Monday, December 16, 2019

Busy times at Macfilos: News, features. product testing

The pace is hotting up at Macfilos: Events to cover, travel articles to prepare, Leicas and lenses to test. November has been the businest-ever month in the ten-year history of the blog.

Leica SL2 : Long-term review of the SL successor

The SL2 has arrived and we can now publish this long-term review by beta-tester Jonathan Slack.

Leica SL2 arrives: A very desirable upgrade for L-Mount fans

Leica's much-rumoured replacement for the innovative SL has arrived at last. With a bigger sensor, in-body stabilisation and class-leading video, it is likely to have a wider appeal than its predecessor.

The day a one-metre dragon came to my garden

Close encounters of a water-dragon type. Water-dragons aren't known for lazily posing for photographs, so you need to be quick on the hoof to capture a shot. John found this speciment in his garden.

Leica Q2 gets the Thumbs Up: How a simple brass grip transforms the handling

The absence of the much-promised Leica thumb grip for the new Q2 camera has been a source of friction here at Macfilos Towers. Fed up waiting, we've gone back to the original and the best, the all-brass Thumbs Up. It transforms the handling of the Leica Q2.

Veteran Cars: Where there’s brass there’s even more brass

Fancy sitting on (rather than in) a motorcar made before 1905 on a miserable November morning for a 50-mile trip from London to Brighton You need to be pretty hardy and also nifty with a spanner. Mike visited to prequel of the run in London's Regent Street last Saturday.

Wee deoch-an-doris up Everest way: A distillery in the oddest location

A near disaster as the little Leica was saddled with the wrong settings. But Wayne's images from the Himalayas survived to feature in this Macfilos article....

Leica Society at Leica in London

More photograph's from the Leica Society visit to Leica's flagship store and gallery in Duke Street, London.

Silver Summarits discontinued, some still in stock

The attractive silver-finish Summarit lenses for the Leica M system have now been discontinued. Black versions continue.

Take off for the summer in Leica’s wicker basket

Three things to know about Leica’s new Wicker Basket. Only 150 are being woven, they cost £160 each, and Leilac isn’t my colour.