Sunday, January 24, 2021

PIXII: APS-C mechanical M-mount rangefinder camera with no rear screen

The much-rumoured PIXII rangefinder camera with M Mount is nearing production. The only snag for rangefinder enthusiasts is that it is an APS-C camera designed for use with full-frame lanses.

Leica M: Building a lens family for the new M10


Ashwin Rao puts together a guide to deciding which focal lengths and which lenses to consider when starting to build a Leica system....

Fujifilm expands X range with new X-E1

Announced today, the latest addition to Fujifilm's semi-pro X series is a smaller version of the X-Pro 1. The X-E1 retains...

Sigma Art Lenses: L-Mount versions confirmed

Following the announcement of the two new Lumix S1 cameras, interest is now focused on which lenses Sigma will decide to launch under the L-Mount Alliance. The Art range must be top of the list.

FrankenLeica: A 1954 M3 with a difference

The FrankenLeica began life as a 1954 double-stroke M3, just like mine, until David Lykes Keenan got his hands on it: ...

Leica Watch: Ernst Leitz Werkstätten, the new name in luxury timepieces


As reported yesterday, the Leica Watch has been launched this evening in Wetzlar. Here are the full details.

Leica T: First Arte di Mano half case seen in the wild


While working on my review of the Leica T over the last few weeks I had forgotten to check with Sejun Kim at Arte di Mano in Korea to see what new cases he had conjured up for the latest camera. As I said in the test, the bottom of the T's grip is sharp and digs into the palm of the hands after a time, so I recommended a half case of some description.

Last week on Macfilos Photo

During the past week I have been gradually getting to know my Leica Monochrom better. I am amazed by the detail...

Leica M240 reliability problems surface

The Leica M240 I bought at the end of March has not been the most reliable of cameras. Apart from having...

Panasonic GX8: Monday surprise at the camera centre


Mike wakes up to an offer he can't refuse....