Leica SL2 Kit: Two new bundles bring kit total to four

Leica has expanded its SL2 kit range with two new special offers featuring the silver anodised version of the mirrorless camera...

Leica IIIa brought back to life after 85 years: Flip or flop?

John has owned the Leica IIIa for 56 years, ever since she was a sprightly 30-year-old. Completely refurbished, the IIIa is now working as well as when new. But is it a keeper, even after all these years?

My First Leica: The M6 records a lost China before the turn of the...

My first Leica: The M6 arrived in time to accompany me on many visits to record the changing face of China in the last years of the 20th century...

Leica M6 2022: A mix of essay and review

The Leica M6 2022 is an exercise in mechanical high-tech perfection. It is built to last for generations, in direct contrast to today's consumer products. Claus delves into his motivation in buying the new camera

Classic Cases announces new range of models to fit the Leica M11

British manufacturer, Classic Cases, has an enviable reputation for producing traditionally styled half cases which provide superb protection and improved grip. The latest range is designed for the Leica M11 and comes in a variety of colours and the option of an additional screen protector.
Product image shows Voigtländer Nokton VM 21/1.4 and 75/1.5 Leica M-Mount rangefinder lenses

The M Files (20): Voigtländer Nokton VM 21/1.4 and 75/1.5 – a pair of...

The Voigtländer Nokton lenses are the brand's fastest and most expensive optics. Episode 20 of The M Files reviews the 21/1.4 and the 75/1.5 with VM Mount for Leica rangefinder and other cameras.

Steampunk: The genre where posers are posers and photographers are loved

Shy of asking if you can take pictures of interesting characters? If so, try visiting a Steampunk event where everyone is just waiting to meet your lens...

Music on the March: all the way from from Sousa to slapstick

If walking while chewing gum constitutes a minimal test of physical and mental coordination, surely walking while playing music defines the opposite end of...

200 Pink Ladies and their tractors take to the roads of Suffolk

Fundraising on the grand scale: Two hundred Pink Ladies of Suffolk trundle their tractors around the country lanes. But it's all in a good cause...

Phase One XC: Designed to be with you, always

The new fixed-lens "compact" from PhaseOne XC puts Leica's Q3 in the shade in more ways than one, apart from costing ten times as much. If you want 151 MP muscle in a 1.82Kg go-anywhere body, then the PhaseOne XC could be for you...

Leica, Linda, Mary, and Paul: spot the common denominator

The McCartney family might be best known for their music, but they are also talented photographers. A new exhibition at the National Portrait gallery, by Paul McCartney, provides a unique, insider view of the early days of the Beatles.

Review: The Voigtländer 50mm f/1.2 Nokton VM for M-Mount

Dirk Säger compares the value-for-money 50mm Voigtländer f/1.2 Nokton-VM with Leica's workhorse f/2, the Summicron

L-Mount Alliance: Samyang and Astrodesign expand cooperation to seven companies

The five-year-old L-Mount Alliance continues to expand, particularly in the field of professional cinematography. Today, the existing five companies in the LMA are jointed by Astrodesign and Samyang Optics...

Leica M6 2022: Pressure plate problems addressed

Leica addresses the film-transport film scratching reported by some buyers of the 2022 version of the Leica M6 camera...

The Doors: rainbow colours under a cloudless sky

Choice of front door color allows homeowners to personalize their home and express something about themselves. But, how many take full advantage of the full spectrum of colors available to them? Our photographic explorer went to find out.