Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Leica M10: The world’s lightest and cheapest camera system bag

Surprise surprise. A little bag I've had in a drawer for years turns out to be the 

Leica X Vario: An excellent performer

At last DxOMark has published test results for the Leica X Vario camera. The conclusion, reproduced here in Leicarumors:When announced, the Leica- X Vario...

Six cameras easy to carry anywhere

Fixed lens cameras make great travel companions. But which are the best you can go for?

Back to Film Basics: The case for a production version of the Leica M60...

When the press release announcing the new stripped-down M262 appeared in my inbox I expected to find it was a consumer version of last year’s screenless wonder, the M60 special edition. I liked that camera immensely, though with its steel body and steel lens it is a hefty beast.

Beijing: Kartskating, new craze for waiters

Two off-duty fúwù yuán turn their table-waiting talents to kartskating, obviously a new craze in Sanlitun, the Soho of Beijing. Note the omnipresent smartphone...

Fuji XM-FL vs XF 23mm: The most fun you can have with your lenses...

Last year Fuji brought out a bit of an oddity, a body cap lens. The XM-FL is only available in Japan as at time of writing. In order to get hold of mine I had to resort to eBay and part with seventy-five quid and get it shipped halfway around the world. Two weeks after pressing the button it arrived; possibly the lightest lens-containing parcel I have ever received.

The day a vintage Bentley ate my favourite Leica

Contrary to popular modern belief, Leica cameras were plentiful back in the 1950s when I first started. Indeed the camera shops had windows full of them BUT they were all pre-war or the spoils of war. As this was a time when Britain had to export or die, the last thing our government wanted anyone to do was import foreign goods, and especially not from any country which until very recently had been a bitter enemy.

Silver Efex Pro and Nik software suite now free from Google

Silver Efex Pro is one of my favourite monochrome processing applications and it has been a companion to Lightroom for years. A quick run through Sefex and mandate, flat black and white shots--especially DNGs from the Leica Monochrom--are brought to life.

Leica Oddball: Standard camera with added rangefinder housing

"The camera body is a Leica Standard. Viewfinder and rangefinder have been installed by another supplier. In the book “300 Leica Copies” I could find nothing similar. The 1:3.5/50mm Elmar lens, number 279689, was delivered to London on 25 March 1936."

Leica introduces SF 60 flash unit and SF C1 remote control

Leica introduces a desirable flash with professional features and a complementary remote control unit.