Monday, February 24, 2020

MacBook Refresh: Hoping for the ideal travel computer


Three years on, Mike’s early MacBook is showing signs of processor limitations. Should it be replaced with a new, faster MacBook or an even faster, but heavier, MacBook Pro?

Apple Watch health monitoring and the Kardia Mobile electro-cardiogram


Who would have imagined that you could take a medical-grade electro-cardiagram as often as you like, just by using a thin sensor and an iPhone? The Kardia Mobile ECG monitor has been approved both in the US and UK as a medical device and is being recommended by general practitioners.

Apple’s new iMac Pro: Not the best choice for photographers


All that glittlers..... Apple's gorgeous new all-grey iMac Pro promises blistering performance. But is it money well spent for the keen stills photographer?

Speccing up the MacBook or choosing a faster MacBook Pro


Choosing a Mac laptop these days isn't at all easy. Do you major on the smallest side, with the MacBook, and limit performance? Or do yo go all-out for speed with the MacBook Pro and suffer the additional weight? Whatever route you take you have to make compromises.

Smartphones: Apple celebrates ten years of iPhone with the iPhone X


The new iPhone X is a worthy tenth-anniversary marker. In many ways it is as revolutionary as the original iPhone back in 2007.....

Apple iPad: The comeback tablet


Have iPad sales turned the corner? Mike points out that the previous decline in iPad sales could be more to do with the longer replacement cycle than with customer disenchantment. Recent model improvements and some price reductions have led to a 15% hike in sales....

Quazy Quest: iPhone 7 Plus takes on the mighty Leica Q


Why on earth bother with the cost and the weight of a Leica Q when you have a super set of cameras in your constant companion, your trusty iPhone 7 Plus? We think we know the answer, but USAToday aims to gives you the definitive response......

iPhone 8: Remembering the face, if not the name


Facial recognition is the new-fangled tip for the iPhone 8. But traditional facial recognition is almost dead.....

iPhone Photography: A huge opportunity for the camera industry


The effect of burgeoning iPhone photography is a positive indicator for the camera industry as a whole. Far from killing off the traditional camera, the new craze is introducing a whole generation to the pleasures of holding and using a camera.....

iPhone after ten years: Defining the 21st Century?


Ten years. It was today in 2007 that the Apple iPhone eventually made it to the public. Some believe it will be seen as one of the defining productions of the 21st Century.....