Saturday, January 25, 2020

LockCircle MetalJacket 2 cage for the Leica SL2

For the SL2 owners who have everything, including everything they didn't know they wanted. The MetalJacket 2 is a serious bit of kit for the cinemetographer. But could it gain fans who fancy a more aggressive approach to street photography?

UK photo retailers to benefit from the rising pound

A rising British pound in the wake of last week's election will be good news for importers of photographic equipment and will benefit dealers, not just those selling new cameras but also specialists in classic equipment.

Leica Summilux-M 90mm f/1.5 ASPH announced

The 90mm Leica Summilux-M is finally here and will cost £10,700 here in the UK. It is billed as an ideal portrait lens and boasts an ultra-narrow depth of field — said by Leica to be half that of the 50mm Noctlux.

Leica Hodinkee Ghost limited edition in 250 sets worldwide

Leica's latest M10-P special edition, the Ghost, has been designed by Hodinkee founder, Benjamin Clymer as a tribute to his first dive watch which he purchased in his early twenties.

Jonathan Slack at Red Dot Cameras open day

Jono Slack is at Red Dot Cameras in London on Saturday to tell you all about his experiences as a camera and lens tester. See you there!

Kissing the Opera House: The best-laid plan that went agley

Setting up the perfect sunrisse shot of Sydney Opera House only to find a huge ship in the way: Both mice and men must make compromises and, in the end, all went well

James Bond minds his Ms and his Qs

Looks like Leica could have muscled in on the next James Bond film, No Time to Die. Following an appearance on Good Morning America yesterday, Daniel Craig whipped out a Leica Q (or perhaps a Q2) in front of the press.

Sensor Size: Are we just being dense?

Is a sensor with more pixels “larger” than its predecessor or “denser”. Should we clearly differentiate between sensor area and pixel density and avoid the sloppy descriptions often bandied around the internet?

Leica M10 Monochrom to bring a larger sensor to the party?

Japanese camera site Nokishita has told us that the forthcoming Leica M10 Monochrom will have a larger, 41MP sensor. What does this mean for the current M10 and the prospect of an M11?

Leica M8 in Japan: A very different culture, a groundbreaking digital camera

Leica’s first digital rangefinder, the M8, had a mixed reception. But it was the first step towards the full-frame M range which has proven so popular among more traditional photographers. Richard took his M8 to Japan over ten years ago and captured the flavour of a very different culture.