Saturday, August 24, 2019

Leica X1: Pure magic on a winter road trip up the NSW coast

A well-travelled road and opportunities missed. But on this one occasion John struck lucky...

One Man’s Story: Online camera auctions and collecting classic Leicas

About five years ago I was walking through Grafton Street in Dublin when I actually saw an assistant putting a Leica II Model D in the window. This is a modern shop which nowadays largely sells digital cameras, so that event was remarkable in itself. I went into the shop immediately and checked the item. I then went home and checked the Laney book and the price from online sources. The following day I went into town again and bought the camera. Thus my collecting career was born.

Leica launches Project Z

Leica launches Project Z: Seven up-and-coming photographers will take their choice of Leica camera around the world

New Leica M with no screen, stripped down racing model

The rumours, unlikely as they sounded, were spot on with this new stripped-down M. I know many friends who are attracted by the idea of what is, in effect, a Leica film camera with a sensor replacing the film.

Eric Kim goes micro four-thirds and scoops a Leica DG lens

After years of using the Ricoh GR as his go-to camera, intrepid streettog Eric Kim has had something of a Damascene conversion. He’s chosen a much bigger camera with a super competent lens — an outfit made by Panasonic’ own little heaven

Leica Q at the Lenbachhaus in Munich

John took his Leica Q to the wonderfully restored and extended Lensbachhaus in the centre of Munich…..

Leica Monochrom Silver Engrave special edition

Those of you into Leica special editions will drool over the latest creation from Wetzlar, the Monochrom Silver Engrave. It is distinguished by the...

Laos in the analogue age — and a Leica M6

Jean Perenet's adventures in Laos with the trusty Ricoh GR prompts me to delve into the archives to find my Leica M6 images taken in Laos 15 years ago....