Monday, June 17, 2019

Activity App: Changing walking distance from kilometers to miles

Changing from kilometers to miles on the Apple Watch is a major challenge. It isn't easy, but I've discovered how to do it.

iCloud Drive: The danger with Optimised Storage file placeholders

iCloud Drive works seamlessly, but did you know that it is easy to lose your data forever if you move files to an another location, such as Dropbox?

New iPhone? That will be 2,000 trillion Marks, please (plus VAT)

On this day, November 15, in 1923 Germany hyperinflation reached its height. It ended the day on an exchange rate of 4 trillion to the dollar.

Review: Apple Watch Milanese Loop band

Although I was extremely happy with the black sport band that came with my steel Apple Watch, I had a hankering for something a bit more dressy: A strap that would make the watch look more like a desirable Swiss timepiece.

Apple Watch health monitoring and the Kardia Mobile electro-cardiogram

Who would have imagined that you could take a medical-grade electro-cardiagram as often as you like, just by using a thin sensor and an iPhone? The Kardia Mobile ECG monitor has been approved both in the US and UK as a medical device and is being recommended by general practitioners.

Migration Assistant Problems: When it’s time to go for a complete re-installation of all...

A few days ago I recounted my problems during a migration of data from a MacBook Pro to MacBook Air. After many hours stuck on "one minute remaining", Migration Assistant finally completed but told me that it had not been possible to copy some files. The main purpose of this exercise had been to do a dummy run before the arrival of a new 5K iMac

Apple’s new iMac Pro: Not the best choice for photographers

All that glittlers..... Apple's gorgeous new all-grey iMac Pro promises blistering performance. But is it money well spent for the keen stills photographer?

iPhone Stand: At last, a light, thin folding stand for smartphones

On the face of it, it's a simple quest: Find the perfect portable stand for a smartphone. Yes it is easier asked than done. Now Mike has found the perfect candidate and bought three just to be on the safe side....

Apple Watch: Joining the cashless society

Can you exist without cash? Electronic payments for trifling amounts are now commonplace, thanks largely to the total acceptance of swipe cards and smart devices such as the Apple Watch. We are moving inexorably to a point where cash will be an curiosity, a payment method of last resort…..

Apple Magic Mouse: Loveable rodent but its bottom keeps falling off

The Apple Magic Mouse hasn't changed for years. It works, it looks nice, but it has some terrible habits. It's bottom keeps...