Monday, December 16, 2019

Leica M10: Back from the abyss as a reader rejoices

Macfilos reader Edwin Datschefski was moved to tears as the Leica M10 answered all his dreams....

Central Cameras: Photo haven in the windy city

The number of photographic stores in the USA has fallen by 75% in the past ten years. Sadly it is a worldwide trend and can only get worse. But John believes we need to do everything we can to keep the best of the crop. Here he tracks down the granddaddy of camera shops in Chicago....

Return of Tom Stanworth and a Leica changing moment

Tom Stanworth of The Photo Fundamentalist blog has returned to live in Britain after 11 years in Afghanistan. He has also faced a fundamental change in his choice of photographic gear: He has decided to replace his faithful Leicas with something new.

Leica M: Rumours, damned rumours and statistics

Macfilos isn't a rumour site and we prefer to wait for official announcements. But it is becoming increasingly difficult to overlook the raft of seemingly plausible hints....

FOTOS now supports Leica Q2

Leica Q2 owners can now enjoy all the facilities of the Leica FOTOS application with the latest version which is now available for download (which is automatic if you had the previous version on your device)

Streettog Trends: Old film cameras, young photographers

Why bother with a modern digital when you can have all the fun of shooting with an ancient film camera? I...

Sony RX100 VI: AP compact camera of the year

AP magazine has chosen the Sony RX100 Mark VI as its compact camera of the year. And with good reason, as we found out....

Leica Q strip-down: Now put it all back together again

If you have half a day to spare, get out your magnetic screwdriver and dismantle your £4,000 Leica Q into a pile of spare parts and tiny screws. It's therapeutic.

Leica M-A: The thinking man’s film camera

When I heard about the new M-A (the M-Analog according to Dr. Kaufmann) I was not so sure it would be popular. Wouldn't most film fans prefer the MP with its built in light meter or, even, the automatic M7?

Konost: My name is Bob and I have a new rangefinder to show you

Carefully leaked rumours have been swirling since 2014. Now, the new Konost rangefinder is promised for the end of 2017. What can we make of it?