Saturday, July 4, 2020

Mauritius with the Ricoh GXR: A riot of colour

At first we were not keen on visiting Mauritius. But once we got there we discovered lovely people, a riot of colour and exciting food. In the end, it was an experience we would not have missed.

Bievres Photo Fair: June date for one of Europe’s largest events.

The Bièvres International Photography Fair is one of the premier events of its type in Europe, uniquely taking over the centre of this small town. If you want atmospher and the chance to pick up a few Leica bargains, this is the place to be in early June.

Best laid plans: Spain gives way to Mogo

A proposed driver's delight in Spain was swapped for an adventure in southern New South Wales as COVID-19 stated to close active life down.

Myanmar Part IV: The road to Mandalay

Part Four of our series of Ricoh GR photographs in Myanmar. On the road to Mandalay.....

A spell in Alcatraz with a brace of Fuji X cameras

David Bailey pays a visit to Alcatraz with two Fujifilm cameras and two very different lenses.

Paklenica Gorge Part III

Kevin concludes his series of articles on exploring the Paklenica National Park in Croatia, recorded on his Leica X Vario

Magical mystery tour of villages, byways and Bugattis

I didn't know where I was going. i'd forgotten. So I input the postcode and set out on a magical mystery tour of the south-west Midlands. Along the way I met a Bugatti or two....

Photofair Mania: Fresh from the Horticultural Halls, it’s Sidcup and Bièvres next


I have to admit I love camera fairs. It's not just the myriad bits of photographic ephemera, it's the atmosphere and the visitors that makes the day. I had a fantastic day yesterday at the London Photographica fair and I'm not booked in for two more within the next few weeks.

The day a one-metre dragon came to my garden

Close encounters of a water-dragon type. Water-dragons aren't known for lazily posing for photographs, so you need to be quick on the hoof to capture a shot. John found this speciment in his garden.

China past and present in stunning photographic recreations


Writing in PetaPixel, 31-year-old Dheera Venkatraman explains how he shot some stunning comparisons between modern China, with its massive development and the China of earlier in the last century.