Monday, October 26, 2020

La’al Ratty: A reunion with the Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway in England’s Lake District

Continent hopping is on hold for now. So Mike turned back the clock to the 1950s with a nostalgic visit to the English Lake District and the superb Ravenglass & Eskdale 15in-gauge railway...

Leica D-Lux: The perfect companion for exploring Japan

Rediscovering Japan, meeting family through the lens of the handy Leica D-Lux type 109...

Remembering Steve Jobs and my first visit to Cupertino

Quite by chance I was visiting the Apple Campus on October 5, 2011, when news of Steve Jobs' death was announced...

Sri Lanka: Just my cup of tea

Farhiz goes to Sri Lanka in search of a good cup of tea...

Ultimate Adventure? What you need’s a Leica V-Lux 5 Explorer Kit

Leica’s latest lure comes in the shape of the long-nosed V-Lux 5 Explorer Kit. What more could you wish as you jet...

Bundle up for a super-zoom Leica experience

Here's a chance to grab Leica's superzoom compact, the C-Lux, with a bunch of free accessories—while stocks last...

A trek over London’s massive O2 Arena with just an iPhone for company

In this article Dave challenges himself to climb to the top of the Millennium Dome with nothing more than his iPhone 11 for company

In search of the Roman countryside along the Appian Way

In search of history along the ancient Appian Way, the Queen of Roads

Calleva Atrebatum: Historical novel draws me to the ancient city of Silchester

A chance reference in an historical novel takes Mike to Silchester, an abandoned Roman city almost on his doorstep but never once visited...

Kathmandu Valley: Madhypur Thimi and Bhaktapur

Jean continues his exploration of the colourful Kathmandu Valley in Nepal...