Return of Tom Stanworth and a Leica changing moment

Tom Stanworth of The Photo Fundamentalist blog has returned to live in Britain after 11 years in Afghanistan. He has also faced a fundamental change in his choice of photographic gear: He has decided to replace his faithful Leicas with something new.

Living Museums: A journey back in time to the grimy, gritty life in the...

Living museums have become increasingly popular, nowhere more so than in the UK where “attractions” are seemingly around every bend in the road. I’ve enjoyed a number of these celebrations of, mostly, early 20th century life including Beamish in Northumberland and the sadly now defunct Wigan Pier museum. This last weekend I ticked another rather enticing museums off my wishlist, this time the Black Country Living Museum at Dudley in the heart of the Black Country. The area was at the forefront of the industrial revolution and gained its name from the pollution and generally dreary landscape that resulted from the mining and other works.

Ricoh GR II: Mild update and re-skin without the re-skin

The Ricoh GR is a brilliant little camera. Specialised, of course, with its fixed 28mm lens, just like Leica's new Q, and a large APS-C sensor in a pocket-ready body. So what of the GR II?

Reprieve for Ricoh’s much neglected GR

Anyone could have been forgiven for believing that Ricoh's gem of a GR was languishing on death row. It has had scant TLC in recent years. Now, however, there is a whiff of optimism and some evidence that developments are underway.....

Ricoh GR: A camera that has become a cult object

For Mike, the Ricoh is a little camera he throws in the bag without thinking. Whatever equipment he chooses, the Ricoh is there as well. Just what is it that has turned this unpretentious little camera into a cult object?

New Ricoh GR: Looks indentical to old Ricoh GR. Yawn

According to, the new Ricoh GRII looks identical to the old model apart from a slight change to the hotshoe. No...

Royal Wedding: Time for snapshots with the little Ricoh GR

Mike was invited to the Royal Wedding today — only he had to stay 20 miles away because Windsor was too crowded. He took the versatile Ricoh GR in his pocket to record the occasion…..

Fuji XF10 mirrors the old-faithful Ricoh GR

Could the new Fuji XF10 be the Ricoh GR replacement we’ve been waiting for? Whatever, it is certain to see more TLC from Fuji than Ricoh has given to the GR.

Travels with the Ricoh GR: Myanmar Part 2, Inle Lake

The second part of my travels in Myanmar captured on the trusty little Ricoh GR