Saturday, August 15, 2020

Apple Watch: Joining the cashless society


Can you exist without cash? Electronic payments for trifling amounts are now commonplace, thanks largely to the total acceptance of swipe cards and smart devices such as the Apple Watch. We are moving inexorably to a point where cash will be an curiosity, a payment method of last resort…..

Macfilos Archives: My first iPhone, the shape of things to come


Ten years ago: My shiny new iPhone 3G arrives, maxed out with 16GB of storage. A revelation, and the first of many as it turned out.

New iPhone: A surfeit of Excess


Mike’s eyes were big when he clapped them on the iPhone EXCESS Maxi Maxi. Who could resist? He couldn’t, but in the end he did.

Aperture, the flawed genius. And why Lightroom won battle and war


Just what happened to Aperture and why did it die a sudden death. Stephen Hackett traces the history of Apple’s much-loved post processor over at Macstories….

Buying a new Mac: The problem is solved, for now


For a year or so Mike has been sitting at the side of the road watching the Apple bandwagon trundle by. But when to jump aboard? At last he has made a decision on a new Mac….

MacBook Refresh: Hoping for the ideal travel computer


Three years on, Mike’s early MacBook is showing signs of processor limitations. Should it be replaced with a new, faster MacBook or an even faster, but heavier, MacBook Pro?

Apple Watch health monitoring and the Kardia Mobile electro-cardiogram


Who would have imagined that you could take a medical-grade electro-cardiagram as often as you like, just by using a thin sensor and an iPhone? The Kardia Mobile ECG monitor has been approved both in the US and UK as a medical device and is being recommended by general practitioners.

Apple’s new iMac Pro: Not the best choice for photographers


All that glittlers..... Apple's gorgeous new all-grey iMac Pro promises blistering performance. But is it money well spent for the keen stills photographer?

Speccing up the MacBook or choosing a faster MacBook Pro


Choosing a Mac laptop these days isn't at all easy. Do you major on the smallest side, with the MacBook, and limit performance? Or do yo go all-out for speed with the MacBook Pro and suffer the additional weight? Whatever route you take you have to make compromises.

Smartphones: Apple celebrates ten years of iPhone with the iPhone X


The new iPhone X is a worthy tenth-anniversary marker. In many ways it is as revolutionary as the original iPhone back in 2007.....