Vive la Difference: Leica X1 and X2 compacts compared

The Leica X1 an X2 35mm-focal-length compacts have become something of a digital classic. Wayne has been out with both cameras for a back-to-back comparison and discovered some interesting differences in output

Panasonic Lumix L-mount cameras arriving in March

At last we have an estimated launch date of the end of March for Panasonic’s new L-mount full-frame cameras. 2019 is going to be an exciting time for the new Leica-designed mount


The world’s best camera, the camera of the year, is surely the one you have just purchased. If you didn’t think so you wouldn’t have chosen it. So why does my choice of the Leica M10-D as COTY send readers POTTY?

Leica M10-D: My camera of the year

When it comes to choosing the best new camera of the year, I admit I live in a little Leica bubble. I’ve paid due attention to the Sony a7III and to the new full-framers from Nikon and Canon. All wonderful cameras. But nothing has enthused me more than one oddball Leica, the M10-D.

George James, 1942-2018

My friend George is dead. He had known for many months that he had little time left after his seven-year battle with cancer. But he set his heart on one last Christmas Day which he enjoyed with his family around him. Having achieved his goal, he died peacefully in his own bed on Saturday morning. 

Leica Q and my Photo of the Year

John has chosen his photo of the year — and it was taken in Rumania with the Leica Q…..

Confessions of a Leica beta tester

Jonathan Slack has been beta-testing pre-production Leicas for a decade. But is it all beer and skittles? Jonathan lifts the veil on the hard slog of aiming for perfection.

Leica fan Andrew Kim joins Apple’s design team

Designers admire Leica products. That’s for sure, and Andrew Kim, who has just moved from Tesla to Apple, is no exception…..

Lightroom adds support for Leica M10-P, M10-D and D-Lux 7

Lightroom now supports Leica’s new D-Lux 7, M10-P and M10-D cameras

Arte di Mano cases for latest Leica cameras

Arte di Mano, a connoisseur option in Leica cases, have introduced a range to cover the Leica CL, D-Lux 7 and C-Lux.