Monday, February 17, 2020

Herrings, fancy hotdogs and seaweed: A weekend in Aarhus


I now know more than is good for me about herrings, smorgasbord, seaweed and the heights of hotdog cuisine. Last week I spent a couple of fascinating days as a press guest at the Aarhus Food Fesitval in Denmark.

Fuji at Chester Zoo: World’s third-ranking animal kingdom


David has always enjoyed Chester Zoo it has been a constant feature in his life. It is now ranked as the third zoo in the world and is well worth a visit....

King John says slow, Dr Seuss says go

Visiting Runnymede and the Magna Carta? Why not take a little detour and discover the delights of sunny Egham in the county of Surrey?

Leica’s little C in a land of many big cameras and not a few...

Preparing for trekking in Tibet needs careful planning - and a lightweight camera is appreciated at such high altitudes. Wayne took his tiny Leica C almost to the top of the world.....

Are abandoned bicycles taking over our streets?

London has become a dumping ground for bicycles, in particular the orange and limegreen abandon-where-you-like rental bikes. Is this happening all over the world and should something be done about it?

Toronto over the past 40 years: An introduction

Richard Scott takes us on a tour of Toronto over the past 40 years
MGB Classic car

MG classics and the versatile Panasonic FZ1000

"Get a shot of every car in the event" was my brief. And what better tool than the verstatile Panasonic FX1000 with that competent one-inch sensor.....

Fuji enchantment at Chatsworth House

Chatsworth is regarded as one of the foremost stately homes in the United Kingdom, combining architecture and landscaping in an incredible setting. It's one of David Bailey's favourite haunts and here he leads you through the Chatsworth story.

Beijing: Enterprise and industry at 6400 ISO

Bicycle repair shop and electic bicycle charging station: Everyone is beavering away in Beijing. Not working isn't an option here. This business is scraping...

Harley days, career decisions and a Hoggiefest.

Out of the blue, John found himself boss of Harley-Davidson for Australia and New Zealand. As ever, a camera was to hand....