The vintage Ricoh GXR: A camera system I bought twice

The Ricoh GXR system with its interchangeable models which combined sensor and lens in one unit, is a vintage digital worth exploring. Discontinued, but not forgotten and Jean explains here...

The quest for a high-quality compact camera: Sony’s RX1Rii still rules them all

What is the ideal travel camera, the pefect compromise between quality and size? Erin takes us on his quest to find the ideal carry-anywhere quality compact...

Ricoh GR: Confessions of a foolish user

Ever wanted to kick yourself for being such an idiot. Mike did just that when he found out what really ailed his much-loved Ricoh GR...

Where does the camera industry go from here?

Narain Jashanmal takes a look at the current state of the photographic industry and wonders just where we go from here...

The best camera and lens for street photography. Discuss

What is the perfect camera for street photogaphy. Is it the Fuji X100 or the Ricoh GR. Or, even, your smartphone. Mike comes up with an oddball choice but it comes at a price.

A departure, an arrival

Purchased in the Year of the Devil, the little Ricoh GRIII sat neglected throughout the worst of the pandemic. Then came the unboxing...

Ricoh’s GR beckons again: But the choice just became more complicated

Last week's announcement of the Ricoh GR IIIx indicates that there is still a future for this unpretentious but eminently capable fixed-lens compact. But now you have to decide between 28mm and 40mm...

Ricoh GR: A camera that has become a cult object


For Mike, the Ricoh is a little camera he throws in the bag without thinking. Whatever equipment he chooses, the Ricoh is there as well. Just what is it that has turned this unpretentious little camera into a cult object?

Worst Digital Camera: It’s all a matter of opinion

Are these really the worst digital cameras ever produced? Mike takes issue with two candidates, the Ricoh GXR and Leica M10-D...

Fuji XF10 mirrors the old-faithful Ricoh GR


Could the new Fuji XF10 be the Ricoh GR replacement we’ve been waiting for? Whatever, it is certain to see more TLC from Fuji than Ricoh has given to the GR.

APS-C Fixed Lens Duo: Ricoh GR v Leica X2

Two fixed-lens APS-C cameras, one from Germany, one from Japan. Both have an enviable reputation as travel companions.

On the road to Kirtipur and Patan with my trusty Ricoh GR

Kirtipur, “the city of glory”, was one of the defensive outposts of the Mella capital city of Latipur, known today as Patan. The Mella and Shah dynasties ruled Nepal from 1200 to 1846...

Ricoh GR IIIx goes 40mm, IBIS, high ISO performance

Ricoh's 28mm fixed-lens GR III grows a longer nose. The GR IIIx offers a 'twixt and between focal length of 40mm, following in the footsteps of the old Leica CL film camera...

Visiting the picturesque fishing harbours of Scotland’s southeast coast

Jean Perenet continues his exploration of southern Scotland, this time sampling the delights of the picturesque fishing villages of the southeast coast...

Fuji X70 v Ricoh GR: Which is the best large-sensor pocket camera?


Which is the best large-sensor pocket camera on the market? Mike takes another look at the usual suspects....