Friday, September 25, 2020

At the sign of the rubber gloves: Fridges mended here


Q: What do rubber gloves on sticks mean in Zambia. A: Advertisements for plumbers among others. Richard spotted this exciting "billboard".

An encounter at the Dennis Severs house


Inspired by the Macfilos article on the Dennis Severs house in London's ancient Spitalfields, Richard took a pot shot at the Water Poet.....

Electrifying Marrakesh and climate-friendly Formula E racing


Bob paid a visit to Marrakesh with his Canon point-and-shoot on one of the most electrifying weekends of the year.....

River life in Indonesia


I am traveling across Indonesia and I want to share one nice moment that I was lucky enough to catch on a picture.

Leica CL meets a northern Japanese winter

Macfilos Weekender from Yoshinori FukuiLast week my new CL had an exciting time, going from 30 degrees to zero in a matter...

Kostas Balafas and his Greece: Philosophy and inspiration


Dragan Novakovic's evocative images from Northern England published two days ago reminded me of this article by Spiros Skaidopoulos which first appeared on Macfilos just two years ago. Since then our readership has grown significantly and there must be many who have not seen the wonderful work of Kostas Balafas.....

Fuji at Chester Zoo: World’s third-ranking animal kingdom


David has always enjoyed Chester Zoo it has been a constant feature in his life. It is now ranked as the third zoo in the world and is well worth a visit....

Fuji, Fuji reaches for the sky in New York, New York!


New York is exciting at the best of times, but for a first-time visitor it can be overwhelming. David captured his first impressions of this world city through three prime lenses of his Fuji system.....

Fuji X20: Blast from the past takes on Kyoto in the rain


We arrived in historic heritage Kyoto in drizzling rain, and the weather stayed that way while we were there. So, what to do? The little backup Fuji X20 came to the rescue.....

Cormorants Reconsidered: Birds of ill omen get makeover


Cormorants have had a bad press. But David thinks all the ill-omen stuff is overdone. These birds are remarkable creatures he believes.....