Friday, September 25, 2020

London’s Narrowest House: A tight squeeze for £1 million

If you have the odd million quid knocking around and fancy a bit of a squeeze, London's narrowest house (reputedly) could be just the ticket...

Swiss Roll: Hidden for 70 years, these photographs were recovered from an ancient Leica...

I roll of 35mm film exposed two generations ago in Switzerland and Italy. It has remained undeveloped through the decades and now provides a unique and poignant record or a vacation by an unknown family. We would like to get in touch and returned their unseen holiday snaps...

Fleet of Terrigal pelicans meets my new Leica Q2

After some very difficult months, John got the opportunity to take out his new Leica Q2 to capture a big of wildlife on the New South Wales coast...

Plitvice Lakes National Park: Visiting the Upper Lakes in Winter and Spring.

Winter and early spring in the dramatic Plitvice Lakes in Croatia. Kevin continues his photographic record of the stunning landscape in all seasons...

Macfilos is twelve today: Five million words on photography and technology

Macfilos is twelve today: Over 5,000 articles and five million words.

Whale-watching Sydney style

Wayne tries whale photography with his Leica V Lux. But, in the end, he bows to superior talents and a pro Canon rig...

Medieval construction site. Medieval Leica digital

With the much-loved M9 and its CCD sensor now under a bit of a cloud, Jörg-Peter takes an example of this "medieval" digital to a real medieval construction site, Campus Galli, to see what gives...

Dorothea Lange digital archive goes live

Dorothea Lange was one of the foremost photographers of the 20th century, recording American life during the first half of the century in astounding detail. You can now take a personal on-line tour of Lange's digital archive...

Nagaland: Traditions and a close encounter with a retired headhunter

Farhiz records some of the more remote areas of India's Nagaland – and manages to avoid the head hunters...

Kathmandu valley: Sanga, Dhulikhel, Panauti and Nagarkot

Sometimes it pays to concentrate. Instead of trying to cram in a full tour of Nepal, Jean decided to spend two weeks in one location, the Kathmandu Valley. It's more productive and less stressful than spending days on the road.