Kathmandu Valley: Madhypur Thimi and Bhaktapur

Jean continues his exploration of the colourful Kathmandu Valley in Nepal...

Don’t you know there’s a war on? Harking back to a time of sacrifice

Dress-up events make things easy for the photographer: No need to ask permission, just shoot away. Here at the Brooklands Military Vehicles Day, everyone was happy to be photographed...

Southern Scotland over 30 years in the company of a fine array of Ricoh...

Jean explores the abbeys of the Scottish borders during more than 30 years of visits from his home in Normandy...

Reprieve for Ricoh’s much neglected GR


Anyone could have been forgiven for believing that Ricoh's gem of a GR was languishing on death row. It has had scant TLC in recent years. Now, however, there is a whiff of optimism and some evidence that developments are underway.....

Ricoh GR: Just why is the new GRII only £20 more expensive than the...


Never before have we seen a superseded model selling for within 0.5% of its successor. What does this mean for the Ricoh GR and the GR II? Bill finds out.

Light: What I learned to help take better photos

Erwin explores the photography principle that dwarfs everything else, the fact that light matters.

Bali, a land of temples, art, worship and rice

The Ricoh GR, a discreet little camera to capture the wonders of Bali...

Norwegian idyl brought back to life after 54 years

A box of old photographs, hidden for 54 years, bring to life a university expedition to northern Norway — through the medium of the unusual Ricoh Auto Half, one of the then-popular half-frame cameras...

Slovenia with the Ricoh GR IV – Part two, the Alps

Jean takes his elderly Ricoh GR IV digital camera on a trek through the Julian Alps in Slovenia

Living Museums: A journey back in time to the grimy, gritty life in the...


Living museums have become increasingly popular, nowhere more so than in the UK where “attractions” are seemingly around every bend in the road. I’ve enjoyed a number of these celebrations of, mostly, early 20th century life including Beamish in Northumberland and the sadly now defunct Wigan Pier museum. This last weekend I ticked another rather enticing museums off my wishlist, this time the Black Country Living Museum at Dudley in the heart of the Black Country. The area was at the forefront of the industrial revolution and gained its name from the pollution and generally dreary landscape that resulted from the mining and other works.

Mauritius with the Ricoh GXR: A riot of colour

At first we were not keen on visiting Mauritius. But once we got there we discovered lovely people, a riot of colour and exciting food. In the end, it was an experience we would not have missed.

Ricoh GRIII: Information needed

Own the Ricoh GRIII? Let's have your impressions, both in general and in relation to its predecessors, the GR and GRII.

Travels with the Ricoh GR: Myanmar Part 2, Inle Lake

The second part of my travels in Myanmar captured on the trusty little Ricoh GR

Bali: People, harbours, markets and kites

Jean takes us on a colourful tour of Bali, to meet its people and help fly its kites...

Kathmandu valley: Sanga, Dhulikhel, Panauti and Nagarkot

Sometimes it pays to concentrate. Instead of trying to cram in a full tour of Nepal, Jean decided to spend two weeks in one location, the Kathmandu Valley. It's more productive and less stressful than spending days on the road.