Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Street photography: That Kiss and Winston Churchill’s cigar

If you want willing subjects for your street photography there is no better place to go than a special event such as...

Fuji X-Pro 1: Is this the new classic among digital cameras?

I never cease my amazement at the progress made by Fuji in just five years since the first X100 hit the shelves. Even more surprising...

Leica SL, M, S and Q get exclusive access to BAFTA backstage

Leica has teamed up with the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) to undertake all backstage reportage and portraiture at this year's Film Awards ceremony. Full details here in this Leica release:

Leica announces 18mm f/2.8 Elmarit L-mount pancake lens

Hitherto, the smallest Leica L-mount lens has been the 23mm Summicron. How the APS-C system gets a high-performance 18mm f/2.8 Elmarit pancake. It makes an ideal combination when twinned with the new CL camera.

Leica M-D: Latest Adobe Lightroom adds support for screenless camera

Adobe has added support for the Leica M-D in the latest versions of Lightroom and Creative Cloud.

Soft Release Buttons: Silver craftsmanship for the photographer who has everything

You can now buy solid silver, craftsman-made soft release buttons for your Leica M cameras. Do I want one? Not at all. And here's why.....

Of bags, bags and more bags: Heading down to the Bowery

Patrick Leong has been putting the ONA Bowery camera bag through its paces and likes what he finds.

Back to happiness: Just one camera, one lens

Would you be happier if you sold all your gear and went back to just one simple Leica rangefinder and one lens? Discuss......

Cityscapes: Who will rid us of these troublesome cranes?

Don't you just hate them? There isn't a decent cityscape to be snapped anywhere in the world without a herd of cranes galloping into sight. A plague on all their office blocks.

A snow day in London

S'no trains, so what does a guy do? He sets off on foot with his Leica M3 in hand.....