Steam Travel: Winter Cumbrian Mountain Express and dinner in the sauna with Anna

We are fortunate in Britain to have a wonderful railway netwiork and a thriving heritage movement that manages to organise excursions, many headed by steam, throughout the year. One such is the Railway Touring Club and I have had the good fortune to take part in several of their well-oranised outings, mostly in the UK but also to other parts of Europe.

Arte di Mano Leica M Grip Case: Ultimate accessory for your M-P

When Leica loaned me the new M-P for review I discovered that my favourite M240 Arte di Mano half-case fitted, but only just. The problem is that the original M had no frameline lever while the new M-P has suddenly sprouted a Leica M3-lookalike that definitely adds gravitas to the camera. The edge of the old case abutted the lever and, on reflection, I decided this wasn't ideal.

Croatia with the Leica X Vario: Velika Paklenica Gorge and Valley

Paklenica National Park — Part one of a series of adventures in Croatia with the Leica X Vario

Bill Palmer’s Passion: Fuji is the Leica of the new Millennium

Bill converted from Leica and turned to his new religion, Fuji. He has some clear views on why Fuji is now taking over as the Leica of the new Millennium. Read on....

Lumix FZ1000 with 1in sensor goes head-to-head with Sony RX10

A few months ago I had the opportunity to play with Sony's RX10. I was immediately impressed with the sturdy build, the very...

Leica Mini revealed in rumour

The new Leica Mini M is almost certainly an X2, APS-C sensored compact with a zoom lens. The current X2 is has a fixed...

New Leica X not what I thought. Better

The newly introduced Leica X is not, as I thought, upgraded X2. It is an X Vario with a fixed 23mm Summilux (f/1.7) lens and a revised hotshoe to accept the Visoflex EVF first seen on the T.

MGB Classic car

MG classics and the versatile Panasonic FZ1000

"Get a shot of every car in the event" was my brief. And what better tool than the verstatile Panasonic FX1000 with that competent one-inch sensor.....

Leica M-D: Why is it not as thin as the Leica M6?

Surely, many reasoned, without the screen and all those buttons it should have been possible to shave 4mm off the depth of the new screenless Leica M-D to bring it into line with the thickness of a typical Leica film camera.

Leica M10-D: All the images you need to see

Leica’s press office has excelled itself with “ambient shots” of the new M10-D, what with photographer Tomas van Houtryve teetering among the chimneys of Paris. It’s all good stuff, though, and gives us a fund of images for future eulogies to the screenless M10.