Thursday, September 29, 2022

Joys of well-engineered mechanical devices: From the slide rule to Sinn

We live in a digital world, but the attractions of "analogue" mechanical devices is still strong. Keith explores his love affair with fine mechanical tools, from the slide-rule to the Porsche Boxster...

The phone is a device from a different era

Is the phone redundant? The smartphone is a personal computer, a digital organiser, a window on the world. It is no longer a phone, so let's own up to hating those calls...

Tesla Model 3 Long Range: First impressions

What's it like to collect a new Tesla? Mike spends three weeks with his new China-made Tesla Model 3 Long Range. It was love at first sight and, so far, the romance continues. But what will the future hold?

Challenges ahead: Technology and the car industry

The car industry is in a bit of a pickle, what with the pandemic and the proposed bans on the internal combustion engines. Tesla and Chinese manufacturers and the great disruptor itself, Apple, are circling the wagons...

Cash or card: The cashless society is almost a reality

Mike has embraced the cashless society. He hasn't handled a coin or a banknote in twelve months. His wallet is as thin as bumble bee's wing...

Airpop Active Plus: The facemask for the Macfilos reader who has everything

It's time to take facemasks seriously. Time to invest in high-tech protection. For only £150 (plus refill pads) you can treat yourself to the Airpop Active Plus with Halo...

Tekkiepix connects 100 years of technology industry photography

A new web site conceived by journalist and broadcaster Barry Fox has been launched to bring together more than 100 years of technology industry...

iPhone 12 Max: A big smartphone with a state-of-the-art camera

This autumn has brought a bumper set of choices for Apple smartphone users. Should we go for the pocket marvel, the Mini, or max out on the tablet-sized iPhone 12 Pro Max?

Billingham Turns True Blue: More temptation for the avid photographic bag collector

Something borrowed, something blue... The new navy blue range of photographic bags from classic manufacturer Billingham is so compelling you won't be borrowing. You'll be buying.

Lightroom editing with the Loupedeck+ console

I'm not a great fan of sitting down with Lightroom for hours on end to get the end results I want from my latest...