Saturday, August 24, 2019

Sigma’s new full-frame pocket camera

Sigma has today announced a "pocket-sized" full-frame camera featuring the L-Mount, an all-electronic shutter and no viewfinder. It is smaller than Leica's APS-C CL.

Leica announces new V-Lux 5 super zoom

Leica returns to model numbering as the V-Lux turns into the V-Lux 5 with faster focus and improved screen and viewfinder

In-camera charging: Leica misses out on an essential feature

Are you a fan of in-camera battery charging? I believe it is now a must-have feature for all cameras. Have your say....

Rock n’ Roll: Choosing a strap that makes your camera lighter

What's the best strap to use with a large mirrorless or digital SLR? Mike has the answer.....

Happy Independence Day to our American readers

Here's wishing all our many American readers a happy Independence Day. For some mysterious reason, Macfilos is more popular in the US...

Monochrome landscape exhibition in sunny Brighton

A new exhibition of monochrome landscapes explores how powerful external influences impact our natural environment

Ricoh GR and Leica X2 teeter on their perches

When two old faithful parrots from Leica and Ricoh fall off their perches, what can you do? Dead, they were. But within a week they were resurrected for no known reason.

Laos in the analogue age — and a Leica M6

Jean Perenet's adventures in Laos with the trusty Ricoh GR prompts me to delve into the archives to find my Leica M6 images taken in Laos 15 years ago....

Exploring London’s Brick Lane markets with the Leica X Vario

The second of two articles in which Kevin takes his Leica X Vario to Brick Lane for some street photography; this time he explores the markets.

Leica M-E concept gets more support

Looks like there is an appetite for a cheaper entry-level M rangefinder. Should Leica follow Apple in offering a range of new vereisons of older cameras?