Saturday, July 4, 2020

Leica special edition lenses in stock at Red Dot

New limited-edition Leica M lenses are now in stock at Red Dot Cameras in London

Press photography with the screw-mount Leicas

Press photographer Don Morley looks back on his reliance on pre-war screw-mount Leicas for his daily bread and butter, back in the 1950s.

Rock & Roll’s 25%-off fifth-anniversary sale

Get in quick and there's a 25% fifth anniversary discount on the popular range of Rock & Roll camera straps.

Leica firmware update for the D-Lux 7, C-Lux, V-Lux 5 cameras now available

Leica's compacts, the D-Lux 7, V-Lux 5 and the little C-Lux now feature East Connect to the FOTOS application as well as offering tgoetagging functionality. Firmware version 2.0 for the three cameras is now available for download.

Leica M: The rising popularity of the film camera

Leica is seeing more demand for its film cameras since digital Leicas were launched more than ten years ago. And demand for used M rangefinders is outstripping demand. Just what is going on?

Film’s not dead: Leica confirms commitment to film cameras

Stefan Daniel, Leica's global production director, confirmed the company's commitment to continuing the manufacture of film cameras during Friday's discussion with members...

Leica M camera development: EVF, IBIS unlikely

The prospect of an M camera with EVF instead of the rangefinder is unlikely, as is an M body with stabilisation. During...

Leica factory reopens after lockdown closure

Leica's production line at Wetzlar is restarting this morning after the two-month closure because of Covid-19. Stefan Daniel, the company's global product...

Red Dot reopens for mail-order business on Monday

London's Red Dot Cameras is opening for mail-order business only as from Monday, March 18. Details here...

Plitvice Lakes: Seeking the source with the Leica X Vario

Kevin begins his journey with his Leica X Vario through the wonderful natural beauty of Croatia's Plitvice Lakes National Park.