Monday, June 17, 2019

The day I did not carry a camera

Mike fell flat on his face outside the Apple Store. Fortunately his M10 was safe at home...... 

MacBridge for Magic Keyboard and Trackpad

Are you ready to swap your mouse for a new Apple Magic TrackPad? If so, you will like the MacBridge from Twelve South because it transforms the keyboard and trackpad into one neat unit....

iPhone Stand: At last, a light, thin folding stand for smartphones

On the face of it, it's a simple quest: Find the perfect portable stand for a smartphone. Yes it is easier asked than done. Now Mike has found the perfect candidate and bought three just to be on the safe side....

MacBook Pro: How a slice of toast changed my mind

Mike had almost decided to sell his desktop and portable Macs in favour of one all-singing-dancing 13in MacBook Pro and a 27in monitor. But a slice of toast made him think twice....

Apple’s new LG-branded 5K monitor: Is it a good buy?

Apple has extended the 25% discount on MacBook Pro accessories for a further three months — including on the new LG-branded 5K monitor. But is it a good buy?

Android versus iOS: The elephant in the phone

It's a difficult choice between Android and iOS but, for seasoned Appleistas, the warm and comforting eco-system counts for a lot....

iPhone: Happy 10th birthday to the game changer

Ten years already: The iPhone was launched on January 9, 2007 to less than universal acclaim. Some, who should have known better, wrote it off. The world, however, took to the iPhone and transformed it into a monster success.

Apple Watch: It’s all about health monitoring for me

Since buying the first-generation Apple Watch Mike has become addicted to health monitoring. As he explains, this is not just for the hypochondriac but for all of us who are interested in preventive medicine.

Apple AirPods arriving everywhere

Apple's AirPods have arrived after many hiccups en route. December 19 is AirPod day for many, including Mike.  

Apple AirPods for Christmas – order now

After a long wait, Mike has now been able to order his Apple AirPods. Will he look super geeky or super sensible?