iCloud Drive: The danger with Optimised Storage file placeholders

iCloud Drive works seamlessly, but did you know that it is easy to lose your data forever if you move files to an another location, such as Dropbox?

Review: Apple Watch Milanese Loop band

Although I was extremely happy with the black sport band that came with my steel Apple Watch, I had a hankering for something a bit more dressy: A strap that would make the watch look more like a desirable Swiss timepiece.

Apple Watch: Joining the cashless society

Can you exist without cash? Electronic payments for trifling amounts are now commonplace, thanks largely to the total acceptance of swipe cards and smart devices such as the Apple Watch. We are moving inexorably to a point where cash will be an curiosity, a payment method of last resort…..

Apple’s Notes do grind exceeding slow

Back in December I announced that I had followed the advice of many tech writers and transferred all my Evernote items into the much-improved and relatively simple Apple Notes. Evernote does much more than I really need in a notes application and I felt I was paying an annual premium unnecessarily. So I bid goodbye to Evernote and migrated all the notes to Apple Notes. This was premature and rather hasty.

MacBook Refresh: Hoping for the ideal travel computer

Three years on, Mike’s early MacBook is showing signs of processor limitations. Should it be replaced with a new, faster MacBook or an even faster, but heavier, MacBook Pro?

Tip: Working in split-screen mode in El Capitan

What have Windows users been able to do for years while the guilty pleasure has been out of bounds to us MacFiloi? The answer is split-screen working. For the first time, following the arrival of El Capitan, we have this engaging new toy at our beck and call.

Watches: My IWC gets eyed up and I get pangs of remorse as I...

In three days' time, at 8.01 am London time on Friday, we can order our Apple Watches from the online store. That morning, also, it will be possible to inspect the various models on display at an Apple Store near you — although sale stock will not arrive until the 24th. 

The Watch is an crucial launch for Apple and, as a follower of technology, I am duty bound to buy one of the three versions. Almost certainly this will be the middle-of-the-road stainless steel model, with either the standard sport band or the Milanese loop. As a watch fan I am looking forward to trying it out over the next few months.

Apple Watch health monitoring and the Kardia Mobile electro-cardiogram

Who would have imagined that you could take a medical-grade electro-cardiagram as often as you like, just by using a thin sensor and an iPhone? The Kardia Mobile ECG monitor has been approved both in the US and UK as a medical device and is being recommended by general practitioners.

Verify! Repair! Mac Hatter gets his comeuppance in El Capitan

For years when faced with any OS X problem the cry from the Mac Hatter has been Verify! Repair! Dodgy permissions were the root cause of all Mac ills, he told us with conviction. Now, it seems, the tea party is over as El Capitan has deemed permission verifying and repairing to be an unnecessary frippery. Has all this hocus-pocus had us all fixated over the years on something that was merely a placebo rather than a general help.

Aperture, the flawed genius. And why Lightroom won battle and war

Just what happened to Aperture and why did it die a sudden death. Stephen Hackett traces the history of Apple’s much-loved post processor over at Macstories….