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Leica Q2: The perfect full-frame travel camera?

Is Leica's successful Q2 the ideal travel camera, despite the restructions of its fixed wide-angle lens? Keith sets off for Europe to find out...

Swiss Roll: The facts of the 70-year-old photo mystery as we now know them

The story of the Leica film undeveloped for 70 year has caught the world's imagination. William Fagan now analyses the roll, frame by frame and tells us what he now knows about the people and the locations.

Japan: Impressions and a quirky angle on a fascinating country

More travels in Japan viewed in colour and with emphasis on the wider angles

A few days in Berlin with the Voigtländer 50mm F2 APO-Lanthar

Berlin with the Leica M10 and a nifty-fifty lens, this time the superb Voigtländer 50mm f/2 Apo-Lanthar...

Swiss Roll: Hidden for 70 years, these photographs were recovered from an ancient Leica...

I roll of 35mm film exposed two generations ago in Switzerland and Italy. It has remained undeveloped through the decades and now provides a unique and poignant record or a vacation by an unknown family. We would like to get in touch and returned their unseen holiday snaps...

Living like a vampire: Landscape and the Leica Q2 Monochrom

Monochrome photography for landscapes and mountaineering: The choice between Leica SL2 conversions, the M Monochrom and the new Leica Q2 Monochrom

The quest for a high-quality compact camera: Sony’s RX1Rii still rules them all

What is the ideal travel camera, the pefect compromise between quality and size? Erin takes us on his quest to find the ideal carry-anywhere quality compact...

Rust and decay: But the Leica X2 remains forever young

Cameras come, cameras go. But Jean believes the Leica X2 and its X1 predecessor are timeless classics. Here, he takes is beloved X2 to all the rusty spots along the promenade...

Swiss Roll: Latest update on our 70-year-old mystery film

William Fagan's resurrected photographs found in an old camera have attracted world-wide attention. Who were the who people (and a dachshund) who set out from Zurich to drive to northern Italy in the Spring of 1951? The search continues...

Billingham’s Thomas: A briefcase for all occasions

Photographers tend to think of Billingham as a manufacturer of camera bags. But the range of general luggage is also worth a look. The handy Thomas briefcase/messenger bag is all rounder than can even accommodate your camera.

Leica’s New Milestone: My first experiences with the SL2

Another brilliant review of the new Leica SL2 by Thomas Berger. Thomas had the opportunity to use the camera before release and, as a professional photography, took a hard look at it in comparison with the first SL and the Hasselblad X1D medium-format camera.

A departure, an arrival

Purchased in the Year of the Devil, the little Ricoh GRIII sat neglected throughout the worst of the pandemic. Then came the unboxing...

The Leica Q2 takes on Gaudi: A sui generis showdown

Keith pays a visit to Gaudi's masterpieces, Leica Q2 in hand...

Maison Bertaux: The best croissanterie in London


Next time you find yourself in London's Soho, do visit Maison Bertaux in Greek Street. Mike chomps on his croissant in anticipation.....

Jim Clark: A quest to find the original memorial at Hockenheimring


Fifty years ago, a British Formula One driver who many consider having been one of the world’s finest racers died in a tragic accident on the old Hockenheimring circuit in Germany. We went to Hockenheim on a quest to find the original crash site buried in the forest.