Leica M10 first impressions of the best M digital ever made


After a very brief association, Mike is more than happy with his new M10. He believes it is the best digital M ever made. It could even convert remaining film buffs......

Red Dot Cameras: On the move to a new location


Red Dot Cameras is on the move to bigger and more splendid premises. The new store is just around the corner from Old Street, at 86 Goswell Road.

Leica Q2 Firmware Update 1.1 tackles RAW-file issue

The new firmware for Leica's Q2 addresses the problem Lightroom users have experienced when attemting to process RAW files created with the Continuous Super Speed setting.

The Leica Q2 Goes Wine Tasting: A weekend of photography in the Sonoma Valley

Recently I visited one of California’s marquee wine-growing regions: the Sonoma Valley. Based on previous experience, I was sure the business of wine production...

Gateways to Heaven or at least to a new (rangefinder) world

There are questions you would rather avoid. And there are those you are only too eager to answer. In connection with the M-Files, I was asked such a welcome question quite a few times: "Now the time has come, I also want to buy a Leica like this, which can take pictures like in the past. But what should I choose?" Here is my answer.

Leica’s new V-Lux compared with the V-Lux 4


The V-Lux 4 has been a popular camera for Leica and I know of many people who have produced some amazing shots. But there is no arguing that the camera's 1/2.3in sensor is small and uncompetitive in 2014.

Street Photography: Just what is the best focal length to choose for your next...


Look at the above photo. For me it captures all that is good in street photography, with all the classic features of a compelling shot. Taken last week in a waterlogged post-eclipse Venice by George James, this composition has everything: A superb location, the shiny wet pavement, the reflection and the decisive moment. The young man with the umbrella and messenger bag is caught in mid-stride, pacing across the promenade with determination against the dramatic backdrop of the lagoon.

Firmware Update: New lens profiles for Leica M10 family

Leica introduces new lens profiles for M10 family of cameras, including the M10-D

Leica M: Rangefinder learning curve becomes less daunting


For a new generation of photographers brought up on autofocus, auto everything cameras the idea of manual focus can be alien. And the concept of a rangefinder camera is even more odd. It was surprising, then, that rangefinder newcomers at Leica's current crop of Brick Lane photowalks are producing great results after minimal exposure.

Leica appoints new United Kingdom managing director

Farah Ahmed Perez is the new head of Leica in the UK. She takes up the appointment following her role as MD of Hermès Parfums UK...

Leica firmware update for the D-Lux 7, C-Lux, V-Lux 5 cameras now available

Leica's compacts, the D-Lux 7, V-Lux 5 and the little C-Lux now feature East Connect to the FOTOS application as well as offering tgoetagging functionality. Firmware version 2.0 for the three cameras is now available for download.

Leica M7: Meet Neil of Old Street, dressed in his best lizard suit

It's not often I can venture into Red Dot Cameras in London's Old Street without spying something new or unusual. So it...

Leica M3: Why you should buy the first Leica M and how to choose...

Hamish Gill in Worcester has a new M3. Not a stranger to the German company's products, Hamish has a IIIa, an...

Leica M3 and street photography

We a look at Leica film photography and the optimum time to do your daily blog post

Canvas City: Street Art in Berlin

Farhiz explores Berlin's street art — using the city as a canvas...