Friday, September 25, 2020

Leica Digilux 1: Shanghai memories return through the lens of a vintage digital camera

My Australian friend John Shingleton, he of the Rolling Road blog, has just dusted off a collection of early digital pictures...

1940s Relived: A chance to get dressed up this weekend


Get out your demob suit and your black-market nylons and head down to Brooklands this weekend…

Oops…dropped my Leica from the balcony and it demolished the wall


A keen Chinese Leica photographer, Saigon Matches on Weibo, has had a little accident with his M9. He had it perched on a high balcony in order to get an atmospheric shot with his D-Lux. Instead he got more than he bargained for when a gust of wind sent the Leica plummeting to the ground.

Cossacks of the Surrey steppes


Cossacks in Surrey, surely some mistake. But no, the Red Army is out in force every November on the steppes of the Home Counties....

First Impressions: Silver Noctilux and 35mm Summilux


As with the new Summarits, I was late in getting round to handling the latest silver Noctilux and 35mm Summilux. There were just too many new cameras coming out of Wetzlar. These lenses surprised me once I managed to screw them on my M and have a play.

Leica’s model numbering system returns to logic with the D-Lux 7


The next D-Lux will the called the D-Lux 7, the current model is just D-Lux, its predecessor was the D-Lux 6. So is the current D-Lux the D-Lux 6.5? Die Modellnummerabfolgeerfindungskontrollabteilung is back on the right track…..

Leica Akademia in Athens is a thriving university for the photographic profession, providing new...


When my new friend Vlassis Hatzialexandrou told me he had "graduated from the Leica Akademie in Athens in 2007" I was a bit sceptical. Surely the term graduation was over-egging the pudding, judging by my experience of the rather exclusive Leica Akademie in London.

Back to happiness: Just one camera, one lens

Would you be happier if you sold all your gear and went back to just one simple Leica rangefinder and one lens? Discuss......

More Zenit images, new website


More on the new Zenit M rangefinder camera and lens

Leica Summilux-M 90mm f/1.5 ASPH announced

The 90mm Leica Summilux-M is finally here and will cost £10,700 here in the UK. It is billed as an ideal portrait lens and boasts an ultra-narrow depth of field — said by Leica to be half that of the 50mm Noctlux.