Where does the camera industry go from here?

Narain Jashanmal takes a look at the current state of the photographic industry and wonders just where we go from here...

BandWerk, the Leica of straps for the Apple Watch

This beautiful leather strap from BandWerk for the Apple Watch would grace a £10,000 Swiss timepiece, never mind a smartwatch.

iCloud Drive: The danger with Optimised Storage file placeholders


iCloud Drive works seamlessly, but did you know that it is easy to lose your data forever if you move files to an another location, such as Dropbox?

The Blue Mountains of Mizoram

Farhiz takes us into the Blue Mountains of Mizoram and meets the world's largest family and their monster cupboard full of cups...

Review: Apple Watch Milanese Loop band


Although I was extremely happy with the black sport band that came with my steel Apple Watch, I had a hankering for something a bit more dressy: A strap that would make the watch look more like a desirable Swiss timepiece.

How the Apple iPod changed the world and potentially saved IBM $50 million


On 23 October 2001 Apple launched the iPod. Its halo effect has changed the computing world and has persuaded millions of opinion leaders to choose Mac computers over Windows PCs. IBM staff have joined the stampede and their decision is saving IBM up to $50m a year.

Buying a new Mac: The problem is solved, for now


For a year or so Mike has been sitting at the side of the road watching the Apple bandwagon trundle by. But when to jump aboard? At last he has made a decision on a new Mac….

iPad Magic Keyboard: Why not settle for the best?

Apple's new iPad Magic Keyboard combined with touch and mouse support in iPadOS 13.4 at last bridges the gap between tablet and computer.

Smartphone Cameras: You cannot be serious…

Smartphone photography: Only for selfies and boring meal shots? Not a bit of it. John has discovered the phone in his pocket is one of the best cameras he has used. He's been converted on the road to the beach by an iPhone SE2...

Telling Time: Citizen Proximity smartwatch ten years on

Ten years ago on Macfilos: The search for the perfect smartwatch was still three years in the future. But did this rather cumbersome Citizen Proximity cut the mustard, even in 2012? Mike looks back on a not-so-successful try at watch/phone integration...

iPhone Stand: At last, a light, thin folding stand for smartphones


On the face of it, it's a simple quest: Find the perfect portable stand for a smartphone. Yes it is easier asked than done. Now Mike has found the perfect candidate and bought three just to be on the safe side....

How much RAM do you need to use Lightroom?

Do you need 1.5TB of RAM to process your holiday snaps. No way. But you might benefit from 16GB or even 32GB of extra computing power.

Twelve pictures chronicle a year of misery and recovery

It was probably the worst year of John's life. But twelve photographs chronicle his progression through despair to renewed optimism and a zest for life...

Activity App: Changing walking distance from kilometers to miles


Changing from kilometers to miles on the Apple Watch is a major challenge. It isn't easy, but I've discovered how to do it.

Apple Notes: A notable exception as I return to Evernote, tail between legs


Twice in the past few months I’ve written about Apple Notes. First, I recounted how I had successful transferred all my Evernote files over to Notes and that all had gone well. Well, it went downhill from there. First I noticed some slowness in Notes. Then I realised that every time I opened the application on the iPhone there would be a delay of over a minute before I could start a new note or search for an existing item.