Monday, September 28, 2020

Whale-watching Sydney style

Wayne tries whale photography with his Leica V Lux. But, in the end, he bows to superior talents and a pro Canon rig...

Leica cameras of the 20th Century: A video presentation from noted expert, William Fagan

William Fagan's presentation to LHSA members on old Leicas from the mid-1920s to the end of the century has been a great success. Macfilos readers now have the chance to watch the video. We also include a special membership offer and the opportunity to take part in a competition to win a Leica M10-R body.

Taking a closer look at the L-Mount line-up: The comprehensive Macfilos lens database

Macfilos today launches an interactive datasheet of all L-Mount lenses available for use on Pansonic, Leica and Sigma cameras. Use it as your reference point from now on.

Medieval construction site. Medieval Leica digital

With the much-loved M9 and its CCD sensor now under a bit of a cloud, Jörg-Peter takes an example of this "medieval" digital to a real medieval construction site, Campus Galli, to see what gives...

Can you ever have enough cameras?

Hello - I’m Andrew. I’ve just published my first article on Macfilos - you can read it here - and I thought...

Panasonic’s rumoured S5 full-frame camera smaller than the micro four-thirds G9?

With the full specification of the forthcoming Panasonic S5 now leaked, the announcement can be expected soon. It appears that the new camera will be smaller than the micro four-thirds G9 and will compet with the Sony A7III and Nikon Z5 on weight.

Haptic adventures with a medium-format digital back

After a surfeit of Leica digital M variations, Andrew decided to go old school with Hasselblad, but spiced things up with a digital back...

The Winona Leica M3: Spot the difference

Whever I see an old Leica used as a prop I have to investigate. This promotional video Squarespace uses an M3. But which M3? And why doesn't it look like Mike's 1954 double-stroke example?

Leica M9 sensor replacement ends. Upgrade to a newer model is now the only...

Leica announces the end of the sensor-replacement scheme for those M9 models, and derivatives, suffering from the well-documented corrosion problem. Owners of problem cameras can now upgrade to a variety of later cameras.

Fagan Zooms in on Old Leicas

Macfilos author William Fagan will give a Zoom presentation on old Leica cameras and equipment on August 19. LHSA members should register now to be sure of a place.