With the Ricoh GR to Laos — Part One

Foloowing his trilogy on Myanmar, Jean takes his little Ricoh GR to Laos.

A new monochrome camera arrives — priced at £2,250

Ricoh Pentax surprises with a monochrome APS-C DSLR based on the Pentax K-3 Mk III...

Where does the camera industry go from here?

Narain Jashanmal takes a look at the current state of the photographic industry and wonders just where we go from here...

The best camera and lens for street photography. Discuss

What is the perfect camera for street photogaphy. Is it the Fuji X100 or the Ricoh GR. Or, even, your smartphone. Mike comes up with an oddball choice but it comes at a price.
Rollei 35 and Ricoh GR IIIx

40mm Compacts: From ancient to modern with the Rollei 35 and Ricoh GR IIIx

The film-loading Rollei 35 from 1966 and the digital Ricoh GR IIIx (2021) have more on common that it seems. For example, a 40mm (equiv.) lens and a design that puts smallness over all. Read here a comparing review of these two cameras.

Six cameras easy to carry anywhere

Fixed lens cameras make great travel companions. But which are the best you can go for?

Myanmar Part IV: The road to Mandalay

Part Four of our series of Ricoh GR photographs in Myanmar. On the road to Mandalay.....

Vallouise: Summer hikes in the Ecrins national park

France: Vallouise and the mountain walks

Ricoh GR and the Leica X1/2

The Leica X1/X2 are now popular "vintage" Leica digitals. But they have a lot in common with the Ricoh GR, the smallest APS-C shooter on the market.

Slovenia with the Ricoh GR IV – Part two, the Alps

Jean takes his elderly Ricoh GR IV digital camera on a trek through the Julian Alps in Slovenia

A departure, an arrival

Purchased in the Year of the Devil, the little Ricoh GRIII sat neglected throughout the worst of the pandemic. Then came the unboxing...

Brand Loyalty: A love affair with the Ricoh GR and its 28mm field of...

Brand loyalty is something that Leica aficionados know all about. Many readers of Macfilos would never look at another brand, let alone buy an alien camera. But the Ricoh GR range inspires similar loyalty, as Jean Perenet tells us….

Ricoh GR Digital: Resurrecting a pioneering camera from 2005

David Askham unearthed the ancient Ricoh GR which he had purchased in 2007. As one of the early examples of this cult camera, could the GR still cut the mustard in 2022?

Kathmandu valley: Sanga, Dhulikhel, Panauti and Nagarkot

Sometimes it pays to concentrate. Instead of trying to cram in a full tour of Nepal, Jean decided to spend two weeks in one location, the Kathmandu Valley. It's more productive and less stressful than spending days on the road.

Ricoh GR: Just why is the new GRII only £20 more expensive than the...


Never before have we seen a superseded model selling for within 0.5% of its successor. What does this mean for the Ricoh GR and the GR II? Bill finds out.