Screenless stripped-down Leica M tipped as surprise newcomer at Photokina


Rumours of a simple, screenless M camera get new credence today at Leica Rumors. The site believes that this camera will be a special edition, complete with lens, to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the launch of the M3 in 1954.

London Leica Store really is open, honest

Leica's new Mayfair store in Duke Street, near Oxford Street, is now in full operation.

Leica sales revenue increases for third successive year

Leica sales revenue has increased for the third successive year and forecasts promising future development. Revenue of Leica Camera Group grew nine percent (€485m compared with last year's €444m) and the company achieved a record high.

Leica M10: Arte di Mano halfcase for no-compromise excellence


If you own a Leica M10 and want the best, irrespective of price, then look carefully at this superb half case from Arte di Mano......

Leica Summilux-M 50 f/1.4 ASPH close-focus lens launched

The newest version of the Leica 50mm Summilux f/1.4 features improved optics and a close-focus distance of 45mm...

Kissing the Opera House: The best-laid plan that went agley

Setting up the perfect sunrisse shot of Sydney Opera House only to find a huge ship in the way: Both mice and men must make compromises and, in the end, all went well

Review: Arte di Mano half-case for Leica M11

If you own a Leica M11 and are in a pampering mood, buy the best leather half-case protector on the market. Arte di Mano has a new case to match the M11, taking full advantage of the opportunities for quick battery change and USB-C power and data transfer...

Rock n Roll Small Havana camera bag: A mini Tardis for all your gear

Jonathan Slack tries out the Rock n Roll Small Havana camera bag, made from novel materials and holding more than you would have thought...

The weathervanes of Coronado: A project

Every photographer needs a good project, especially during recurring lockdowns. Keith's chosen subject was the weathervanes of Coronado island, and here they are in all their gusty glory...

Viewfinders: Why the good old rangefinder has EVFs beaten


It is a salutary thought that this viewfinder has not been significantly improved since 1954 when the Leica M3 was announced. In fact, many say that the M3 still has the brightest viewfinder of any Leica. But any modern rangefinder offers easy focus and accurate composition even in adverse conditions. Only in extreme low light and low-contrast situations is is sometimes difficult to nail focus.

Burlington Arcade Ski Slope: The clue is in the wheel on the skis


Exiting the Leica store in London's high-denomination Burlington Arcade, I was surprised to find myself surrounded by skiers in full regalia and apparently ready for action. With London lucky to get half an inch of snow a year, this was incongruous to say the least

Leica Q after three years: Is an update on the horizon?


The Q has been an unprecedented success for Leica and is only just becoming freely available after three years on the market. It has grabbed the limelight like no other Leica compact. Not only that, it has been acclaimed even by those who traditionally criticise any product bearing the red dot as overpriced, overhyped and over here.

Leica M and the execution of King Charles I


It is just 366 years since Oliver Cromwell and his henchmen executed the second Stuart king, Charles I, at the old Banqueting Hall in Whitehall. It heralded eleven years of republic, or Commonwealth, before the Restoration of Charles's son, Charles II, in 1660. Every year, the event is commemorated by Civil War re-enactment societies who lay a wreath at the foot of the king's statue in Trafalgar Square followed by a march and memorial service. It's an opportunity for enthusiasts to brush off their best 17th Century togs and strut their stuff down The Mall and across to Horseguards' Parade. 

Leica reference database on your smartphone or iPad


There are several existing pocket references to all Leica cameras, lenses and accessories but most are now out of date and incomplete. Imagine having instant access to all this information, right up to date, on your iPhone or iPad.....

Hermes: Your next camera will cost $50,000

After watching this video you will be up for spending $50,000 on the special Leica M9-P Hermès Edition. Oh, and the scarf is $1,000...