple and Tim Cook took over the running of what has since become the world's most valuable company. Mike takes a nostalgic trip back to that day in 2011...

Smartphone Cameras: You cannot be serious…

Smartphone photography: Only for selfies and boring meal shots? Not a bit of it. John has discovered the phone in his pocket is one of the best cameras he has used. He's been converted on the road to the beach by an iPhone SE2...