Friday, April 10, 2020

Douglas So’s f22 Foto Space opens in the Peninsula Arcade

The impressive f22 store and gallery has just opened in a new venue in the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui at the Peninsula Arcade. Together with the original f11 Museum in Happy Valley, these are two most-visit spots for photographers in Hong Kong.

Leica’s M10 Monochrom Wetzlar edition

If you are in the market for Leica's new M10 Monochrom it will pay you to grab one of the small number of Wetzlar special editions. Since they cost no more than the standard camera they will certainly be a better but when it comes to resale.

Bievres Photo Fair: June date for one of Europe’s largest events.

The Bièvres International Photography Fair is one of the premier events of its type in Europe, uniquely taking over the centre of this small town. If you want atmospher and the chance to pick up a few Leica bargains, this is the place to be in early June.

Sigma L-Mount lenses bring a new dimension for owners of Leica’s SL cameras

The advent of the L-Mount Alliance has been particularly exciting for Leica users and the resulting expansion in the range of lenses adds a whole new dimension to owning, say, the SL2. Mike paid a visit to Sigma Imaging UK to check out the latest developments

Leica M System: In praise of simplicity and longevity

Judging by the rapid-fire arrival of M-mount lenses, you'd think Leica's cameras were the best-sellers. But no, the secret of the success of the M system lies in simplicity, mechanical excellence and the resulting longevity.

Losing your phojo: Is it a terminal condition?

Lost your phojo? Wonder if you'll ever pick up a camera again. Mike says not to worry. Keep calm and carry on. It will return.

Panasonic confident in the future of the L-Mount Alliance

Panasonic is bullish on the future of the L-Mount Alliance and broader depth of the product line brings confidence to consumers. The company claims to have captured ten percent of the high-end full-frame market since the introduction of the S1 and S1R but believes that full-frame and Micro Four-Thirds are fully complementary, each with its benefits and with relatively little overlap.

Leica launches three special-edition lenses

Two new limited-edition olive-green Safari M-mount lenses join the Leica lineup alongside a silver-anodised version of the popular 75mm Apo-Summicron.

Mr Jones, Josef Stalin and a “Leica” screw-mount

A favourite actor, an educational theme and a Leica. What's not to like about Mr Jones?

Leica’s M-mount is 70 years old this month

The M3 arrived in 1954, but the M-mount was patented this month in 1954, so it celebrates its platimum anniversary early, ahead of the celebrations due in 2024.