Bathurst 12-Hour GT: The best of racing

For pure entertainment and hard racing, the Bathurst 12 hour GT race On February 3 really was one of the bes — if not the best — I have ever seen. It really was a ripper....

Romania: Travels in Transylvania

At the start of the new millennium I visited Translyvania on three occasions. Working with a local translator/fixer, I documented life in the Szekely region that had changed very little in hundreds of years.

Travels with the Ricoh GR: Myanmar Part I, Yangon

Almost three years ago our steps led us to the golden land known as Myanmar. That was before the election when the LND won a landslide victory. What was striking at the time was the people's hope for a more democratic regime…..

Jim Clark: A quest to find the original memorial at Hockenheimring

Fifty years ago, a British Formula One driver who many consider having been one of the world’s finest racers died in a tragic accident on the old Hockenheimring circuit in Germany. We went to Hockenheim on a quest to find the original crash site buried in the forest.

Myanmar: A sad picture at Ngwe Saung Beach

Sadness is reflected in this picture taken on a beach in Myanmar…..

Leica Q: Joyful, impromptu shot from Oman

Sometimes the best shots come at the most unexpected moments — and often when you are unprepared.

Ricoh GR: My old weathered travel camera went to Bhutan

The Ricoh GR, with it’s large APS-C sensor in a tiny body, makes an ideal travel camera, as we all know. Jean took his well-travelled example to Bhutan and it rose to the occasion…..

Brighton Breezy with a fest of VW camper vans

Dave just happened to be in the right place with his Nikon Df when he stumbled across the impressive and very oddball Brighton Breeze campervan fest on the resort’s Marine Drive…

Kostas Balafas and his Greece: Philosophy and inspiration

Dragan Novakovic's evocative images from Northern England published two days ago reminded me of this article by Spiros Skaidopoulos which first appeared on Macfilos just two years ago. Since then our readership has grown significantly and there must be many who have not seen the wonderful work of Kostas Balafas.....

Oman: A special country and a magnet for photographers

Back in 2006 William was living and working in Qatar and a four-day visit to Oman provided him with a fund of photographic memories….